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Albarn Stamps Out Egotism

22nd May 2005

GORILLAZ creator DAMON ALBARN has finally banished his egomania whilst working on the animated rockers latest album DEMON DAYS. The Britpop pioneer, 37, admits he was self-conscious during his early days in Blur, but...

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Albarn Begs Coxon To Return

16th May 2005

DAMON ALBARN has hinted BLUR will never record another album - unless former guitarist GRAHAM COXON returns. Coxon - who's now enjoying a highly-acclaimed solo career - quit Blur in 2002 following an alleged...

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Gorillaz Hold Blackout Gigs

15th May 2005

Singer DAMON ALBARN is so determined to hide the human faces behind his animated band GORILLAZ the group will perform all their live gigs this summer (05) in complete darkness. Albarn, acclaimed hip-hop producer...

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Gorillaz Album Leaked On Ebay

12th May 2005

The team behind animated band GORILLAZ are furious after the group's second album DEMON DAYS was discovered being sold on internet auction house eBAY.CO.UK - two weeks before the disc's release. Gorillaz - created...

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Gorillaz Spark UK Chart Row

29th April 2005

Animated hitmakers GORILLAZ have sparked another new-look UK singles chart row, because their single FEEL GOOD INC has only been given a limited release in music shops while it is widely available online. The...

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Blur Hint At Comeback

24th April 2005

BLUR drummer DAVE ROWNTREE has thrilled fans by hinting the band are primed for an imminent comeback. The British PARKLIFE rockers have turned into a part-time outfit to allow frontman DAMON ALBARN the freedom...

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Albarn Cries Tears Of Joy At Kaiser Chiefs Gig

19th April 2005

BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN was so overcome with emotion during a recent gig by British rockers KAISER CHIEFS he burst into tears. The TENDER singer was watching the up-and-coming band perform at Leeds Metropolitan...

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Gorillaz Leaves Albarn Exhausted

20th March 2005

BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN is exhausted and relieved after spending three months holed up in the studio recording the new GORILLAZ album - because it was an intense experience. Albarn was surprised by just...

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Albarn Sofa Up For Sale

15th February 2005

BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN has put a custom-built sofa up for sale on internet auction site EBAY.CO.UK. The auction closes tomorrow night (16FEB05) with the bidding currently standing at $380 (GBP200) - the luxury...

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Albarn And Hopper Unite For Duet

5th December 2004

BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN has teamed up with a bizarre choice of collaborator for a new tune - Hollywood veteran DENNIS HOPPER. The 36-year-old PARKLIFE hitmaker met the SPEED star, 67, at the UK...

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Albarn Told To Stop Partying By Lover

5th December 2004

British band BLUR's frontman DAMON ALBARN has been served an ultimatum by his girlfriend to curb his partying or face breaking up. The PARKLIFE singer's artist lover SUZI WINSTANLEY, who is the mother of...

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Coxon Backtracks On Blur Return

22nd October 2004

LATEST: Guitarist GRAHAM COXON has altered his stance on rejoining BLUR just hours after thrilling fans with the news he'd been persuaded to return to the British group. Yesterday (21OCT04) Coxon - now a...

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Oasis And Blur Unite For Band Aid

22nd October 2004

Bitter '90s rivals OASIS and BLUR are putting their differences aside to join all-star charity group BAND AID III. The bands launched a scathing war of words at the height of the so-called Britpop...

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Coxon Returns To Blur

20th October 2004

Former BLUR guitarist GRAHAM COXON has thrilled fans by agreeing to return to the group, following an emotional reunion with the other band members. The 35-year-old left the PARKLIFE band two years ago (02)...

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Former Blur Star Joins Art World

30th September 2004

Former BLUR guitarist GRAHAM COXON is following in SIR PAUL McCARTNEY and DAVID BOWIE's footsteps by swapping music for art, to put on his own exhibition. The BEETLEBUM musician, who studied fine arts...

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Slim And Albarn's Drunken Song For Zoe

18th July 2004

FATBOY SLIM and rocker DAMON ALBARN have written a revealing song about the dance star's bid to repair his marriage with fellow DJ ZOE BALL - during a drunken binge. The track, PUTTING IT...

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Albarn: Gorillaz Are Back

16th July 2004

DAMON ALBARN has assured fans of GORILLAZ the animated band are definitely coming back - and already have a new album in the works. Gorillaz - who appear solely as cartoon characters for public...

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Albarn Attacks Nme

16th July 2004

BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN has blasted British music magazine NME for criticising his musical work in the African country Mali. The BEETLEBUM star devoted time to collaborate with third world musicians in a bid...

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Hayes Reveals Himself Emotionally On New Album

27th June 2004

Former SAVAGE GARDEN frontman DARREN HAYES has dug deep emotionally for his latest album - after going into therapy. The TRULY MADLY DEEPLY singer, 32, visited a psychiatrist after the release of his first...

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Gallagher Mistaken For Rival Albarn

15th June 2004

OASIS singer-songwriter NOEL GALLAGHER is fuming after a fan mistook him for musical nemesis BLUR singer DAMON ALBARN. The two bands have been bitter chart rivals since they released albums (WHAT'S THE STORY) MORNING...

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Fire Fighters Break Into Albarn's Home

3rd June 2004

Emergency services smashed their way into BLUR star DAMON ALBARN's London home in the early hours of Tuesday morning (01JUN04) - to check a fire next door hadn't damaged his property. The PARKLIFE singer's...

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Blur Return To Recording Studio

2nd June 2004

Brit rock band BLUR have returned to the studio to work on their ninth album. Drummer DAVE ROWNTREE told London radio station XFM the threesome were working on the follow-up to their 2003 hit...

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Coxon To Rejoin Blur?

25th April 2004

British rockers BLUR are desperate to be reunited with their former guitarist GRAHAM COXON in time for their new album. The moody guitarist quit the award winning band last year (03) in search of...

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Albarn Calls For Coxon's Return Again

9th April 2004

BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN has issued another public plea to former bandmate GRAHAM COXON, urging him to rejoin the group. Albarn - who has dismissed reports Blur are to split by confirming they've booked...

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Albarn Joins Art Prize Jury

19th December 2003

BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN has been named as one of the judging panel for the SAATCHI GALLERY ART AWARD. The TENDER singer - who is also the driving force behind dance outfit GORILLAZ -...

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Alex James: Blur Turned Down Heavy Metal Tour

8th December 2003

BLUR singer DAMON ALBARN was urged by record bosses to leave the group - because he refused to tour with heavy metal bands. The PARKLIFE hitmakers were scheduled to play with a stream of...

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Yorke Leads Anti-bush Protests

19th November 2003

RADIOHEAD's THOM YORKE has led musicians' protests against American President GEORGE W BUSH's official trip to Britain. The singer slammed British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR for inviting the "religious lunatic" to the country yesterday...

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Blur Guitarist Rules Out Reunion

17th November 2003

Former BLUR guitarist GRAHAM COXON has snubbed frontman DAMON ALBARN's invitation to rejoin the band, because he's too focused on his solo career. The eccentric musician - who was reportedly ousted from the group...

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Albarn Deconstructs Music Industry

10th November 2003

Ambitious BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN is releasing "the lowest lo-fi record ever" - in order to "deconstruct" the music industry. The star - whose side projects include MALI MUSIC and cartoon band GORILLAZ -...

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'Arrogant' Albarn Cut From Strokes Album

17th October 2003

BLUR singer DAMON ALBARN has been accused of arrogantly comparing himself to THE BEATLES - by the producer of the new STROKES album. The OUT OF TIME star popped into the studio to help...

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