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Liam Neeson To Star In Non-stop

4th April 2012

Liam Neeson is set to star in action thriller 'Non-Stop'. The 59-year-old actor is being lined up to star as a tired, stressed out air marshall whose international flight gets interrupted by a nasty threat....

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'The Grey' Howls Loudest For The Critics

27th January 2012

Liam Neeson's latest movie The Grey appears to have fared well in the hands of the critics. Certainly better than the film's Alaskan wolves fare at the hands of Liam Neeson. His latest action adventure,...

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Slater's Broadway Performance Delayed

28th February 2005

LATEST: CHRISTIAN SLATER's anticipated Broadway appearance has been delayed by a week, to allow the actor more time in front of an audience. Slater joins MENAGERIE on 8 March (05), replacing DALLAS ROBERTS as...

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Farrell Hated Man-on-man Kiss

11th October 2004

Irish actor COLIN FARRELL was "freaked" out after performing a gay kiss for his latest movie A HOME AT THE END OF THE WORLD. The TIGERLAND star had to smooch with co-star DALLAS ROBERTS...

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