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Aniston Beats Pitt And Jolie In All-american Poll

4th July 2006

JENNIFER ANISTON is still everyone's favourite All-American, according to an Independence Day (04JUL06) TV poll. Showbusiness news show ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT asked viewers to vote for their favourite red, white and blue superstars - and Aniston's...

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Aiken 'Lover' Apologises For Selling Story

19th June 2006

The man who boasted about allegedly having a one-night stand with AMERICAN IDOL runner-up CLAY AIKEN "regrets" selling his story. JOHN PAULUS, a former Green Beret, told American tabloid The National Enquirer he had...

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Sedaka: 'I'm Still The Tops'

7th May 2006

Veteran crooner NEIL SEDAKA was thrilled to appear on AMERICAN IDOL as a judge - as it reminded the public of how important he still is in the world of pop. The OH! CAROL star...

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Former Aiken Fans Take Aim At Cowell

23rd March 2006

The nine former CLAY AIKEN fans who filed a Federal Trading Commission complaint about being duped by the singer's sexuality have turned their attention to AMERICAN IDOL judge SIMON COWELL. Cowell ridiculed the nine women...

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Cowell Slams Aiken Rumours

20th March 2006

AMERICAN IDOL judge SIMON COWELL has slammed the lawsuit over 2003 runner-up CLAY AIKEN's sexuality - calling the whole scenario "crazy". Former fans of Aiken have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission against...

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Aiken Fans Make Good On Their Promise

23rd February 2006

LATEST: Nine former fans of AMERICAN IDOL star CLAY AIKEN are forging ahead with threats to sue his record label bosses for false advertising. The one-time devotees have been shocked by recent US tabloid...

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Upset Clay Fans Plan Class Action Lawsuit

18th February 2006

Nine fans of AMERICAN IDOL star CLAY AIKEN are considering launching a class action lawsuit against the singer and his record company bosses following US tabloid allegations he's gay. The unnamed fans were shocked...

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Gay Soldier Urges Lover Clay To Come Clean About His Sexuality

26th January 2006

AMERICAN IDOL star CLAY AIKEN is being urged to come clean about his sexuality by a former US Green Beret, who claims to have had a passionate tryst with the singer. JOHN PAULUS, 38,...

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The Things They Say 333

3rd October 2005

"CLAY AIKEN's attempt to prove he's straight will be undermined when it's revealed that his German family name was originally the much longer Aikenformansausage." Comedian CONAN O'BRIEN pokes fun at the AMERICAN IDOL runner-up....

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Aiken Once Had A Pet Goat

28th September 2005

AMERICAN IDOL runner-up CLAY AIKEN had an unusual pet in his home as a child - a goat. The INVISIBLE singer, who grew up in North Carolina, says ZOE wasn't his pet for "too...

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Aiken's Clothes Make Charity Cash

21st September 2005

AMERICAN IDOL star CLAY AIKEN has stripped for a good cause and even he's staggered by the amount of people who want to buy his used clothes. The singer has handed over the tuxedo...

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Aiken Quits Los Angeles

16th August 2005

AMERICAN IDOL star CLAY AIKEN has decided to ditch life in Los Angeles to move back to his home state of North Carolina. The INVISIBLE singer, 26, is so intent on making the move,...

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Aiken Brought To Tears On Africa Trip

29th July 2005

AMERICAN IDOL star CLAY AIKEN was brought to tears on a recent trip to Northern Uganda, when he visited camps for thousands of displaced children. As part of his duties as a UNICEF ambassador,...

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Stars Get Carded

24th May 2005

SIMPLE PLAN, GOOD CHARLOTTE, CLAY AIKEN and XZIBIT are cashing in on their success with new designer MASTERCARDS. The stars appear on special Plastic Cash (MyPlash) Prepaid Mastercards, aimed at fans who want to...

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Aiken's Face On New Credit Cards

26th April 2005

AMERICAN IDOL runner-up CLAY AIKEN is hoping his name will be in the wallets of many of his fans, after having his likeness emblazoned on a batch of credit cards. The INVISIBLE singer's face...

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Clay Fights The Bullies On Us Tv

19th April 2005

AMERICAN IDOL star CLAY AIKEN is sharing his nightmarish memories as a victim of school bullies in a bid to give youngsters the strength they need to fight back. The singer will appear on...

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U2 To Showcase Concert On Tv

13th April 2005

U2 fans are set to get a sneak peak of the Irish supergroup's current VERTIGO tour during a broadcast American breakfast TV. GOOD MORNING AMERICA will join the Irish rockers on their roadshow, then...

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Aiken Visits Tsunami Victims

25th March 2005

AMERICAN IDOL runner-up CLAY AIKEN flew to south-east Asia earlier this month (MAR05) to visit children affected by 26 December's (04) devastating Indian Ocean tsunami. The 26-year-old INVISIBLE singer, who became a UNICEF ambassador...

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Christina And Sheryl Step Up For Tsunami Victims

5th January 2005

LATEST: CHRISTINA AGUILERA, SHERYL CROW and country star TIM McGRAW have signed up to perform on an upcoming US TV telethon which aims to raise funds for the victims of the 26 December (04) tsunami....

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Aiken's Mother Unimpressed With 'Smutty' Amas

10th December 2004

AMERICAN IDOL runner-up CLAY AIKEN's mother FAYE was so horrified with the antics at last month's (NOV04) AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS, she branded it a "smutty little programme". Aside from ANNA NICOLE SMITH's rambling speech,...

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Aiken Shows Off His Inner Workings

7th December 2004

AMERICAN IDOL runner-up CLAY AIKEN gave fans an inside view of the source of his singing talent last night (06DEC04) - when he showed off a video of his vocal chords. Late last month...

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Aiken Reluctant To Perform With Studdard

7th December 2004

CLAY AIKEN has ruled out the possibility of performing with RUBEN STUDDARD at any point in the near future - because he's eager to shake his tag as an AMERICAN IDOL runner-up. The INVISIBLE...

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Ill Aiken Postpones Start Of Tour

20th November 2004

AMERICAN IDOL runner-up CLAY AIKEN has cancelled the first three dates of his North American JOYFUL NOISE holiday tour, after suffering vocal chord damage from ear and sinus infections. Aiken was scheduled to begin...

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Clay Lands Unicef Role

16th November 2004

AMERICAN IDOL favourite CLAY AIKEN has a new job - he has been named the National Ambassador for the US Fund for UNICEF. As an ambassador, the singer will help "save, protect and...

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Idol Star Clay Was An Unwanted Child

11th November 2004

AMERICAN IDOL star CLAY AIKEN has revealed in a new book that he was an unwanted child who was born with a collapsed lung. The red-headed singer, who has become a phenomenon in his...

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Fans Get To Study American Idol

1st November 2004

AMERICAN IDOL stars FANTASIA and CLAY AIKEN's homestate university in North Carolina is offering fans of the TV talent show the chance to study it. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is offering...

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Clarkson Struggles To Train Her Pooch

7th September 2004

AMERICAN IDOL star KELLY CLARKSON is struggling to find time to house train her dirty Yorkshire terrier, because she doesn't want to act like a diva by demanding the pooch accompanies her everywhere. The...

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Pitt And Aniston Top Instyle's Hot List Again

18th August 2004

Hollywood couple JENNIFER ANISTON and BRAD PITT have topped American magazine INSTYLE's What's Sexy Now poll for the fourth year running. The pair have been named Sexiest Couple again on InStyle's seventh annual Who's...

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Aiken Offers Fans A Sweet Challenge

3rd August 2004

AMERICAN IDOL runner-up CLAY AIKEN is offering a lucky fan the opportunity to spend time with him backstage after a show - but they have to sell a horde of doughnuts first. The INVISIBLE...

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Aiken Performs For Teachers

2nd August 2004

AMERICAN IDOL runner-up CLAY AIKEN took time out of his first solo tour last week (ends30JUL04) to pay special tribute to a select group of teachers. Aiken sang his rendition of BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED...

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