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Mcgregor In Talks For Villainous Angels And Demons Role

25th April 2008

Ewan McGregor is reportedly in discussions to take a testing role in Angels and Demons, the prequel to The Da Vinci Code.According to Variety, the Trainspotting star is in talks with Columbia studios to star...

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Angels And Demons Female Lead Revealed

24th April 2008

ANGELS AND DEMONS, the prequel to Dan Brown's THE DA VINCI CODE, has a female lead - AYELET ZURER.Entertainment Weekly reports that Zurer will play Vittoria Vetra, daughter of CERN physicist Leonardo Vetra, who teams...

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Was Lord Lichfield Killed Over Da Vinci Code Secret?

23rd April 2008

Late British royal LORD LICHFIELD has been dragged into the DA VINCI CODE controversy - and may have been killed to protect secrets revealed in DAN BROWN's bestseller. In an explosive new documentary, called Bloodline,...

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Props From Da Vinci Code Up For Auction

30th January 2008

Props used in Hollywood film THE DA VINCI CODE are being auctioned to raise money for Lincoln Cathedral.The building was used to film the Westminster Abbey scenes in the 2005 TOM HANKS movie.Westminster Abbey controversially...

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Hollywood Strike Hits Pinewood

22nd November 2007

Pinewood Studios, one of the UK's major movie locations, seems to have become the latest victim of the Hollywood writers' strike.The studio's owner Pinewood Shepperton has seen its share price fall by ten per cent...

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George Clooney Gives $25,000 To Striking Writers

19th November 2007

GEORGE CLOONEY has donated $25,000 (12,000) to the Actors Fund, a charity providing emergency relief for those hit by the Hollywood writers strike.The Ocean's 13 star told Variety: "To people like myself, the strike is...

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Potter 'Most Re-readable'

9th November 2007

British readers like to return to Harry Potter for another dose of literary magic more than any other character, a survey suggests.The Costa Book Awards' annual survey of re-readable books hands the teenage wizard the...

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Da Vinci Code Under Investigation In Italy

20th June 2007

THE DA VINCI CODE director RON HOWARD and the book's author DAN BROWN are being investigated by Italian state attorneys for religious obscenities. A complaint has been filed against the 2006 movie by clergymen in...

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Hanks Breaks Bank With Dan Brown Film

17th April 2007

TOM HANKS is set to top Hollywood's rich list with the biggest ever payment to a movie star.The DA VINCI CODE actor is set to appear in the prequel novel by author DAN BROWN, ANGELS...

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Brown Copyright Lawsuit Thrown Out Of Appeals Court

28th March 2007

A lawsuit filed against THE DA VINCI CODE author DAN BROWN has been thrown out of a London court today (28MAR07), after a judge ruled the writer did not steal plot ideas from other texts....

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Da Vinci Code Plagiarism Appeal Rejected

28th March 2007

The court of appeal has backed the author of The Da Vinci Code after rejecting an appeal from two historians who said Dan Brown had lifted their ideas.Brown became one of the biggest-selling authors in...

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Religious Group Blames The Da Vinci Code For 'Defamatory' Bbc Portrayal

24th January 2007

Religious group Opus Dei has slammed the depiction of the controversial Catholic organisation in a new BBC TV drama series, blaming DAN BROWN's blockbuster novel THE DA VINCI CODE for inspiring the "defamatory" portrayal. Opus...

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Historians Launch Plagiarism Appeal Against Dan Brown

16th January 2007

Two historians today (16JAN07) launched an appeal to overturn a ruling that author DAN BROWN didn't plagiarise their work for his bestseller THE DA VINCI CODE. MICHAEL BAIGENT and RICHARD LEIGH were both at the...

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Da Vinci Code Sequel To Be Made

25th November 2006

A sequel to the blockbuster movie adaptation THE DA VINCI CODE is in the works. Scriptwriter AKIVA GOLDSMAN, who adapted the DAN BROWN novel for the screen, has reportedly been paid GBP2 million ($3.8 million)...

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Da Vinci Court Case Rejected

13th November 2006

Best-selling author DAN BROWN is breathing a sigh of relief today (13NOV06) after the US Supreme Court threw out an appeal by another author claiming THE DA VINCI CODE was copied from his novel. LEWIS...

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Love's Father Plans Novel Career

10th November 2006

COURTNEY LOVE's father is planning to become the next DAN BROWN with a historical non-fiction novel he boasts is "more exciting than THE DA VINCI CODE". Journalist and author HANK HARRISON is currently involved in...

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Rowling Earns More Than Hollywood Stars

14th August 2006

HARRY POTTER author JK ROWLING earns more than the highest paid Hollywood stars, according to America's Forbes magazine. The publication has calculated the British writer banks $140 (GBP77) every minute - equal to $200,000 (GBP111,000)...

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Da Vinci Code Banned In Iran

26th July 2006

No new editions of DAN BROWN's novel THE DA VINCI CODE will be published in Iran following protests from Christians in the Islamic country. The eight existing editions of the controversial book which have been...

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Historians Appeal Da Vinci Plagiarism Verdict

11th July 2006

DAN BROWN's bestseller THE DA VINCI CODE is to face the courts again as two historians appeal against the not guilty verdict in the novel's plagiarism case earlier this year (APR06). A judge previously ruled...

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Box Office Boosted By Da Vinci Code

3rd July 2006

THE DA VINCI CODE - the controversial movie adaptation of DAN BROWN's bestseller - has been hailed a Hollywood saviour, after rescuing the US box office from dwindling takings. Despite being critically panned, and banned...

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Egyptian Rights Group Protest Da Vinci Ban

15th June 2006

The Egyptian Organisation For Human Rights (EOHR) are protesting the against People's Assembly of Egypt's attempt to ban the movie THE DA VINCI CODE. Egyptian Culture Minister FARUQ HOSNI has also pledged to confiscate copies...

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India Refuses To Ban Da Vinci Code

13th June 2006

India's Supreme Court has dismissed petitions from Christian groups and refused to ban THE DA VINCI CODE unilaterally. The presiding judges argued that no predominantly Christian country has banned the film, which is an adaptation...

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The Da Vinci Code Makes Most Controversial List

9th June 2006

THE DA VINCI CODE has only been in cinemas for three weeks, but it has already been named one of the most controversial movies of all time. Entertainment Weekly magazine has named the top 25...

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China Drops Da Vinci Code

9th June 2006

Chinese cinemas have pulled controversial blockbuster THE DA VINCI CODE off their screens, allegedly to make way for local films. The excuse has been questioned by some media sources, who suspect the religious content of...

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The Da Vinci Code Banned In Pakistan

4th June 2006

Controversial film THE DA VINCI CODE has been banned in Pakistan after officials slammed it as blasphemous and disrespectful to the country's minority Christians. The movie, based on the best-selling novel by DAN BROWN, speculates...

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Da Vinci Code Banned In Fourth Indian State

2nd June 2006

THE DA VINCI CODE has been banned in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu following calls for it to remain unseen by local Christian leaders. The Tamil Nadu government's decision makes it the fourth Indian...

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Da Vinci Code Inspires $1,600 Pen

26th May 2006

Best-selling novel and hit film THE DA VINCI CODE has inspired top pen maker DANTE DEL VECCHIO to craft a new $1,600 (GBP890) writing tool, which he's handing out to select celebrities at the Cannes...

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Da Vinci Code Pulls In The Portuguese Public

26th May 2006

THE DA VINCI CODE has broken box office records in Portugal, despite that country's largely Roman Catholic population. The controversial film, based on the novel by DAN BROWN, took more than one million euros ($380,000/GBP684,000)...

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The Real Langdon Unimpressed By Da Vinci Code Movie

25th May 2006

The man who inspired TOM HANKS' character in THE DA VINCI CODE has described the film as "over the top". Author DAN BROWN based professor ROBERT LANGDON on longterm pal and symbology expert JOHN LANGDON....

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Da Vinci Disappointment In UK

24th May 2006

THE DA VINCI CODE big screen adaptation has proved a turn-off for moviegoers in the UK, recording just the 15th best opening weekend of all time. The RON HOWARD-directed thriller took $17.1 million (GBP9.5 million)...

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