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Girls To Get Their Own Teen Movie Games

23rd July 2008

Teen movies CLUELESS, MEAN GIRLS and PRETTY IN PINK are set to hit the video game market. Fans of Alicia Silverstone, Lindsay Lohan and Molly Ringwald will get the chance to become the actresses' characters...

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Dash Among Circus Injured

10th June 2008

CLUELESS star STACEY DASH is nursing three cracked ribs when a circus stunt on a new reality U.S. TV show went wrong. The actress fell while trying to climb a length of fabric, in a...

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The Things They Say 8159

30th April 2008

"I want to really bring sexy back. I'm sick of girls wearing jeans around their bums to show their thong." Sexy CLUELESS star STACEY DASH on her new lingerie line Letters of Marque....

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Silverstone To Be A Mum - On Tv

22nd April 2008

CLUELESS star ALICIA SILVERSTONE is set to play a mum on TV. The 31-year-old actress will play the mum of a 16-year-old in new ABC TV show Bad Mother's Handbook. According to The Hollywood Reporter,...

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The Things They Say 6835

17th January 2008

"I would love to see Oprah naked - that's a goal for me." CLUELESS star ALICIA SILVERSTONE campaigns to get OPRAH WINFREY to disrobe for a People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) 'I'd...

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Few Cheers From Family Groups For Disney's Musical

21st August 2007

The expected chorus of cheers for Friday's record ratings for Disney Channel's High School Musical 2 from conservative family and religious activists failed to materialize Monday. The Parents Television Council (PTC), which reviewed the TV...

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Movie Reviews: Superbad

17th August 2007

Any movie titled Superbad would appear to be inviting negative reviews from critics. But, for the most part, critics are declining the invitation. Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun-Times, in fact, gives it a 3...

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"Be A Man," Abc's Entertainment Chief Tells Nbc's

26th July 2007

In a verbal assault rarely -- if ever -- unleashed by a top executive of one network against another, ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson blasted the decision by NBC's top brass to replace NBC Entertainment...

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Secret Marriage For Brittany

9th May 2007

Brittany Murphy has tied the knot with British writer-director Simon Monjack in a secret wedding ceremony.The Eight Mile actress exchanged vows in Los Angeles last month after starting the rumour mill turning when they bought...

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Donovan Comes Clean About Clueless Eating Disorder

12th January 2007

CLUELESS star ELIZA DONOVAN has gone public with her eating disorder battle that almost wrecked her big break in the cult teen movie. The flame-haired actress, who played ditsy AMBER in the 1995 film, sat...

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Impatient Murphy Stunned By Mother's Cancer Diagnosis

22nd September 2006

Actress BRITTANY MURPHY learned first hand about her mother's breast cancer diagnosis, because she called the hospital for test results and pretended to be her mum. Murphy was 15 and working on the movie CLUELESS...

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Breakfast Club Is Top High School Film

8th September 2006

Cult movie THE BREAKFAST CLUB has topped a new US poll of the 50 Best High School Movies. The 1985 JOHN HUGHES detention film, which starred MOLLY RINGWALD, EMILIO ESTEVEZ and JUDD NELSON, beat SEAN...

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Movie Reviews: Beerfest

25th August 2006

Critics are having a belch fest with Beerfest. Consider Bill Zwecker's comments in the Chicago Sun-Times: "Nothing works here. The script is less than juvenile -- and totally nonsensical. The acting is atrocious. There's no...

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Silverstone Plans To Quit For Family

19th July 2006

ALICIA SILVERSTONE wants to quit acting so she can settle down and have children with her new husband, rocker CHRIS JARECKI. The CLUELESS star is giving Jarecki seven years to make her pregnant, so she...

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Stormbreaker Star Quits School

18th July 2006

The star of new teenage spy movie STORMBREAKER has quit school on the back of the film's projected success. ALEX PETTYFER, 16, is so confident the movie will make him a household name he's turning...

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Dash Creating Lingerie Line

10th July 2006

Sexy CLUELESS star STACEY DASH is creating a new lingerie line called Letters of Marque. The actress, who bares all in the new issue of US Playboy magazine, is a huge fan of high-end underwear...

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Dash Bares All For Playboy

7th July 2006

Stunning CLUELESS star STACEY DASH is hoping to give her acting career a boost by posing nude for PLAYBOY. The sexy 40-year-old, who played trendy teenager DIONNE in the cult 1995 ALICIA SILVERSTONE movie when...

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Hilton Labels Simple Life 'Fake'

7th July 2006

PARIS HILTON has rubbished the idea THE SIMPLE LIFE offers viewers an insight into what she is actually like as the reality show is "fake". The hotel heiress and her former best friend NICOLE RICHIE...

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Silverstone 'Loves' Nighy

5th July 2006

ALICIA SILVERSTONE has developed a crush on her STORMBREAKER co-star BILL NIGHY, insisting she "really loves" him. The CLUELESS actress was thrilled when she was cast in the spy movie, because she knew hunky EWAN...

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Silverstone Champions Her Shakespearean Role

21st June 2006

Former teen star ALICIA SILVERSTONE is convinced critically panned movie LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST is her finest work, because it left cinema-goers dancing in the aisles. The 29-year-old shot to stardom in 1995 movie CLUELESS when...

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Murphy Slams Eating Disorder Claims

6th June 2006

SIN CITY star BRITTANY MURPHY has lashed out at claims she has suffered from an eating disorder, insisting she has always been the same weight. The star became self-conscious after speculation over her small frame...

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Silverstone Hates Being In Spotlight

19th August 2005

ALICIA SILVERSTONE hates the trappings of fame and insists being a celebrity is a horrific ordeal she wouldn't want her worst enemy to suffer. The blonde beauty, who shot to fame after worldwide movie...

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Silverstone Forced To Grow Up Too Quickly

27th April 2005

ALICIA SILVERSTONE was stripped of a typical teenage lifestyle after the global success of CLUELESS, because everyone was convinced she was as worldly as her know-it-all character. The sexy actress launched to prominence in...

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Lohan For Clueless On Stage?

13th April 2005

Teen starlet LINDSAY LOHAN is being courted to appear in a stage version of hit movie and TV series CLUELESS. The actress recently claimed she plans to take a break after a series of...

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Silverstone: 'I'm A Hairdresser's Nightmare'

11th April 2005

ALICIA SILVERSTONE hates being pampered in Hollywood salons - despite being back on the big screen with new comedy BEAUTY SHOP. The 28-year-old star, who shot to fame in 1995 film CLUELESS, would rather...

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Murphy Slams Surgery Rumours

17th March 2005

BRITTANY MURPHY is sick of accusations she has undergone plastic surgery, insisting a series of accidents have altered her appearance. Commentators claim Murphy looks dramatically different from when she starred in teen comedy CLUELESS...

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Julia + Alicia Get Second Chances On Us Tv

4th March 2005

Former SEINFELD star JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS and CLUELESS actress ALICIA SILVERSTONE are both being given a second chance for success on TV in America after signing new sitcom deals. Louis-Dreyfus tasted critical success in the...

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Former Moesha Star Killed In Car Crash

20th January 2005

Former MOESHA star LAMONT BENTLEY was killed in a car crash on Tuesday night (18JAN05). He was 31. The actor, former co-star of BRANDY and SHAR JACKSON, died when his vehicle plunged off Southern...

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Hilton Admits To Acting For Reality Tv Show

29th June 2004

Hotel heiress PARIS HILTON insists she was "just playing a role" in reality TV show THE SIMPLE LIFE and thanks REESE WITHERSPOON for her performance. The socialite, 23 - who co-stars with pal NICOLE...

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Silverstone: I Love Playing Nasty Girls

15th April 2004

CLUELESS beauty ALICIA SILVERSTONE loves playing "nasty" characters - because being a bad girl is "so much fun". The 27-year-old actress - who stars in TV show MISS MATCH - knows her "nicer" roles...

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