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News Channels Losing Viewers

3rd October 2007

Both CNN and Fox News saw significant audience erosion in the third quarter, with both networks down about 6 percent in primetime compared with the corresponding quarter a year ago. CNN saw its average primetime...

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Analyst Predicts Rather's Suit Will Result In "Crashing Disappointment"

1st October 2007

Dan Rather's $70-million lawsuit against CBS is likely to end in "crashing disappointment," regardless of who wins, says former assistant U.S. attorney Jeffrey Toobin, now CNN's senior legal analyst. "Civil litigation is a nightmare," he...

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Ex-evening News "Sad" About Rather's Suit

24th September 2007

Rome Hartman, a former executive producer of the CBS Evening News, has weighed in on Dan Rather's $70-million lawsuit against the network and its owners. Interviewed on CNN's Reliable Sources Sunday, Hartman said that "it...

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Rather Says He's Looking To Expose Cbs's Tactics

21st September 2007

Unlike Don Imus, Dan Rather insists he will "absolutely not" settle his lawsuit against CBS. Appearing on CNN's Larry King Live, Rather said Thursday that he primary reason for his litigation is to expose what...

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Cnn Denies It's Cutting Cooper's Show

14th September 2007

CNN has denied a trade-paper report that it had decided to cut Anderson Cooper's two-hour program to one hour and air a repeat during the second hour. On Thursday, Daily Variety had reported that CNN...

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Ex-viacom Boss Karmazin Says He Regrets Not Buying Cnn

13th September 2007

Former Viacom President and COO Mel Karmazin says that before he left the company he proposed that it buy CNN from Time Warner and combine the resources of the cable news network with those of...

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Did Nbc Pervert Justice?

10th September 2007

ABC chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross has claimed that Murphy, TX police sent a SWAT team to the home of an assistant district attorney in a nearby county to stage a dramatic arrest of the...

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Birkhead Instructs Lawyer To Sue Book Author

6th September 2007

LATEST: ANNA NICOLE SMITH's ex-boyfriend LARRY BIRKHEAD has struck the first blow in the ongoing war of words between himself and U.S. journalist RITA COSBY - he's instructed his lawyer to sue her over allegations...

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Pitt Horrified To See Hilton On Cnn

5th September 2007

BRAD PITT was disgusted to see extensive coverage of socialite PARIS HILTON's stint in jail on U.S. TV network CNN in June (07). Pitt, partner Angelina Jolie and their four children, Maddox, Zahara, Pax and...

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Reuters Dropped By Cnn

31st August 2007

In yet another cost-cutting maneuver, CNN disclosed that it is dropping the Reuter News Agency as an information provider, effective today (Friday). The cable news network said that it was doing so to help "manage...

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Msnbc, Cnbc Reject Ads From Pro-war Group

29th August 2007

Attempting to counter increasing efforts by anti-war organizations to persuade lawmakers to back a U.S. pullout from Iraq, a conservative group, Freedom's Watch, has embarked on a $15-million ad campaign backing President Bush's Iraq policy....

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Paris 'To Star' In Celebrity Big Brother

21st August 2007

Hollywood star Paris Hilton is rumoured to be eager to take part in the next season of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK.The Sun reports that the socialite is being offered a sum of over...

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Brown Defends Paternity Battle

10th August 2007

LATEST: SPICE GIRL MELANIE BROWN has been forced to defend her public paternity battle with EDDIE MURPHY on a U.S. talk show, insisting she's doing it for "all other single parents and mothers out there"....

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Mel B Cancels Larry King Interview

9th August 2007

British singer MELANIE BROWN has pulled out of a scheduled interview with U.S. talk show host LARRY KING citing sickness. The Spice Girl was due on the CNN show on Wednesday night (08Aug07) but cancelled...

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Bridge Over Troubled Tv News

8th August 2007

CNN co-founder Reese Schonfeld said Tuesday that he was "disgusted" with theround-the-clock live coverage by all three cable news networks of theMinneapolis bridge collapse. "That story ended early Thursday morning whenthe rescue teams went home...

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Bridge Collapse Draws Millions To Msnbc Website

7th August 2007 said Monday that its coverage of the bridge collapse in Minneapolis drew a near-record number of visitors to its website last week. The NBC Universal-owned cable news network, whose website routinely attracts more viewers...

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Bridge Created From Public To Cable News Nets

3rd August 2007

In what Broadcast & Cable magazine described as a case of "you report, we decide," both Fox News and CNN relied heavily on video and cell-phone reports from citizens close to the scene of the...

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Word Expected Soon On Dow-jones Sale

31st July 2007

News reports were at odds early today (Tuesday) on the probable outcome of a vote by the Bancroft family on Monday on whether to sell Dow Jones & Co., publishers of The Wall Street Journal,...

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Hilton Denies Marijuana

28th July 2007

Socialite PARIS HILTON has slammed reports she was smoking marijuana at a Hollywood nightclub with her close pal KIMBERLY STEWART's ex-fiance CISCO ADLER on Wednesday (25Jul07) morning. Us Weekly magazine reported partygoers claimed Hilton and...

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Cnn Clarifies Debatable Claim

26th July 2007

CNN has clarified its claim on Tuesday that the YouTube Democratic presidential debate delivered more 18-34-year-old viewers than any previous debate in cable news history. The network said that it was referring only to debates...

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Et You, Youtube?

25th July 2007

Monday night's Democratic presidential debate in which members of the audience videotaped questions to the candidates and posted them on YouTube garnered lots of publicity but not lots of viewers. According to Nielsen Research the...

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Zahn Is Gone

25th July 2007

After weeks of rampant speculation that she was about to be replaced -- reaching a crescendo on Monday, after CNN announced that it had hired NBC's Campbell Brown to host a primetime program -- Paula...

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Cnn Expected To Play Musical Chairs After Hiring Brown

24th July 2007

CNN confirmed Monday that Campbell Brown, the former NBC Weekend Today co-anchor, is joining the cable news network and will host a news program in primetime, but it did not disclose which existing program Brown's...

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Vanilla Ice Failed To Get In Touch With Dying Tammy Faye

24th July 2007

Rapper VANILLA ICE is upset he didn't get a chance to speak with televangelist pal TAMMY FAYE MESSNER before she died on Friday (20Jul07). The Ice Ice Baby hitmaker befriended the beloved Christian when they...

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Larry King Announces Death Of Tammy Faye Messner

23rd July 2007

One day after Tammy Faye Messner -- formerly Tammy Faye Bakker -- appeared in an interview on Larry King's CNN show, King disclosed that she had died of cancer at age 65. In the 1970s,...

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Televangelist Bakker Messner Dies

22nd July 2007

Former American televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker Messner has died after a long battle with cancer. She was 65. Messner died on Friday (20Jul07) in Kansas City, Missouri. The brave woman has detailed her fight against...

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Frail Messner Shocks In Final Tv Appearance

20th July 2007

Ailing U.S. televangelist TAMMY FAYE MESSNER stunned America on Thursday night (19Jul07) when she made what she feared would be her final TV interview on CNN show LARRY KING LIVE. The frail 65-year-old taped an...

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Moore Settles Cnn Feud

17th July 2007

LATEST: Filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE has ended his feud with CNN after the U.S. news network admitted making mistakes in their coverage of his latest movie Sicko. Moore launched into an 11-minute rant on CNN show...

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Abc To Launch New All-news Cable Network, Says Report

13th July 2007

Using its broadband broadcast ABC News Now as its launch pad, ABC is planning to inaugurate a new cable news channel that will go head-to-head with CNN, Fox News Channel and MSNBC, TVNewsday reported on...

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Michael Moore Spars With Sanjay Gupta On Cnn

11th July 2007

Michael Moore, whose documentary Sicko, attacks the U.S. health care and health insurance systems, defended the film against a recent attack by CNN medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta on CNN's Larry King Live Tuesday night. Moore...

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