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Cuba Gooding Jr - Arrest Warrant Issued For Municipal Battery

1st August 2012

Cuba Gooding Jr is a wanted man. An arrest warrant has been issued for the 44 year old actor following an incident in a Bourbon Street bar in New Orleans. In a news release, police...

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Arrest Warrant Issued For Cuba Gooding, Jr.

31st July 2012

A warrant has been issued for Cuba Gooding, JR.'s arrest after he allegedly pushed a female bartender in Louisiana on Tuesday morning (31Jul12).The Jerry Maguire star, who is currently in New Orleans filming upcoming movie...

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Arrest Warrant Issued For Cuba Gooding Jr

31st July 2012

An arrest warrant has been issued for Cuba Gooding Jr.The Oscar winning actor allegedly shoved a female bartender against a wall at The Old Absinthe House in New Orleans in the early hours of this...

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Emma Stone To Star In Cameron Crowe Rom-com

31st July 2012

Emma Stone is to star in Cameron Crowe's forthcoming romantic comedy movie. The 'Amazing Spider-Man' star will team up with the Hollywood helmer for the first time in an as-yet untitled love story that the...

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Cuba Gooding, Jr. Was Almost Arrested During 'Show Me The Money' Rehearsals

16th June 2012

Cuba Gooding, JR.'s passionate "Show me the money" rehearsals for Jerry Maguire almost got the actor arrested.The movie star, who won an Oscar for his portrayal as over-confident American football star Rod Tidwell in the...

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Tom Cruise Receives Entertainment Icon Award

13th June 2012

Tom Cruise received the Friars Club Entertainment Icon Award in New York last night (12.06.12). The 'Rock of Ages' star became only the fourth person ever to be presented with the award - following in...

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The Things They Say 25435

11th June 2012

"I wanted to meet Quentin Tarantino for Django Unchained but he had Jamie Foxx in mind - that one hurt." Actor Cuba Gooding, JR. reveals his biggest disappointment.

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Fascinating Fact 13534

7th June 2012

Ice hockey fans Kate Hudson, Cuba Gooding, JR., Matthew Perry, Charlie Sheen and movie mogul Jerry Bruckheimer were among the stars who attended the Stanley Cup final clash between the New Jersey Devils and Los...

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Cuba Gooding, Jr. Will 'Never Forget' Poverty-stricken Upbringing

1st June 2012

Actor Cuba Gooding, JR. still bears the emotional scars from his tough childhood - he was plunged into poverty after his soul singer father left home.The Jerry Maguire star, mum Shirley and his three siblings...

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Cuba Gooding, Jr. Watches New Movie With Two Presidents

1st June 2012

Cuba Gooding, JR. has had two presidential screenings of his blockbuster Red Tails - he's watched the war movie with both Barack Obama and George H. W. Bush.The actor plays base commander Major Emanuelle Stance...

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Cuba Gooding, Jr. Addicted To Reality Tv

28th May 2012

Actor Cuba Gooding, JR. has become hooked on reality TV shows after begrudgingly watching them with his wife.The Jerry Maguire star's partner Sara is a fan of fly-on-the-wall programmes, and Gooding, Jr. has slowly come...

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Emily Blunt Wears 'Weed' Dress At 'Five Year Engagement' Premiere?

19th April 2012

Emily Blunt was the talk of the Tribeca Film Festival on Wednesday evening (April 18, 2012), when her new movie 'The Five Year Engagement' opened proceedings. Blunt stole the show with her lavish dress from...

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Alicia Keys Parties With Brother In Nyc

27th March 2012

Alicia Keys partied with her brother Cole to celebrate his 21st birthday on Saturday night (24.03.12). The 'No One' singer was joined by husband Swizz Beatz at New York's trendy Meatpacking district, where they danced...

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Elizabeth Berkley Pregnant With Child No. 1

6th March 2012

Elizabeth Berkley, the American actress best known for her long-standing role on 'Saved by the Bell', is pregnant with her first child. Berkley debuted her baby-bump in Los Angeles on Monday (March 5, 2012).The 39-year-old...

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Gooding, Jr. Lands Tv Role

29th February 2012

Actor Cuba Gooding, JR. is returning to his Tv roots with a starring role in a new drama series.The Jerry Maguire star has been cast in Guilty, about a defence attorney who loses his licence...

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Sinead O'connor Rocks Biker Gear On 'The Graham Norton Show' Tonight

17th February 2012

Sinead Oconnor appears on 'The Graham Norton Show' tonight and, by all accounts, seemed chipper on the taping for the show earlier in the week. Wearing her best biker gear including an open leather jacket...

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The Things They Say 24382

16th February 2012

"It doesn't go away. I get it all the time. I wish I had a wand that would make people disappear whenever they say it. It's hard, especially when some drunk in a bar asks...

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Gooding, Jr. Shocked By Dad's Cruise Blunder

16th February 2012

Cuba Gooding, JR. banned his father from the set of Jerry Maguire after he demanded to know if Tom Cruise was gay.The actor invited his singer dad to watch a shoot for the 1996 movie...

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Gooding, Jr. Eyes London Move

15th February 2012

Oscar-winner Cuba Gooding, JR. is planning to move to Britain in a bid to work with acclaimed director Steve Mcqueen.The Jerry Maguire star admits he is so desperate to appear in the Shame filmmaker's next...

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The Things They Say 24166

27th January 2012

"He was amazing to work with... I made some comment like, 'I bet the Stormtroopers didn't have this many lines,' and he said, 'I'll tell you about the Stormtroopers'. And as he starts talking, everybody...

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George Lucas' Red Tails Divebombs With Critics

20th January 2012

Despite having George Lucas on board as executive producer, the reviews for Red Tails suggest that his latest big-screen venture has some way to go to reach the legendary status of his previous Star Wars...

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No More Star Wars: George Lucas Retires From Blockbusters

18th January 2012

George Lucas says he is "retiring" from making blockbuster movies after his latest venture, war movie Red Tails, was rejected by all of the major studios. The director, who financed the project himself, says movie...

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Proud Cuba Gifted Red Tails Paintings By Airman

16th January 2012

Oscar winner Cuba Gooding, JR. has a very special keepsake from the Pentagon after spending time there researching his new role as the major of the heroic African-American Tuskegee airmen for Red Tails.The Jerry Maguire...

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George Lucas World War Ii Movie Gets Release Date

29th July 2011

George Lucas's hugely anticipated World War II movie 'Red Tails' will open in U.S. cinemas on 20th January 2012. The announcement comes after fans got their first glimpse of the film in the first official...

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Fascinating Fact 11487

22nd May 2011

Cuba Gooding Jr.'s ego has taken a hit - the Best Supporting Actor Oscar he won for 1996 film Jerry Maguire has been dented after an incident with one of his children.

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Fascinating Fact 11485

21st May 2011

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. showed off his fancy footwork on Britain's The Graham Norton Show on Friday (20May11) by breakdancing to Chris Brown and Benny Benassi's track Beautiful People.

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Controversial Hutton/hurley Ads Pulled From Tv

13th February 2011

Company bosses behind controversial TV advertisements featuring actors TIMOTHY HUTTON, CUBA GOODING, JR. and ELIZABETH HURLEY have pulled their new commercials after coming under attack for mocking environmental and political issues.Online discount firm Groupon debuted...

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Steve Carrell Finds Boyfriend For Wife

27th August 2010

Steve Carrell is developing a remake of 'A Boyfriend for My Wife'.The 2008 Argentinean romantic comedy - originally titled 'Un novio para mi mujer' - concerns a man who enlists the help of a legendary...

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Gooding Jr. Shows Washington The Money

22nd April 2010

CUBA GOODING JR. resurrected his JERRY MAGUIRE catchphrase during a night out in Spokane, Washington - taking over the bar's microphone and telling revellers to "Show me the money".The actor is currently in the state...

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The Things They Say 14083

9th November 2009

"Just got CUBA GOODING JR. cleared for The R.E.D. Album. You gotta wait to see what role he played in this R.E.D. movie." Rapper THE GAME teases fans by revealing the JERRY MAGUIRE actor is...

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