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Wayans Defends Imus' Right To Racism

7th November 2007

Actor DAMON WAYANS has defended disgraced U.S. radio DJ DON IMUS for referring to a mostly-black women's basketball team as "nappy-headed hos", insisting his views should be protected by freedom of speech laws. The African-American...

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Two Comedians Censured For Using N-word

7th December 2006

Damon Wayans and Andy Dick have become the latest comedians to utter the N-word in public and receive their comeuppance for doing so., the website that first reported on the incident involving Seinfeld star...

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The Exorcist Frightens Wayans Off Horror Films

23rd October 2006

Funnyman DAMON WAYANS refuses to watch horror films after he was mentally scarred by watching THE EXORCIST as a child. The actor insists he doesn't need extra scares in his life. He says, "When I...

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Wayans: 'Superstars Make Me Nervous'

7th July 2006

Actor DAMON WAYANS feels inadequate when he meets superstars like PRINCE and MICHAEL JACKSON because he worries his achievements pale in comparison to theirs. The BAMBOOZLED star felt especially nervous when he found himself standing...

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The Things They Say 2325

22nd June 2006

"My son DAMON JR is actually writing on the show. So if stuff ain't funny, blame him." Funnyman DAMON WAYANS has drafted in his son as a co-writer for the upcoming BET Awards, which he...

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Wayans Learns From Brothers' Mistakes

22nd June 2006

Funnyman DAMON WAYANS is scrutinising his brothers' MTV Video Music Awards hosting abilities so he knows exactly what not to do as the presenter of the upcoming Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards. Wayans admits he...

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Stars Laugh About Pryor's Death At Tribute Night

12th December 2005

Late funnyman RICHARD PRYOR was sent off with a few laughs last night (11DEC05) when stars including CHRIS ROCK, DAMON WAYANS and EDDIE MURPHY joined a comedy tribute to the comedian. The stars came...

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Ritter's Swansong Show Axed

17th May 2005

TV bosses at US network ABC have cancelled sitcom 8 SIMPLE RULES two years after the shock death of the show's star JOHN RITTER. Funnyman Ritter, 55, was on the set of the family...

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Wayans To Front Hanes

2nd March 2005

Comedian DAMON WAYANS has become the new face of HANES underwear. The MO' MONEY star will take over from basketball legend MICHAEL JORDAN in a series of TV spots for the company. The...

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Wayans Believes In Stern Upbringing

30th April 2004

American actor DAMON WAYANS believes in a strictly disciplined family - and blames slack parenting for the COLUMBINE school shooting tragedy. The MY WIFE AND KIDS star - who has four children with LISA...

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Justin Timberlake Clinches Belching Honour

14th April 2003

Pop hunk JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE was handed the ultimate award of his career on Saturday (12APR03) - a trophy for best celebrity burp. The 'N SYNC frontman, 22, received the honour at the 12th annual...

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