Daniel Baldwin - Daniel Baldwin: 'Charlie Sheen Is Not Sober'

Recovering addict Daniel Baldwin is convinced Charlie Sheen is not being honest about his sobriety - and fears "something awful" will happen to his troubled pal if he doesn't get help.
The former Two and a Half Men actor, who was fired from the sitcom on Monday (07Mar11), has sparked concerns for his health after embarking on a madcap media blitz, during which he has waved a machete from a rooftop in Los Angeles and delivered erratic rants over the internet from his home.
Sheen recently appeared on U.S. talk show Piers Morgan Tonight and produced drug test results which allegedly proved he is now clean, but Baldwin doubts the star has kicked his addictions.
And he's terrified Sheen will completely lose control unless he addresses his issues.
Baldwin tells Morgan, "It's like watching a car in its last two laps at the Indy 500 being on fire and you're no longer wondering whether or not the guy is gonna finish the race, you're wondering whether it is going to explode and how many people it's going to take with it.
"In (Sheen's) home tape... I know that guy, I've been in that room with Charlie before, I know that face, I know those mannerisms - I don't buy for a second that he's sober, no... I think that something really bad is probably going to happen...
"I highly doubt that anyone is standing in Charlie's house in Bel Air watching the urine go into the cup and if they are it's not anybody I would trust to turn in the UA (urine analysis) and say that it was unequivocally negative.
"I'm hoping that he has that moment of clarity that wakes him up and he sees himself carrying on the way he is. It's gonna be one of those girls (Sheen's girlfriends) gets killed or something awful happens and I hope we don't lose our friend over it."


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Yeah, I know what you are talking about Daniel! I've been having a bad feeling that some thing is going to happen to him right from when he was still married to Denise and that it is going to sudden and without warning, that he's not going to live passed 45 or barely reach 46, and I knew about the car accident his girls were in 5 months before it happened! All these things that I feel like is going to happen to him, good or bad has been coming true to the letter! All anyone can do is PRAY!!!!!
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