Clint Eastwood - Clint Eastwood's 'Empty Chair' Speech Becomes Youtube Sensation

Has anyone checked Clint Eastwood 's blood pressure recently? The Clint Eastwood Rnc speech saw the 82 year-old actor speaking to an empty chair. which was supposed to contain President Barack Obama. and no, we're not making this up. And yes, we're still trying to figure it out, too. One clip of the bizarre speech, which took place yesterday (August 30, 2012), has already had over 113,000 views on YouTube and shows the Dirty Harry actor asking an invisible Barack Obama questions.
Throughout the speech, Eastwood's voice was shaky, though he seemed confident in his speech, which highlighted the number of unemployed people across the States and called for a new President to be voted in. It wasn't until he started talking to an empty chair that his speech started to take a turn for the strange, as it began to resemble an awkward audition for a late-night political sketch show. Talking of which, America's comics have jumped on the opportunity to make a gag out the situation, with Chris Rock's tweet proving particularly popular, suggesting that Eastwood was secretly trying to sabotage the Republican Convention. Rock's tweet simply read "Clint Eastwood on the phone with Obama now: "It all went according to plan, sir."
Clint's speech, in its tone, occasionally resembled patriotism of the Chrysler ad that he filmed for this year's Super Bowl. Perhaps the best response of all to Eastwood's opinion-dividing speech, though, came from Barack Obama himself, who tweeted a picture of himself in a chair in the White House, saying "this seat's taken." Touche!


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That clueless?Clint is an actor, and laid out Obama as an empty suitLet the news anchors spew vitriol on a legend as senileThat will go over well with seniorsAnd obama's thin skinned response, shows it hit the mark
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Clint's audacious speech at the Republican Convention was very comedic...and surprisingly brilliant!It actually has approx 2 million hits on one YouTube video.I love it.Romney/Ryan 2012
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