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Eric Clapton Baffled By Cream Tour Rumours

4th July 2014

Veteran rocker Eric Clapton has denied reports he wrecked plans for a Cream reunion tour, insisting he has not spoken to fellow bandmembers Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce for almost ten years.Last year (13), Bruce...

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Eric Clapton Quits Touring

27th June 2014

Eric Clapton is quitting touring.The 69-year-old guitarist finds travelling ''unbearable'' these days and he worries about becoming ''embarrassing'', but he won't give up music completely.He said: ''''The road has become unbearable.''It's unapproachable, because it takes...

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Cream Reunion Tour Scrapped

17th April 2014

Rock trio Cream cancelled plans for a long-awaited reunion tour last year (13) following a dispute between the bandmembers.The former bandmates - Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce - last reunited for a series...

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Cream's Jack Bruce Fell Out Of Love With Recording

25th March 2014

Cream's Jack Bruce ''fell out of love'' with recording. The group's former bassist and singer - whose band included guitarist Eric Clapton and drummer Ginger Baker - has now released his first solo album in...

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The Things They Say: 3903136

12th October 2013

"When I was living in the States, Charlie came to see me at my house and he said, 'I'd give you some tickets but I know you would never go!' I won't go within 10...

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Tony Iommi: 'We Turned Down Ginger Baker Idea'

29th August 2013

Black Sabbath ruled out the option of hitting the recording studio with legendary drummer Ginger Baker because they didn't want to have to deal with "problems" the eccentric former Cream would bring with him.Producer Rick...

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Ginger Baker: 'Spine Condition Makes Drumming Painful'

27th May 2013

Former Cream star Ginger Baker is struggling to carry on drumming as he battles a degenerative spine condition because playing leaves him in "agony".The musician was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the spine several years ago,...

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The Things They Say: 3581305

29th March 2013

"It was like a great weight off of my shoulders when it was finished. I was b**ody tired of it. I mean, Cream is still an albatross around my neck. It was probably the best...

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Andre 3000 Will Not Sing Jimi Hendrix Songs In Biopic

5th July 2012

In a confusing series of reveals, Andre 3000, who is currently filming as Jimi Hendrix in a biopic about the guitarist's life, will be playing covers including those by The Beatles, Muddy Waters and Elvis...

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Iggy Pop And Ginger Baker Cover The Black Keys For Tribute Album

4th June 2012

Iggy Pop and Cream drummer Ginger Baker have teamed up to pay tribute to rocking blues duo The Black Keys on a new covers album.The odd couple has recorded a rendition of the band's Lonely...

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Ginger Baker Film Wins Festival Documentary Prize

14th March 2012

A documentary about former Cream drummer Ginger Baker picked up the Documentary Grand Jury prize at the South by Southwest Film Awards in Austin, Texas on Tuesday (13Mar12).Director Jay Bulger's Beware of Mr. Baker wowed...

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Jack Bruce & Reid To Debut Supergroup At Bonnaroo Festival

23rd February 2012

Cream star Jack Bruce and Living Colour frontman Vernon Reid have formed a supergroup they plan to debut at this summer's (12) Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee.Medeski, Martin and Wood star John Medeski and in-demand drummer...

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The Things They Say 23686

7th December 2011

"We never did all that onstage leaping about c**p that all these other bands do... and we never will. We just played music." Cream drummer Ginger Baker on the magic behind the group's music.

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Cream Concert Film Offers Hope For Another Reunion

7th December 2011

Cream fans have been left hopeful of another group reunion after checking out the interviews collected for a new Dvd and Blu-Ray concert movie recalling the trio's 2005 concerts in London.Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and...

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Jimi Hendrix Named Greatest Guitarist Of All Time

24th November 2011

Jimi Hendrix has been named the greatest guitarist ever in a poll conducted by Rolling Stone Magazine. The axe man topped a list that included Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, THE ROLLING STONES' KEITH RICHARDS and...

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Cream Reunion Concert To Be Released On Blu-ray

20th September 2011

Cream's triumphant reunion concert at London's Royal Albert Hall in 2005 is to be released on Blu-Ray.The concert was the trio's first in almost 40 years and led to a string of shows in New...

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Baker's Anger Over Assistant's Sentence

21st October 2010

Former CREAM star GINGER BAKER is furious after his former assistant who was found guilty of stealing $47,400 (£31,300) from his accounts escaped a jail sentence in South Africa.The British drummer, 71, accused Lindiwe Noko...

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Bruce: 'There Will Be No More Cream'

12th April 2010

Rocker JACK BRUCE has further destroyed CREAM fans' hopes the classic trio will reform again, insisting the band is "over".The bassist teamed up with Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker for dates in 2005 and admits...

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Baker To Marry Nurse

9th February 2010

CREAM drummer GINGER BAKER is preparing to wed the Zimbabwean nurse who has looked after him for the last two years.The rocker, who has previously been married three times, has proposed to Kudzai MAChokoto, who...

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The Things The Say:

19th January 2010

"I do have a God-given gift that only a few drummers have... It's not something you can work at. Keith Moon? John Bonham? No, I wouldn't put them in the same frame. They were drummers,...

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Olive Farming Turned Baker Off Drugs

18th January 2010

Former CREAM star GINGER BAKER credits olive farming for helping him to finally kick his cocaine addiction - because he couldn't tend to bushes while high.In his new biography, the rocker admits he attempted to...

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The Things They Say 13133

10th August 2009

"It was my band, and Jack (Bruce) tried to fire me. I didn't get any of the writing credits. It will p**s me off for the rest of my life." GINGER BAKER insists his ongoing...

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Baker Fears Assassination Attempt

10th August 2009

Former CREAM drummer GINGER BAKER carries a stun gun with him at all times in an effort to avoid "assassination".The wild rocker, who turns 70 later this month (19Aug09), has had so many threats on...

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Cream's Bruce Received Death Threats Over Zeppelin Comments

28th July 2009

Former CREAM star JACK BRUCE was bombarded with death threats from furious LED ZEPPELIN fans after the bassist criticised the rock legends and dismissed them as "crap" earlier this year (09).Bruce hit the headlines in...

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Clapton Rules Out Another Cream Reunion

28th May 2009

ERIC CLAPTON has ruled out another CREAM reunion, insisting the members of the rock supertrio have parted ways amicably.The guitar great reteamed with Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce for shows in London and New York...

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Acts Announced For Cream's Easter Event

9th February 2009

On April 12th 2009 CREAM will once again host another Easter party. DJ's David Guetta, Eddie Halliwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Mauro Picotto and Dave Spoon are just a few of the acts who will play. The...

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Baker Wants To Strip To Prove Fraudster Wrong

7th November 2008

Former CREAM star GINGER BAKER has vowed to strip off in a South African court to prove a woman who allegedly stole $47,400 (GBP30,000) from him is not an ex-lover. The drummer, 69, has accused...

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Bruce Blasts Led Zeppelin

6th November 2008

Former CREAM star JACK BRUCE has stunned rock purists by blasting LED ZEPPELIN for overshadowing his band's string of reunion shows. Bruce, Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker reformed Cream for gigs in London and New...

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Cream To Reunite At Baker Honour Ceremony

28th July 2008

Rock trio CREAM are to reunite again for a tribute to drummer GINGER BAKER. The band reformed for its induction into the Rock + Roll Hall of Fame in 1993 and again for concerts in...

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Gillan + Bruce To Rock For Healey

10th April 2008

British rock legend IAN GILLAN and former CREAM bass player JACK BRUCE will join JEFF HEALEY's backing band to pay tribute to the late blind bluesman in Canada this weekend (11-12Apr08). Healey's band, the Jazz...

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