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Afi Awards Dominated By Look Both Ways

27th November 2005

First-time director SARAH WATT won the top honours at last night's (26NOV05) Australian Film Institute (AFI) Awards, taking home both the Best Direction and Best Film prizes for LOOK BOTH WAYS. Watt also picked...

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Crowe's Boxing Film Gets Another Chance

18th November 2005

Movie executives at Universal are refusing to let RUSSELL CROWE's boxing drama CINDERELLA MAN do down without a fight by re-releasing the movie in select cinemas. The film, which followed the career of Depression...

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Tarver Plans To Fight Stallone For Real

17th November 2005

Boxer ANTONIO TARVER isn't planning to pull any punches when he takes on fictional fighter ROCKY BALBOA in ROCKY VI - because director SYLVESTER STALLONE wants the bouts to be the film world's most authentic....

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Rourke Slams Actors' Boxing Claims

29th September 2005

SIN CITY star MICKEY ROURKE has ridiculed claims from actors WILL SMITH and RUSSELL CROWE that they could be professional boxers. Rourke, who used to be a professional fighter, maintains there is no way...

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Zellweger Praises Co-stars

29th September 2005

RENEE ZELLWEGER credits co-stars EWAN McGREGOR, TOM CRUISE AND JIM CARREY with making her a successful actress. The CHICAGO star insists film-making is a joint effort and thanks her male leads with helping her...

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Crowe: 'I'm A Damaged Weirdo'

25th September 2005

Hollywood star RUSSELL CROWE is convinced the movie industry has turned him into a "psychologically damaged weirdo". The CINDERELLA MAN actor, who stands accused of throwing a phone at a New York City hotel...

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Crowe Co-star Understands Temperamental Star

20th September 2005

RUSSELL CROWE's CINDERELLA MAN co-star FULVIO CECERE has offered the temperamental superstar his support following his phone-throwing tantrum, but admits Crowe is a difficult guy to deal with. Cecere, who plays a referee in...

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The Things They Say 215

16th September 2005

"We got on the front page instead of TOMMY CRUISE. This is just my version of couch-dancing." RUSSELL CROWE insists his phone-throwing tantrum in New York earlier this year (05) helped boost publicity for his...

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Giamatti Keeps Himself To Himself

15th September 2005

SIDEWAYS star PAUL GIAMATTI is pleased people mistake his onscreen persona for his real personality, because it allows him to keep a low profile. The 38-year-old actor, who stars alongside RUSSELL CROWE in CINDERELLA...

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Zellweger Keen To See Mcgregor

11th September 2005

RENEE ZELLWEGER is pleading with her DOWN WITH LOVE co-star EWAN McGREGOR for a ticket to his London musical GUYS AND DOLLS. The actress is in London promoting her new movie CINDERELLA MAN and...

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Renee Cheered Up By Chelsea

9th September 2005

Screen beauty RENEE ZELLWEGER is such a huge fan of Chelsea soccer club, she can often be spotted cheering them on at their Stamford Bridge stadium when she stays in London. The 36-year-old fell...

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Us Box-office Suffers An Eight Year Summer Low

5th September 2005

This year's (05) big-budget movie flops THE ISLAND and KINGDOM OF HEAVEN are responsible for America's box-office sales plummeting to a low of eight years. Box-office performance company Exhibitor Relations claims attendance figures are...

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Zellweger's Accent Trouble

5th September 2005

Hollywood actress RENEE ZELLWEGER got so involved in her New Jersey character for CINDERELLA MAN, she had to re-learn her English accent when BRIDGET JONES: THE EDGE OF REASON required extra voice-over work. The...

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Crowe Learns To Control His Anger

28th August 2005

Hollywood actor RUSSELL CROWE credits his recent movie CINDERELLA MAN with teaching him to curb his notorious temper. In preparation for the movie Crowe trained as a boxer, and was quick to realise mental...

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Howard Compares Crowe To Hanks

24th August 2005

Oscar-winning director RON HOWARD has compared RUSSELL CROWE's fiery temper with the confrontational manner of TOM HANKS, because he handles the two stars in a similar way. The GLADIATOR star -...

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Crowe's Shoulder Injury Helped Movie

23rd August 2005

RUSSELL CROWE credits dislocating his shoulder with making the fight scenes in latest movie CINDERELLA MAN more convincing. The Oscar-winning actor, who plays legendary boxer JIM BRADDOCK in the biopic, had to undergo physiotherapy...

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Crowe Optimistic For Cinderella Man's International Box-office

22nd August 2005

RUSSELL CROWE is optimistic CINDERELLA MAN will perform well internationally despite flopping at the American box office. The Oscar-winning actor is surprised the boxing drama has taken only $60 million (GBP33.3 million) in...

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Crowe Dislocated Shoulder At Start Of Cinderella Man Shoot

27th July 2005

Hollywood star RUSSELL CROWE threw away months of hard training for boxing movie CINDERELLA MAN when he dislocated his shoulder minutes after stepping into the ring for the first time. The GLADIATOR star -...

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Beckinsale Studies Crowe For Rage Tips

21st July 2005

British beauty KATE BECKINSALE studied the films of RUSSELL CROWE to inspire her on-screen rage as SELENE in the forthcoming UNDERWORLD sequel. Beckinsale steps back into her leather outfit for a second time to...

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Few Fans Take Crowe Refund

8th July 2005

A tiny proportion of movie-goers have taken American cinema chain AMC Theaters up on their offer of a refund after watching RUSSELL CROWE in boxing epic CINDERELLA MAN. The RON HOWARD-directed film failed to...

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Cinema Chain Gives Cinderella Man A Box Office Boost

29th June 2005

Bosses at cinema chain AMC Theatres across America are so hooked on RUSSELL CROWE's boxing drama CINDERELLA MAN, they're offering to give film fans their money back if they don't like it. The film...

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Hillbillies Star Upset By Boxer Dad's Film Portrayal

17th June 2005

BEVERLY HILLBILLIES star MAX BAER JR has hit back at the producers of RUSSELL CROWE's boxing drama CINDERELLA MAN, because it paints his father as a villain he never was. Actor CRAIG BIERKO plays...

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Crowe Gives Struggling Football Team A Boost

9th June 2005

OSCAR-winning actor RUSSELL CROWE is using his new movie CINDERELLA MAN to boost the struggling Australian rules football team he supports. The GLADIATOR star is an ardent fan of the SOUTH SYDNEY RABBITOHS, which...

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Crowe Arrested After Phone Battle

6th June 2005

Hollywood hellraiser RUSSELL CROWE has been arrested in New York City after allegedly throwing a telephone at a hotel employee. The Antipodean actor, 41, is reported to have argued with a male worker at...

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Madagascar Takes Top Spot At Us Box Office

6th June 2005

BEN STILLER and JADA PINKETT SMITH's animated tale MADAGASCAR has climbed to the top of the US box office, after earning $28.7 million (GBP15.1 million) in its second weekend on release. ADAM SANDLER's American...

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Crowe: I Had To Play Braddock

3rd June 2005

RUSSELL CROWE felt compelled to play Depression Era boxing hero JIM BRADDOCK in new movie CINDERELLA MAN after thoroughly researching the heavyweight champion's life and falling in love with him. The OSCAR-winner originally fought...

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Giamatti's Foul Mouth Ruined Cinderella Man

2nd June 2005

SIDEWAYS star PAUL GIAMATTI fears his foul mouth ruined the movie experience for CINDERELLA MAN co-stars RUSSELL CROWE and RENEE ZELLWEGER because he couldn't stop swearing. The actor had to constantly reshoot his scenes...

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Crowe Hits Back At Co-star Bierko

1st June 2005

RUSSELL CROWE has slammed his CINDERELLA MAN co-star CRAIG BIERKO for claiming he deliberately blanked him on the Canadian set of the boxing movie. Bierko, who plays German fighter MAX BAER in the new...

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Cinderella Man Deters Crowe From Using Violence

1st June 2005

Hollywood heart-throb RUSSELL CROWE has vowed never to fight again after the tiring experience of filming of new boxing movie CINDERELLA MAN. The OSCAR-winning GLADIATOR star - who's plays depression-era fighter and folk...

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Zellweger Thrilled With Love Letters

1st June 2005

RENEE ZELLWEGER poured over touching love letters Depression Era boxing champ JIM BRADDOCK wrote to his wife MAE to prepare for her role as the struggling fighter's wife in CINDERELLA MAN. The OSCAR-winning actress...

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