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Tourism Bosses Ban Bloody Davey Sketch As Area's Official Image

5th January 2011

A sketch of a bloody and snarling DANI 'FILTH' DAVEY was voted the most iconic picture of his native Suffolk, England - but has been turned down as the area's official image by the poll's...

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The Things They Say 1023

13th January 2006

"My eight-year-old (DANI) wouldn't sing, so we credited her as 'assistant background vocals,' because she got me a bottle of water out of the refrigerator." Country star ALAN JACKSON made sure his new album, PRECIOUS...

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Dyer Walks On The Quiet Side

14th May 2004

British actor DANNY DYER is determined to ditch his wildman reputation - because he doesn't want to wreck his career. The 26-year-old star - whose latest role is in controversial soccer hooligan movie THE...

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Nicole Plans Ahead For Romance And Motherhood

9th September 2003

Hollywood superstar NICOLE KIDMAN is ready to turn her back on Hollywood and become a mum again. After adopting two children with former husband TOM CRUISE, the Aussie OSCAR winner reveals she's ready for...

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