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Haim And Feldman Reunite For Comedy Show

21st June 2006

Former teen heart-throbs COREY FELDMAN and COREY HAIM are teaming up to star in a comedy series based on fictional versions of themselves. THE COREYS picks up with Feldman living the comfortable suburban life...

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Fatal Attraction Brought To Premature Close

26th July 2005

The New York City stage production of FATAL ATTRACTION: A GREEK TRAGEDY was cut short on Friday (22JUL05) after lead actress ALANA McNAIR injured herself during a stunt. Former child star COREY FELDMAN, who...

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Feldman Insists His Son Won't Be A Child Star

14th July 2005

Actor COREY FELDMAN has turned down countless offers to turn his baby son into a child star because he doesn't want the kid to have the hellish upbringing he had. The STAND BY ME...

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Feldman: 'Jackson Turns Friends Into Enemies'

14th July 2005

Former child star COREY FELDMAN fears former pal MICHAEL JACKSON turns his young friends into enemies by blacklisting them once he's tired of their company. THE LOST BOYS star Feldman is one of many...

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Feldman Kicked Out For Sacking Dad

14th July 2005

Former child star COREY FELDMAN was kicked him out of the apartment he shared with his father when he was just 14 after he told his dad he didn't want him to manage him anymore....

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Sick Child Molesters Preyed On Feldman And Friends

14th July 2005

THE LOST BOYS star COREY FELDMAN has sensationally revealed he was once part of a group of child actors who were preyed upon and molested by a gang of Hollywood paedophiles. The actor was...

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Gary Coleman Named Top Kid Star

13th June 2005

Faded actor GARY COLEMAN has beat out MACAULAY CULKIN and DREW BARRYMORE to top VH1's list of 100 GREATEST KID STARS. Coleman played ARNOLD on the classic US sitcom DIFF'RENT STROKES, but he failed...

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Marcil Loves Food

24th May 2005

Former BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 star VANESSA MARCIL has just one weakness when it comes to spending her money - food. The sexy actress, ex-wife of COREY FELDMAN, says she refuses to spend a fortune...

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Marcil To Laser Off Tribal Tattoo

24th May 2005

Former BEVERLY HILLS 90210 star VANESSA MARCIL is preparing to undergo painful laser surgery to remove a large tribal tattoo from the small of her back. The 35-year-old actress, ex-wife of COREY FELDMAN, now...

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Feldman Sad About Jackson Trial But Feels He Must Speak Out

14th February 2005

Former child star COREY FELDMAN is filled with "nothing but sadness" as he prepares to testify against his old friend MICHAEL JACKSON in the King of Pop's child molestation trial. The actor, who grew...

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Feldman: 'Jackson Threatened My Life'

14th February 2005

Child actor COREY FELDMAN has revealed his former pal MICHAEL JACKSON once threatened his life because he thought THE GOONIES star was planning to reveal all about their friendship. Feldman taped an interview with...

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Gabriel + Aretha Join Forces To Sing Sharon's Song

14th February 2005

PETER GABRIEL, ARETHA FRANKLIN, WYCLEF JEAN and LINDSAY LOHAN are joining forces for yet another tsunami relief benefit record, which is being co-produced by SHARON STONE. The movie star has co-written the single, COME...

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Bashir Bashes Jackson Again In New Documentary

14th February 2005

LATEST: Controversial British journalist MARTIN BASHIR has confirmed he's coming back to haunt MICHAEL JACKSON as the King of Pop defends himself against child molestation charges - with a damning new TV special. Bashir's...

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Feldman Accuses Jackson Of Showing Him Nude Pictures

11th February 2005

LATEST: MICHAEL JACKSON has been dealt another blow as he fights off child molestation charges - former pal COREY FELDMAN claims the pop star showed him nude pictures when he was a teen. The...

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Feldman To Be Prosecution Witness In Jackson Trial

10th February 2005

LATEST: Former child star COREY FELDMAN will be called as a prosecution witness in MICHAEL JACKSON's child molestation trial - after he expressed concerns about his own childhood friendship with the THRILLER star in a...

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News Show Uncovers Corey Feldman's 1993 Jackson Interview

10th February 2005

American news show CELEBRITY JUSTICE has scooped British journalist MARTIN BASHIR by uncovering a 1993 interview actor COREY FELDMAN gave cops about his friendship with MICHAEL JACKSON. Feldman agreed to reveal all about his...

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Feldman Questions His Friendship With Jackson

9th February 2005

Actor COREY FELDMAN has expressed concern about his own childhood friendship with troubled pop superstar MICHAEL JACKSON. Feldman, who has been supportive of Jackson until recently, says in an upcoming interview with American TV...

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Anderson's Ex To Move In With Mini Me

3rd November 2004

PAMELA ANDERSON's ex-boyfriend MARKUS SCHENKENBERG and AUSTIN POWERS star VERNE TROYER are set to live together in the next installment of reality show THE SURREAL LIFE. Schenkenberg and Troyer will be joined by ex-wrestler...

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Coreys To Resurrect The Lost Boys

1st September 2004

Former movie pals COREY HAIM and COREY FELDMAN are reportedly piling pressure on film bosses to make a LOST BOYS sequel, because they're desperate to rekindle their on-screen chemistry. The acting duo - who...

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Corey Feldman Becomes A Dad

20th August 2004

Former child star COREY FELDMAN is a first-time dad, after his wife gave birth to a boy earlier this month (AUG04). THE LOST BOYS star Feldman, 32, and 21-year-old SUSIE SPRAGUE FELDMAN welcomed ZEN...

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Corey Feldman To Be A Dad

6th April 2004

Former child star COREY FELDMAN has announced he and his wife SUSIE are expecting their first child together this autumn (04). The 26-year-old actor, who is currently in Spain with his spouse shooting upcoming...

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Feldman Moved To Tears By Madrid Bombings

18th March 2004

Former child star COREY FELDMAN was so distraught when he learned of last week's (ends12MAR04) horrendous bombings in Madrid, Spain, he broke down in tears. The 26-year-old actor is currently in Barcelona shooting THE...

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Goonies Sequel Ready To Go

27th November 2003

A sequel to eighties classic THE GOONIES is set to start shooting once returning star SEAN ASTIN has finished filming reshoots on THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING. Director RICHARD...

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Dawson's Creek Jackson Turns To Horror

26th November 2003

DAWSON'S CREEK star JOSHUA JACKSON is poised to terrify fans of the hit TV drama - he's signed up for a role in WES CRAVEN's new horror movie CURSED. Singer MYA has also joined...

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Wes Craven Horror Film Undergoes Cast Overhaul

25th November 2003

MYA, PORTIA DE ROSSI and JOSHUA JACKSON have joined WES CRAVEN's upcoming movie CURSED, as the cast undergoes a major overhaul. The horror film, which stars SHANNON ELIZABETH and CHRISTINA RICCI, originally had such...

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Feldman Refuses To Support Old Pal Jackson

24th November 2003

MICHAEL JACKSON's one-time best friend COREY FELDMAN is refusing to support the pop superstar as he battles new child molestation charges. Former child star Feldman became friends with Jackson when he was 13, but...

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Vanilla Ice Returns For A Dose Of Reality

21st October 2003

Faded rapper VANILLA ICE is preparing to make a comeback - as a reality TV star. Ice, real name ROBERT VAN WINKLE, burst onto the music scene in 1990 with his chart-topping hit ICE...

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Feldman Still Blames Mum And Dad

24th September 2003

Eighties child actor COREY FELDMAN blames his parents for pushing him into showbiz - and still refuses to speak to them. After shooting to fame with starring roles in eighties films THE GOONIES, STAND...

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Feldman Severs Ties With Pal Vince Neil

1st September 2003

Eighties heart-throb COREY FELDMAN has fallen out with his showbiz pal VINCE NEIL, despite forging a close friendship with the ex-MOTLEY CRUE singer on a reality TV show. The LOST BOYS actor appeared on...

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Amy Lee's '80s Fixation

13th August 2003

EVANESCENCE singer AMY LEE went retro for her 21st birthday celebrations, by hosting entertaining her pals with '80s music. The BRING ME TO LIFE singer welcomed her landmark birthday on 13 December (02), and...

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