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Director: 'Clinton + Jackson Cost Casanova A Fair Rating'

22nd November 2005

Movie-maker LASSE HALSTROM blames BILL CLINTON and JANET JACKSON for the fact his new CASANOVA epic has been rated strictly by US censors. The Scandinavian director insists attempts to clean up the media after...

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Irving Straddled 'Choking' Vonnegut

1st September 2005

Novelist JOHN IRVING still shudders when he recalls his most embarrassing moment - straddling a choking KURT VONNEGUT. The CIDER HOUSE RULES writer was dining with his mentor, Vonnegut, when the literary great appeared...

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Irving Lost His Virginity At 11 - To Older Woman

31st August 2005

Sex in celebrated CIDER HOUSE RULES novelist JOHN IRVING's books is usually a "depressing" affair because he spent years searching for satisfaction after losing his virginity - at 11. The writer first had sex...

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Speed Problems For Charlize

7th May 2003

Speed lessons CHARLIZE THERON took for her role in revamped heist movie THE ITALIAN JOB are causing her all kinds of problems - because now she can't slow down. The sexy CIDER HOUSE RULES...

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