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Robert Redford To Portray U.s. Newsman Dan Rather In Upcoming Film

10th July 2014

Actor Robert Redford is set to portray veteran U.S. newsman Dan Rather in new movie Truth.The Captain America: The Winter Soldier star will appear alongside Cate Blanchett, who will play Rather's producer Mary Mapes in...

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Dan Rather Don't Let Politicians Approve Quotes

20th July 2012

Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather has lashed out at deals inwhich politicians and other public figures agree to interviews on conditionthat the questions are submitted in advance and that they can approve thequotes...

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Sorkin's The Newsroom A Hit In Debut

26th June 2012

Aaron Sorkin's first TV series for pay TV, The Newsroom, starring Jeff Daniels, debuted to solid numbers on HBO Sunday night. In its first airing of the night, it averaged 2.1 million viewers, then added...

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Cuban's Hdnet To Become Pop-culture Outlet Axs

19th January 2012

While older folks are likely to associate the Axis as the World War II alliance of Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo, the younger generation may soon identify the name with the rebranded HDNet. Spelled AXS and...

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After 20 Years, Schieffer Gets His Wish

13th December 2011

It's easy to conclude that CBS bosses take Bob Schieffer for granted. When he was temporarily assigned to take over the anchor's desk at the CBS Evening News after the departure of Dan Rather and...

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Mark Cuban Indie Cable Nets Being Squeezed Out By Congloms

1st December 2011

Increasing demands by the broadcast networks for "retransmission consent" compensation are making things ever more difficult for independent channels to land cable outlets, according to Mark Cuban, who owns HDNet -- the home of Dan...

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Osama Killing Was Taped, But Will It Ever Be Shown?

3rd May 2011

The Navy SEAL strike that killed Osama bin Laden on Sunday was reportedly watched by President Obama and White House staffers as it occurred, thanks to tiny cameras integrated into the helmets of the strike...

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Jewish Groups Outraged By U.n. Screening Of Miral

15th March 2011

A screening at the United Nations of The Weinstein Co.'s Miral , directed by Julian Schnabel, has been denounced by Israel's delegation to the U.N., the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League, and other Jewish...

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After Jumping From Cbs To Cnn, Roberts Jumps From Cnn To Fox

4th January 2011

John Roberts, who quit CBS News to join CNN in 2007 after he was passed over for Katie Couric to replace Dan Rather as anchor of the CBS Evening News , is now heading for...

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Cbs Sorry About The Way Rather Left

22nd June 2006

Bosses at US network CBS are sorry about the way veteran newscaster DAN RATHER left the company after 44 years of service. Rather decided to leave the media company after talks to renew his contract...

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Rather Leaves Cbs News

21st June 2006

Newsman DAN RATHER will leave US network CBS after 44 years as an anchor and reporter. A network spokesperson announced Rather would be stepping down on Tuesday (18JUNE06) and a prime time special will be...

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American News Anchor Rather To Retire

24th November 2004

CBS news presenter DAN RATHER has announced he is to retire from the channel's main evening news broadcast early next year (05). The 73-year-old has presented the American network's nightly show for almost...

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Clinton Speaks About Family Counselling

18th June 2004

Former American President BILL CLINTON has opened up about the family counselling he and his wife HILLARY and daughter CHELSEA went through in a new TV interview. Clinton agreed to be interviewed by respected...

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Rather Interrupts News For Cancer Disclosure

20th January 2004

American news anchor DAN RATHER interrupted his Monday (19JAN04) night broadcast to announce he's recently had a number of cancerous growths removed from his face. The legendary CBS EVENING NEWS presenter - who recently...

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