When a 'Taken' television series was announced, fans of the original film trilogy wondered how the story would be brought to the small screen. Eventually revealed to be a prequel, the show took Bryan Mills' (Clive Standen) history and turned it into something extremely compelling. Mixed reviews following the first season, but that didn't stop NBC from picking up the series for a second.

Clive Standen stars as Bryan Mills in the 'Taken' television seriesClive Standen stars as Bryan Mills in the 'Taken' television series

Now, Standen has been speaking about the direction in which the show will now be headed following the establishing of all it wanted to be in season 1, and even opened up about how he thinks his character Bryan doesn't have the best personality traits.

Speaking with Collider, the actor teased: "Yeah. There’s no rush for everybody to get along. We like to see this dysfunctional dynamic. Bryan is a lone wolf. He likes working alone, but he doesn’t have a choice that he has to have help, now and again. He definitely has an arrogance about him. He has an ego, and I think that needs to be quashed a little bit by Santana (Jessica Camacho), and it is this year."

It's interesting that Standen is so open and honest about his character having some parts of his personality that the audience won't like. Usually, an actor will defend who they're portraying on the screen until they're red in the face, so the admission of his flawed character is something to be celebrated.

The reveal that Santana will be the one to bring his arrogance to, at the very least, the point of conversation is also an exciting prospect. Exactly how she deals with his cockiness will likely set a precedence and tone for the rest of the season following on from their confrontation. This season already sounds like a huge step up from the first, and we can't wait to watch it all go down.

'Taken' returns to NBC in the US later this year.