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Sahara Film Battle On Again After Author Cussler Wins Appeal

4th March 2010

Author CLIVE CUSSLER's legal battle with the producers of the movie adaptation of his book SAHARA is set to start up again after a California appeals court overturned a $5 million (£3.1 million) judgment against...

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Sahara Author Clive Cussler Facing $13.9 Million Legal Fees

11th March 2009

Author Clive Cussler has been ordered to pay $13.9 million (10.1 million) in legal fees after launching an unsuccessful lawsuit against a film production company.Crusader Entertainment's 2005 adaptation of Cussler's novel Sahara - starring Matthew...

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Lofgren Teams Up With Cussler For Liquor Record

30th July 2007

Rocker NILS LOFGREN has teamed up with best-selling author CLIVE CUSSLER to pen a new song about "great old liquors." The guitar great put music to Cussler's lyrics with a view to creating a "corny...

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Both Sides Win, Lose In Cussler-anschutz Case

16th May 2007

Following a trial watched intently by the movie industry, a jury delivered a mixed verdict Tuesday. It ordered author Clive Cussler to pay Philip Anschutz's movie company Crusader Entertainment $5 million, presumably for having made...

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Cussler Ordered To Pay $5 Million Over Sahara Debacle

16th May 2007

LATEST: Author CLIVE CUSSLER has been ordered to pay $5 million (GBP2.5 million) to the production company reponsible for the movie adaptation of his book SAHARA. The novelist mounted a legal case in 2004 against...

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Cussler Sued Film Producers After They Ignored Him

12th February 2007

LATEST: Best-selling author CLIVE CUSSLER sued the makers of the movie adaptation of his book SAHARA because they ignored him. The revered writer revealed producers of the action film flop, starring former couple MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY...

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Sahara Author Sued Over 'Book Profit Lies'

5th February 2007

LATEST: The producer of the film adaptation of SAHARA blames the movie's failure on author CLIVE CUSSLER and alleged 'lies' he told about how many of his books were actually sold. Crusader Entertainment boss PHILIP...

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Sahara Breach Of Contract Court Battle

11th December 2006

CLIVE CUSSLER, the author of adventure novel SAHARA and film producer PHILIP ANSCHUTZ are embroiled in a bitter court battle regarding the book's movie adaptation. Cussler is suing the film's makers for breach of contract,...

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Mcconaughey + Cruz To Return To Sahara

2nd August 2005

Hollywood couple MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY and PENELOPE CRUZ look set to be heading off to the desert again after taking adventure movie SAHARA to number one at cinemas around the world. The film was a...

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Sahara Author Recovering After Surgery

11th April 2005

Novelist CLIVE CUSSLER's campaign against SAHARA, the movie based on his best-selling book, has been put on hold while he undergoes heart bypass surgery. Cussler - who has been waging a public war against...

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Huge Lawsuit Takes Shape Over Sahara

9th April 2005

As MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY and PENELOPE CRUZ's SAHARA raced into cinemas yesterday (08APR05), the author whose book inspired the film hatched plans to sue bosses for as much as $90 million (GBP47.3 million). Bestselling author...

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Sahara Author Sues Over Screenplay

16th February 2005

Best-selling author CLIVE CUSSLER is suing the billionaire movie producer of PENELOPE CRUZ's latest movie for refusing to give him screenplay approval. The SAHARA writer is taking legal action against oil magnate PHILIP ANSCHUTZ's...

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Cussler Sues Over Sahara Film

18th January 2004

Famed author CLIVE CUSSLER is suing the brains behind the movie adaptation of his book SAHARA after they changed the script without consulting him. Cussler was furious when he heard writers at CRUSADER ENTERTAINMENT...

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Is Cruz Desert Bound?

10th September 2003

Spanish beauty PENELOPE CRUZ is in final negotiations to team up with hunky American MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY in a new movie entitled SAHARA. The VANILLA SKY stunner - long time companian of megastar TOM CRUISE...

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Matthew Mcconaughey To Play Desert Explorer

14th April 2003

Tinseltown hunk MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY is set to play explorer DIRK PITT in a big-screen adaptation of 1992 novel SAHARA. The HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS star will portray the adventurer searching...

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