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Corey Feldman's 'Coreyography' Details Sexual Abuse In Hollywood

By Jack de Aguilar | 23rd October 2013

Corey Feldman was an 80s child icon alongside the late Corey Haim, who died aged 38. The Two Coreys - as the two were known - were infamous during their pomp, but if Feldman’s latest...

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Corey Feldman Says That Pedophilia Is Rife In Hollywood, And The Two Coreys Often Bore The Brunt Of It

By Joe Wilde | 23rd October 2013

Corey Feldman will release his memoirs, Coreyography, in the coming weeks, describing his rise to stardom at a young age, before falling from grace and into relative obscurity as his years progressed. Perhaps known best...

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Timber! Is Justin Bieber Teetering On The Brink Of A Fall From Grace?

By Hayley Avron | 9th January 2013

For some years, there, we had high hopes for Justin Bieber. It really looked as though the squeaky clean pop star was just that: squeaky clean. A chance online encounter propelled the young bedroom singer...

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