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Clay Aiken Is Running For Congress! Five Other Celebrities Who Have Entered Politics

By Stephanie Chase | 5th February 2014

Former American Idol runner up Clay Aiken has announced he is to run for congress in North Carolina in the next election. Whislt Clay’s candidacy may have come as a shock to some he’s not...

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Clay Aiken Launching Surprising Congressmen Bid?

By Jack de Aguilar | 3rd January 2014

The American Idol runner up turned political activist Clay Aiken is attempting to add the string of Congressman to his bow, if various reports are to be believed. He is apparently considering a bid for...

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Fox Looking To Recruit Former American Idol Winners As Judges For Next Season, But Will It Work?

By Joe Wilde | 25th May 2013

With FOX bosses panning a complete re-haul of the American Idol judging panel for next season, it has emerged that producers will no longer be looking to the stars for a new panel, but rather...

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