Michael Jackson - Conrad Murray Was 'Weaning' Michael Jackson Of Propofol

Dr. Conrad Murray told police he tried to "wean" Michael Jackson off Propofol.

The medic - who is accused of the involuntary manslaughter of the singer by giving him a lethal dose of the drug - told police in the aftermath of the star's death in June 2009 that he had administered the anaesthetic almost every day for two months, but was trying to get his patient off the substance because he was worried about his dependency.

In audio tapes of the interview played in Los Angeles Superior Court today (07.10.11), Murray told detectives Michael used the code word "milk" for the drug.

He added: "I gave it more than 10 times, and for the last two months, 30 days a month, everyday. Daily, with the exception of three days. I tried to wean him off."

In the audio, jurors heard Murray tell officers he spent six nights a week with the star to help him sleep and that he "loved him as he was his friend".

The doctor - who denies the charges against him - said other doctors before him had given Michael Propofol as he "loved it" because it was the only drug that could cure his insomnia.

Recounting events on the day of Michael's death, Murray said he had rubbed cream on the singer for vitiligo -a skin condition - before giving him 2mg of lorazepam intravenously and a Valium tablet to help him sleep.

However, after an hour, the 'Bad' hitmaker was still awake so Murray gave him 2mg of midazolam and the singer slept for a short while, before waking and discussing his fears for his forthcoming 50-date London residency.

The doctor said he then gave another 2mg of lorazepam at around 5am, administering the same again at around 7.30, though he admitted he was unsure why the drugs appeared not to be working.

By 10am, Michael was still awake and said he would have to cancel rehearsals and the tour, so at around 10.40am Murray gave him 25mg of Propofol and diluted it with lidocaine, sending the singer to sleep.

Murray stated he monitored his patient, but left to go to the bathroom at 11am and returned to find Michael unconscious so he immediately began CPR but didn't initially call for help as the phones in the house were not working.

The case continues.


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what a load of bs!!! the "medic" ordered trayloads of that med. moreover, he has it delivered to his girlfriends at. sure sounds like premeditated to me!!! if he was trying to wean mj off the drugs, why did he order so much?why did he secret his deliveries??? why did he beg to go into the house after mj was gone?? in his own words, he wanted to get the "cream" so no one would find out??????????????????? why did he tell the security guard to hide the meds before calling 911???? where did he use his $160,00.00 a month???? to buy the lethal drugs, he is a pig a glutton,a liar,and criminal!!!! did he think the world wouldnt find out his iliced actions??? time to pay the piper, mr suppossed dr!!!!
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2 years 11 months ago
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