Coppola Denies Negative Pacino And De Niro Comments

Filmmaker FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA has denied branding actors ROBERT DE NIRO and AL PACINO "lazy" and lacking ambition. The iconic director - who worked with both De Niro and Pacino on The Godfather - was quoted in an interview with men's magazine GQ last month (Oct07) attacking the pair, and was reported to have made disparaging remarks about Oscar-winning actor Jack Nicholson. But Coppola insists his comments were taken out of context by the publication - and even credits his critical acclaim to the efforts of De Niro and Pacino. He says, "It's not true. (The quotes were) obviously bent out of shape. Why would I do that? They're my friends, all three of them. It's not logical. I think those three guys are among the greatest living actors we have. They've always been kind to me. "In the case of De Niro and Al, I feel I didn't make them. They made me. And in the case of Jack Nicholson, he's one of a kind - super-intelligent."


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As the owners of, a volunteer, tribute website to Al Pacino, we herewith refer to your recently published article in which Director Francis Ford Coppola "disses" three of the most important actors of the last half century; i. e. Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro, and Mr. Pacino. Not surprisingly, none of the three have publicly responded to Coppola's criticism, which, we suppose, is the most savvy, professional approach to the event. But we judge that, amongst ourselves, the fans who have more than a casual interest in Al Pacino, some comment should be forthcoming.Firstly, regarding Al's money, it’s HIS money. Last we heard, Communism was dead, and no American has ever been accountable to anyone for the disposition of his wealth honestly and lawfully acquired. Secondly, it is generally known that people of great wealth often choose to be remarkably philanthropic with complete anonymity. Obviously, if we could confirm this, it would no longer be anonymous. But why not give Al the benefit of the doubt?Finally, as to Coppola's evaluation of what may be summarized as Al's lack of artistic striving or ambition, someone should send Francis a copy of Al's schedule for the last couple of years. The sheer volume of his work in every medium, as actor in theater and cinema, producer and director of his own projects (e.g., Salomaybe) belie any fall-off in his thirst for artistic achievement. If the results are not to Francis' liking, that's his problem. Jackie Krudop, PresidentIris Frank, Vice
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