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Pharrell Williams Watches Cartoons Before Work

30th September 2013

Pharrell Williams watches cartoons every morning before he starts work.The 'Blurred Lines' hitmaker has a routine he follows every morning which involves him having breakfast while watching the news and then viewing classic 'Looney Tunes'...

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Margaret Mountford: Sir Alan Goes Easy On Youngsters

4th June 2008

Sir Alan Sugar is likely to favour young candidates on The Apprentice, according to his aide Margaret Mountford.Michael Sophocles, the most recently fired contestant on the BBC reality show, was in the boardroom for four...

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Movie Reviews: The Departed

11th October 2006

Critics are in general agreement that Martin Scorsese has returned to top form with the thriller The Departed. It's his "sharpest film in a decade -- and the most entertaining major studio release this year,"...

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Cartoon Star Burson In Police Siege

13th May 2004

BUGS BUNNY star GREG BURSON has been arrested by detectives after barricading himself inside his Los Angeles home for six hours. The 54-year-old cartoon actor - who provides the voices for children's favourites...

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Tom Jones Gets Daffy With The Flaming Lips

28th May 2003

TOM JONES and THE FLAMING LIPS have teamed up for one of the strangest collaborations of the year (03) - to record the theme to a new DAFFY DUCK cartoon show. The Welsh singer...

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