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Lennon's Ex-wife Outraged By Mccartney Divorce

25th October 2009

JOHN LENNON's ex-wife CYNTHIA has spoken out about SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY's divorce battle - insisting the former BEATLE should have done more to make his marriage to HEATHER MILLS work.Cynthia split from MCCartney's late bandmate...

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Fascinating Fact 7430

28th May 2009

JOHN LENNON's family life is to be portrayed by his son JULIAN and former wife CYNTHIA in a new intimate exhibition in his home town of Liverpool, England next month (June09).

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Kravitz 'Blames Former Manager For Affair Allegation'

9th July 2008

LATEST: Rocker LENNY KRAVITZ is blaming his former manager for involving him in the highly public divorce of baseball star ALEX RODRIGUEZ and his wife CYNTHIA. Kravitz hit headlines last week (begs30Jun08) when he was...

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The Things They Say 8231

5th May 2008

"KIM is as sexy, if not sexier than she was in the series, CYNTHIA is so beautiful on screen, it's breathtaking and KRISTIN is the comic relief." SARAH JESSICA PARKER on her SEX + THE...

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Lennon's Ex-wife Praises Pang's Book Of Photos

22nd February 2008

JOHN LENNON's first wife CYNTHIA has pledged her full support to the late BEATLE's ex-girlfriend MAY PANG and the forthcoming release of her book INSTAMATIC KARMA. Pang - who was Lennon's assistant and lover in...

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Baseball Ace Rodriguez's Wife Pregnant

4th October 2007

Baseball superstar ALEX RODRIGUEZ has two reasons to celebrate after announcing his wife CYNTHIA is pregnant as his New York Yankees plan a run for the sport's World Series. The Yankees third baseman's spouse is...

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Lennon's Wives Disagree Over New Beatles Album

19th November 2006

JOHN LENNON's first wife CYNTHIA has hit out at YOKO ONO for not allowing his son JULIAN to contribute to a new album of reworked THE BEATLES songs. Cynthia, who was married to the late...

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Lennon's Illicit Sixties Affair

8th November 2006

Late BEATLE JOHN LENNON reportedly conducted an illicit affair with a British singer behind his first wife CYNTHIA's back. Lennon allegedly fell for the charms of star ALMA COGAN in the early 1960s, after...

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Lennon's Former Home Up For Sale

11th October 2006

The English country home where JOHN LENNON lived at the height of Beatlemania up for sale in the UK for $11.1 million (GBP6 million). The six-bedroom house outside Weybridge, Surrey, is located south west of...

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Beatles' Lsd Dentist Named

5th September 2006

The identity of the dentist who first introduced THE BEATLES to LSD has finally been revealed in a new book about the band. THE FAB FOUR: THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO THE BEATLES by STEVE TURNER...

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Lennon Had 'One Night Stand' With Epstein

28th August 2006

The late JOHN LENNON had a one night stand with THE BEATLES' gay manager BRIAN EPSTEIN in 1963, according to the band's official biographer HUNTER DAVIES. In Davies' forthcoming memoirs THE BEATLES, FOOTBALL AND ME...

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Signed Beatles Album Bought For Thousands

26th May 2006

A copy of THE BEATLES' 1964 album A HARD DAY'S NIGHT, signed by all four members of the band, has been sold for $41,000 (GBP22,800) at London auction house Christie's. Other items of memorabilia connected...

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Lennon Letters Auctioned

23rd May 2006

Two letters written by JOHN LENNON are to be auctioned in London this week (25MAY06). The letters, sent to the former BEATLE's ex-wife CYNTHIA and his cousin LEILA in 1975 and 1976 are expected to...

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Mccartney Attemps To Save Sacred Beatles Building

25th November 2005

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY is bidding to save the Liverpool Art College building where his former BEATLES bandmate JOHN LENNON studied from being torn down. Multi-millionaire McCartney, who owns the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts...

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Cynthia's Dinner Invitation To Cheating Lennon And Ono

10th October 2005

JOHN LENNON's first wife CYNTHIA was so shocked when she caught her husband cheating on her with YOKO ONO, she invited the lovers out to dinner. The late BEATLE's teenage sweetheart, who became his...

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Lennon: 'Julian Was A Mistake'

7th October 2005

JOHN LENNON's first wife CYNTHIA wrote her new book about her life with the BEATLE, to prove to the world she wasn't just a simple wife who yearned to start a family with the rock...

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Heartbreak Of Lennon's Ex

30th September 2005

JOHN LENNON's first wife CYNTHIA claims she was mentally tortured by the former BEATLE, because he refused to admit his love for Japanese artist YOKO ONO. The pair married in 1962 but their relationship...

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Lennon's Son Reignites Feud With Yoko Ono

29th September 2005

JOHN LENNON's eldest son JULIAN has reignited his public feud with his father's widow YOKO ONO by accusing her of trying to control the former BEATLE's legacy. Lennon was attending a book launch to...

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Lennon Wasn't Interested In Peace

26th September 2005

BEATLES star and peace activist JOHN LENNON was unable to reconcile domestic differences, despite famously advocating tolerance and love - according to his first wife CYNTHIA. Cynthia claims her former husband abandoned their son...

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Lennon Terrified His Son

26th September 2005

Peace-loving former BEATLE JOHN LENNON was an erratic and violent parent, according to his first wife CYNTHIA. The 66-year-old claims their son JULIAN was left mentally scarred by Lennon's neglect and unreasonable behaviour....

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Harrison Tricked Lennon Into Lsd Binge

18th September 2005

JOHN LENNON and his first wife CYNTHIA first experienced hallucinogenic drug LSD when GEORGE HARRISON spiked their drinks with it. Harrison pulled the prank after inviting the couple to a dinner party he held...

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Stars Auction Off Music Compilations

20th June 2005

KATIE HOLMES, RENEE ZELLWEGER and JESSICA ALBA are among a host of stars who are letting fans listen to a wide selection of their favourite music - for a price. The actresses, along with...

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Jackson Accuser 'Rude' On Flight

31st March 2005

The child accusing MICHAEL JACKSON of molestation was a "rude, discourteous and really unpleasant" passenger on an aeroplane flight, a stewardess said at the singer's child molestation trial. Teenager GAVIN ARVIZO appallingly misbehaved on...

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Kutcher Called On To Help Jumpstart Murder Investigation

13th May 2004

ASHTON KUTCHER is being urged to use his celebrity to bring an unsolved three-year-old murder case back to life after his haste cost Los Angeles police valuable time in solving the crime. The actor...

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Beatles' Reality Tv Moments Released

26th January 2004

THE BEATLES almost became the first reality TV stars in America when they agreed to become the subjects of filmmaker ALBERT MAYSLES' 1960s pop documentary. Maysles followed the FAB FOUR around New York when...

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Did Ono Co-write Imagine?

2nd September 2003

JOHN LENNON's widow YOKO ONO inspired and co-wrote the former BEATLE's most famous song IMAGINE, according to a new TV documentary. The song - released by Lennon in 1971, the year The Beatles officially...

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Davis Struggles To Say Goodbye To Charlotte

13th August 2003

Sexy actress KRISTIN DAVIS is struggling to come to terms with the imminent end of her TV series SEX AND THE CITY - because her character is part of her. The striking star, 38,...

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Katharine Hepburn Leaves Bizarre Bequeaths

29th July 2003

Legendary actress KATHARINE HEPBURN made bequeathed some unexpected awards in her 32-page last will and testament. In addition to leaving most of her money to relatives and giving her OSCARs to charity, the ON...

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Tatum O'neal Goes For Sex And The City

25th June 2003

OSCAR-winning actress TATUM O'NEAL has signed up to guest star in an episode of racy comedy SEX AND THE CITY. O'Neal hits American TV screens in August (03) as a photographer friend of SARAH...

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