British comedian Simon Brodkin was wrestled to the ground by a law enforcement officer on Wednesday (21Nov12) after a publicity stunt went wrong.

The funnyman was in character as his comedy alter-ego Lee Nelson when he pretended to steal a copy of his own Dvd during a signing at a London store.

Brodkin was chased out of the Hmv shop by an actor dressed as a cop, but was then tackled by a real police community support officer who thought he had witnessed a genuine theft on London's busy Oxford Street.

The funnyman was hauled back to the store and subsequently released after he explained the incident had been staged.

A spokeswoman for the Tv star says, "He was doing a signing for his Dvd at Hmv in Oxford Street, and as a treat for his fans he 'stole' one of his own Dvds, then was chased around the store by an actor dressed up as a police officer.

"Somehow they ended up out on the pavement (sidewalk), where a real police community support officer got involved, thinking it was a theft taking place... It was all very dramatic. The community support officer brought him back into the store where it was explained that it hadn't been a real theft taking place."

A statement from the Metropolitan Police reads, "The Pcso (police community support officer) soon realised the man had not stolen the items and no further action was taken."

Hmv bosses have issued an apology to any shoppers who were "alarmed" by the drama.