Jack Eskridge – the Dallas Cowboys' star logo creator - has died aged 89. He passed last Monday at a Kansas hospital.

Eskridge took it upon himself to create the now iconic logo having joined the team as an equipment manager in 1959. The simple star design has gone on to become one of the most instantly recognisable embalms in modern sport, and saw him adopt legend status amongst the American Football team. His obituary gives more detail on his life.

“Jack joined the Marines and witnessed both flag raisings of Iwo Jima during World War II and then went to KU and played basketball. Jack also played two years professional basketball with the Chicago Stags and Indianapolis Jets. After graduation Jack coached the Kansas League Champions at Atchison High. “Phog” Allen recruited Jack to be an Assistant Basketball Coach and equipment manager for KU from 1954-1959, where he recruited Wilt Chamberlain.”

Eskridge, who remained with The Cowboys until 1974, was assistant coach and teacher at Jefferson West High School in Meriden, Kansas towards the end of his life. He is survived by his loving wife Carol, eight kids, and many grandchildren. Some of his ex-pupils, as well as fans of the Dallas Cowboys have been tweeting affectionately following Eskridge’s death.