Columbia Confirms Total Recall Remake

by | 26 February 2009

A remake of classic ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER sci-fi movie TOTAL RECALL is planned.

Columbia Pictures will be working on the project with Neal Moritz' Original Films, despite rumours of there being a sequel on the books.

The original TOTAL RECALL was based on a Phillip K Dick short story, We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, and was directed by PAUL VERHOEVEN, grossing $261 million (£182 million).

In the film, a man dreams of journeying to Mars and visits Rekall Inc, which sells implanted memories.

SCHWARZENEGGER's character begins to believe he is a secret agent, travelling to the planet and fighting the tyrant who controls the colony.

The Hollywood Reporter reports: "The movie explores of one Dick's favourite topics - reality versus delusion - as audiences never know whether the story was a dream."

In other news, SCHWARZENEGGER, currently the governor of California, will be starring in SYLVESTER STALLONE's new flick, THE EXPENDABLES.

26/02/2009 11:58:02


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