Irish actor Damian Mcginty has called on his fans to donate to a campaign to rebuild Haiti's schools following the 2010 earthquake which devastated the country.
Recovery efforts are ongoing in the country two years after the disaster, with many youngsters still unable to receive an education because of damage to buildings.
Glee star MCGinty is backing the Your Dollar Our Future initiative, which is aiming to rebuild Haiti's schools and improve the nation's education system - and he wants his fans to help the cause.
He says, "Progress is being made but much more needs to be done. The education system is on its knees with 87 per cent of schools damaged or destroyed.
"Today, half a million children cannot go to school. Haiti's future depends absolutely on getting kids to school. For as little as one dollar a day you can provide a complete education for a child in Haiti. Just imagine what your gift of 10, 20 or 30 dollars could do to give a child hope, to give a child a future, to give Haiti a future."