Colin Firth Set To Become Super-Spy For New Movie 'Secret Service'

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Colin Firth is the latest serious actor to try their hand at a comic book adaptation, with the Oscar-winning actor set to star in Matthew Vaughn’s movie-imagining of he Secret Service, the comic he co-created with Mark Millar and artist Dave Gibbons. Millar and Vaughn have previously worked on Kick-Ass together, whose sequel will be brought out later this year.

Colin Firth
Colin Firth pulls off suave and dashing pretty well, so he's probably the right man for the job.

Vaughn worked closely with his co-creation as it entered film world, penning the screenplay with frequent collaborator Jane Goldman as well as signing on to direct, produce and finance the adaptation though his MARV Films banner. 20th Century Fox picked up the distribution rights to the film in March this year, setting a release date of November 14, 2014.

Secret Service is based on the mini-comic series of the same name, which ran for six-issues in the mid-nineties, and follows a young, troubled child from a rough London neighborhood who gets recruited by his uncle into a British spy school, turning the child from a potential threat to society and into a suave and sophisticated killing machine. Firth will be portraying the uncle who benefits the young future spy, with Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson originally touted to take on the lead role, although he has since declined the part.

Matthew Vaughn
Matthew Vaughn, here with wife Claudia Schiffer, rarely disappoints with his movies.

The comic was initially intended to be made into a film, and with Vaughn at the helm then we may see an expertly done adaption when it hits cinemas next year. Mark Hamill and Ridley Scott both appear as themselves in the comics, although it is not known whether they will cameo in the movie version too. Vaughn is currently working on X-Men: Days of Future Past, which he has written and produced, and is also producing Kick-Ass 2 and the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. Firth will next appear in Arthur Newman and Devil’s Knot.



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