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British Stars Revive St Trinian's In New Comedy

9th March 2007

COLIN FIRTH, EMILY WATSON, RUPERT EVERETT and funnyman RUSSELL BRAND are reviving the ST TRINIAN'S movie franchise, a former staple of Britain's revered Ealing studios. The stars will feature in a new comedy about the...

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Funding For New Firth Film Hit By Tax Clampdown

9th March 2007

Actor COLIN FIRTH's new film GENOVA has lost GBP500,000 ($975,000) in funding after a tax clampdown by the British government forced investors to pull out. The MICHAEL WINTERBOTTOM film GENOVA is the second major casualty...

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Firth's Intervention Helps Congolese Nurse

27th February 2007

LATEST: Actor COLIN FIRTH is delighted his campaign to help a Congolese nurse avoid deportation from Britain has been successful. Known only as PIERRE - which is not his real name - the nurse was...

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Firth Stands Up For Deported Congo Nationals

26th February 2007

Actor COLIN FIRTH has condemned the British government for deporting 40 Congo nationals on a chartered flight today (26FEB07). The BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY star is particularly concerned about the plight of a male nurse on...

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Hepburn's Tiffany Dress Sells For $800,000

5th December 2006

The iconic black dress AUDREY HEPBURN wore in the 1961 movie BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S fetched $800,000 (GBP410,000) at auction in London today (05DEC06). The lot was only expected to fetch $135,000 (GBP70,000), with all proceeds...

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Firth Blasts 'Ignorant And Embarrassed' Britons

5th December 2006

Actor COLIN FIRTH has blamed British "embarrassment" for his countrymen's trademark indifference towards strangers. The BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY star accuses his fellow citizens of turning a blind eye to bad behaviour, homeless people and suspicious...

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Evangelista In Diamond Controversy

21st September 2006

Supermodel LINDA EVANGELISTA is under fire from activists after appearing in adverts for controversial diamond company De Beers. British film stars COLIN FIRTH and JULIE CHRISTIE are among those backing the campaign by Kalahari bushmen...

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Firth To Produce Documentary About Jailed Murderer

19th September 2006

BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY star COLIN FIRTH and his wife LIVIA GIUGGIOLI-FIRTH are teaming up to produce a hard-hitting new documentary about jailed former Black Panther MUMIA ABU-JAMAL. Abu-Jamal has spent the last 25 years incarcerated...

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Fascinating Fact 1975

18th August 2006

The wetsuits worn by HUGH GRANT and COLIN FIRTH during their fight scene in 2004 movie BRIDGET JONES: THE EDGE OF REASON are up for grabs on internet auction site eBay, with starting bids of...

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Firth And Weisz Sign Up For War Drama

20th May 2006

COLIN FIRTH, RACHEL WEISZ, IAN MCKELLEN and SUSAN SARANDON are set to star in political thriller THE COLOSSUS. The film is based on the novel by ANN HARRIES, and is set against the back drop...

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Stars Line Up For Homeless Film

9th April 2006

British actors ORLANDO BLOOM and COLIN FIRTH are expected to star in a new TV adaptation of hard-hitting 1966 film CATHY COME HOME. The new BBC version is to mark the 40th anniversary of the...

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Grant Studies Reality Show 'Freaks'

30th March 2006

British actor HUGH GRANT watched series after series of reality TV shows to prepare for his role in upcoming movie AMERICAN DREAMZ. The NOTTING HILL heart-throb plays a SIMON COWELL-esque talent show judge in the...

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Firth Lies To Sons About Job

28th February 2006

British actor COLIN FIRTH tells his two young sons he works with cranes and machinery - because it sounds more manly than acting. The BRIDGET JONES' DIARY star, who has two children, LUCA, four,...

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No More Bridget Jones For Firth

17th February 2006

British actor COLIN FIRTH has no intention of reprising his role in any future BRIDGET JONES sequels, because he wants to focus solely on serious parts. The GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING star is...

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Thompson Delighted Men Are Sobbing About Mcphee

24th January 2006

British actress EMMA THOMPSON is thrilled her new movie reduced grown men to tears - because she always dreamed of touching the hearts of fathers. The SENSE AND SENSIBILITY star wrote and starred in...

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Firth And Thompson Struggled With Furry Co-stars

20th January 2006

Actor COLIN FIRTH and co-star EMMA THOMPSON didn't have the easiest time getting along with their furry co-stars while filming family movie NANNY McPHEE. The pair realised the saying 'never work with children or...

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Albarn Firth And Yorke Line Up For Charity

15th December 2005

DAMON ALBARN, COLIN FIRTH and RADIOHEAD frontman THOM YORKE have covered themselves in farm produce and posed for a series of photographs in a bid to highlight the issue of fair trade. As part...

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Firth Presses For Eu Action On Poverty

12th December 2005

British actor COLIN FIRTH has petitioned the European Union (EU), urging the organisation to do more to alleviate world poverty. The BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY star says the current situation is "intolerable" and has called...

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Firth Fights The Flab

4th December 2005

British screen star COLIN FIRTH insists the ageing process is catching up with him, as he is having to work harder and harder to stay slim. The 45-year-old BRIDGET JONES hunk has restricted himself...

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Firth Wanted To Be Challenged By Where The Truth Lies

28th November 2005

British actor COLIN FIRTH leaped at the chance to star in controversial movie WHERE THE TRUTH LIES, because he wanted to take a break from starring in romantic comedies. Firth, best known for his...

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Firth Says Bridget Jones 3 Depends On Fielding

21st October 2005

Movie hunk COLIN FIRTH will only do a third BRIDGET JONES movie if author HELEN FIELDING can come up with a drastically different storyline. Firth, who stars as RENEE ZELLWEGER's love interest in the...

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Firth Fears The Skirt

21st October 2005

British actor COLIN FIRTH is terrified of getting his legs out in upcoming Roman epic THE LAST LEGION, because he fears they will ruin his sexy image. The GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING star...

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Blanchard Fears Sex Scene Will Become Internet Porn

17th October 2005

Canadian actress RACHEL BLANCHARD fears the NC-17 rating slapped on her new movie WHERE THE TRUTH LIES will make the film an afternoon delight for lusty teenagers. US censors gave the film the restrictive...

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Blanchard's Mum Has No Problems With Sex Scene

16th October 2005

Actress RACHEL BLANCHARD is puzzled about why her threesome scene in new film WHERE THE TRUTH LIES earned the movie a restrictive NC-17 rating - because even her mum wasn't offended. The Canadian star...

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Firth Happy To Pass On Darcy To Mcfadyen

11th October 2005

British screen star COLIN FIRTH is delighted MATTHEW McFADYEN has replaced him as the actor synonymous with PRIDE AND PREJUDICE heart-throb MR DARCY, because he wants to move on from the role. Firth delighted...

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Bacon And Firth Consider Comedy Dates

16th September 2005

Actors KEVIN BACON and COLIN FIRTH made such a good comedy double act in new period movie WHERE THE TRUTH LIES they're thinking about going on tour. The pair play fictional post-World War II...

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Firth + Bacon Upset About Nc-17 Rating

15th September 2005

LATEST: Actors COLIN FIRTH and KEVIN BACON are upset their threesome sex scene in new film WHERE THE TRUTH LIES has earned the movie a restrictive NC-17 rating. The pair, who play fictitious 1950s...

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The Things They Say 185

11th September 2005

"It's very hard to talk about EMMA THOMPSON without making people vomit. She's an intellectual with enormous talent. She takes care of people on the film set, is a wonderful mother and is heavily involved...

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Egoyan Loses Threesome Appeal

9th September 2005

LATEST: The producers of director ATOM EGOYAN's controversial new film WHERE THE TRUTH LIES have lost their appeal to overturn the restrictive NC-17 rating the movie was awarded. The film, which premieres at the...

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Zellweger's Accent Trouble

5th September 2005

Hollywood actress RENEE ZELLWEGER got so involved in her New Jersey character for CINDERELLA MAN, she had to re-learn her English accent when BRIDGET JONES: THE EDGE OF REASON required extra voice-over work. The...

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