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Ryan's Photo Spread For Glamour

11th March 2005

MEG RYAN is showing off her photographic skills in the pages of America's GLAMOUR magazine, after taking on her first assignment as a snapper. The WHEN HARRY MET SALLY beauty signed up to take...

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Stone Dating News Executive

15th February 2005

Hollywood star SHARON STONE is dating news executive EASON JORDAN, according to reports. The pair have been stepping out since meeting at last month's (JAN05) WORLD ECONOMIC CONFERENCE in Davos, Switzerland. The NEW...

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Cosby Accuser's Credibility Questioned By News Show

14th February 2005

LATEST: The credibility of comedian BILL COSBY's latest sexual assault accuser has been called into question after an American news show uncovered documents showing she's a lawyer in serious trouble. California attorney TAMARA GREEN...

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Snoop Offers To Take Lie Detector Test

7th February 2005

LATEST: Hip-hop star SNOOP DOGG has offered to take a lie detector test to disprove rape allegations against him. Last week (ends04FEB05), make-up artist KYLIE BELL filed a lawsuit against the star, claiming he...

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Turner Labels Fox 'Propaganda Voice'

28th January 2005

CNN creator TED TURNER has branded American TV channel FOX NEWS a "propaganda voice" for President GEORGE W BUSH and drawn comparisons between its popularity and ADOLF HITLER's rise to power in 30s Germany....

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Zahn Drops Harassment Case

27th January 2005

LATEST: CNN anchor woman PAULA ZAHN's has dropped her harassment case against a man who protested when she and her husband had a beloved hawk's nest removed from their Manhattan building. LINCOLN KARIM was...

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Toby Keith Gets The News For Himself In Iraq

28th December 2004

Country star TOBY KEITH is urging his fans to spend 2005 looking for truth in the news after visiting Iraq and discovering the war-torn country is nothing like TV reports suggest. The patriotic WHO'S YOUR DADDY...

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Winfrey And Hanks Voted 'Nicest' Celebrities

23rd December 2004

OPRAH WINFREY and TOM HANKS have topped a poll of the "nicest" celebrities. In a USA TODAY/CNN/GALLUP POLL of 1,002 adults, Winfrey and Hanks both won 90 per cent nice ratings, followed by golfer...

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Motley Crue Don't Waste Time With Reunion Plans

8th December 2004

LATEST: Reformed rockers MOTLEY CRUE wowed fans in Hollywood on Monday night (06DEC04) by announcing their 2005 reunion tour plans with a live show. The SMOKING IN THE BOYS ROOM hitmakers, who split seven...

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Cosby Blasts African-americans Again

14th November 2004

Funnyman BILL COSBY has attacked his fellow African-Americans again, blasting community leaders on live TV for not getting tough with rising problems. Cosby appeared on CNN presenter PAULA ZAHN's PAULA ZAHN NOW show last...

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Larry King Wins Shrek Idol

12th November 2004

Gravel-voiced CNN talk show host LARRY KING has become the unlikely winner of an online singing contest. King's quirky rendition of GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN for the SHREK 2 DVD release won an...

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Bakley's Pal Allowed To Talk At Last

5th November 2004

A gag order that prevented BONNY LEE BAKLEY's best friend CHRISTINA SCHEIER talking about her pal's relationships with ROBERT BLAKE and CHRISTIAN BRANDO has been lifted. As Blake, who stands accused of murdering...

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Chesney Refuses To Make Political Stance

25th October 2004

Country singer KENNY CHESNEY refuses to reveal who he'll be voting for in the US Presidential elections next month (02NOV04) because he dislikes celebrities who try to sway voters' opinions. The WHEN THE SUN...

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Stevens May Have Funded Terrorists

10th October 2004

Rocker-turned-Muslim convert YUSUF ISLAM believes some of his charity donations may have inadvertently fallen into the hands of terrorist groups. Islam, formerly known as CAT STEVENS, appeared on American network CNN's news programme LARRY...

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Islam Talks To Larry King

7th October 2004

Rocker-turned-Muslim convert YUSUF ISLAM is taking his security threat outrage to the highest news source in America - he's appearing on tonight's (07OCT04) LARRY KING SHOW on CNN. Islam, who retired his name CAT...

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Funnyman Piscopo Runs For Office

23rd August 2004

American comedian JOE PISCOPO is following ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's example - and running for office as a governor. The former SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE regular, who made a name for himself by playing FRANK SINATRA on...

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Michael Moore Gets Tough With Cnn Over Death Threats

28th July 2004

Controversial movie maker MICHAEL MOORE has fired off at CNN bosses after journalist BILL HAMMER hit him with a question about those who wanted to kill him on live TV. Moore was stunned when...

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Outkast Star Urges Fans To Vote

27th July 2004

OUTKAST's ANDRE 3000 and WYCLEF JEAN have become the latest hip-hop stars to urge fans to vote in the forthcoming US presidential election. The pair were joined by RUSSELL SIMMONS, REVEREND RUN and rapper...

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Black Sabbath Remove Bush Image From War Pigs Video

23rd July 2004

LATEST: BLACK SABBATH have axed footage of PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH and ADOLF HITLER from an OZZFEST video montage after upset band drummer BILL WARD expressed his dislike of the skit. The metal group...

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Diddy Signs Up As Olympic Torchbearer

10th June 2004

Rap mogul SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS has been chosen to help run the OLYMPIC torch through his native New York City on its way to the summer games in Athens, Greece. Diddy will be...

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Culkin Considers Defending Jackson In Court

30th May 2004

MACAULAY CULKIN is considering taking the stand as a character witness for his friend MICHAEL JACKSON - because he's convinced the troubled pop superstar is innocent of child molestation. The former child star, who...

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Culkin Plans To Steer Clear Of His Controlling Dad

28th May 2004

MACAULAY CULKIN has no wish to make peace with his estranged father CHRISTOPHER - he doesn't even want to know where he lives. The former child star cut his dad, who helped turned him...

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King + Rivers In Shrek 2

11th May 2004

CNN anchorman LARRY KING and comedienne-turned-OSCARS fashion diva JOAN RIVERS have cameo roles in the SHREK sequel. Rivers will spoof herself as she announces the red-carpet arrivals of fairytale characters such as SLEEPING BEAUTY,...

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Little House Bad Girl Was Raped As A Child

6th May 2004

Former LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE star ALISON ARNGRIM has revealed she was molested as a child after plucking up the courage to go public about her three-year ordeal. The actress, who played NELLIE...

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Welch Reveals How Mercedes Safety System Kept Her From Death

30th April 2004

Movie legend RAQUEL WELCH insists she's a committed MERCEDES buyer even though she smashed her arm up in a car crash last August (03) while driving one. The actress was driving home along a...

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Jackson's Rabbi Friend Speaks Out

22nd April 2004

MICHAEL JACKSON's most famous spiritual adviser fears the King of Pop is heading for a messy end, and fears his former friend's life will be "cut short" like ELVIS PRESLEY's. RABBI SHMULEY BOTEACH spoke...

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Sharon: Kelly's Drug Problem Was Not A 'Set Up'

9th April 2004

SHARON OSBOURNE has hit back at critics who have suggested her daughter's drug problems were a publicity stunt to promote the new season of THE OSBOURNES. A tearful Sharon and her husband OZZY appeared...

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Ozzy + Jack Conquering Drug Demons

5th April 2004

Veteran rocker OZZY OSBOURNE and his son JACK have served up a little good news in what has been a terrible few months for the TV family - because they're both winning their battles against...

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Janet Learned Of Super Bowl Furore Hours Later

1st April 2004

JANET JACKSON has no idea her infamous breast flash at the SUPER BOWL had caused no much controversy until she caught a glimpse of the news later that night. The NASTY singer sparked outrage...

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Televangelist Messner Has Lung Cancer

21st March 2004

American televangelist TAMMY FAYE MESSNER has revealed she has inoperable lung cancer. The 62-year-old personality, who was once married to evangelist JIM BAKER, told CNN broadcaster LARRY KING of her ailments when she appeared...

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