News of the plans to reanimate the classic BBC comedy 'Dad's Army' and turn it into a silver screen sensation have been met with groans and a barrage of criticism. 

As the Telegraph described the original, it was "the perfect blend of great acting and writing", however these preliminary plans for the remake don't include any of the original cast (largely due to all but one now being dead, Clive Dunn having died last week aged 92) and also none of the same writers. However, it was one of the original writers who got the ball rolling. Jimmy Perry along with David Croft's widow negotiated the film deal, and one of the major changes to be made is that Captain Mainwairing is planned to be played by a woman. 

A female Capt. Mainwairing really isn't our biggest worry, rather, simply that remakes of something beloved are almost always a flop. More often than not it's other nations that absolutely ruin what have been wonderful in their native lands. Simon Pegg's Spaced springs to mind in the long list of shows that have drowned on the journey over the Atlantic. Fundamentally, the flaw lies when there's simply no need to do a remake, or at least, there's no need to call it a remake. The idea of a new comedy movie based on the Home Front is delightful, and there's no harm in taking inspiration from something that proved enormously successful, but, to pick something apart loved by thousands will simply be a tragedy. Go ahead and make it, but don't say we didn't warn you.