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'Interstellar' Is Coming: But What Is A Black Hole, Exactly?

By Michael West | 24th October 2014

We're now just weeks away from the release of Christopher Nolan's sci-fi epic Interstellar -the most anticipated movie, certainly of 2014, perhaps of the last few years. Paramount has employed a clever marketing campaign for...

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Mcconaughey's 'Insterstellar' To Screen At 3am As Demand Increases

By Michael West | 23rd October 2014

We're still three weeks away from the release of Christopher Nolan's shadowy movie Interstellar, but speculation is already hotting up regarding the potential of this big-budget sci-fi epic. The plot remains a mystery - other...

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Keanu Reeves: 'I Wanted To Play Wolverine And Batman'

23rd October 2014

The Matrix star Keanu Reeves has revealed he tried to claw his way into the X-Men franchise as Wolverine and put his name forward to portray Batman in director Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.The...

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Christopher Nolan's Movie Evolution

16th October 2014

'Interstellar' is an ''evolution'' in filmmaking for Christopher Nolan.The acclaimed director assembled an all-star cast for the movie - which follows a team of space travellers as they go through a wormhole - and despite...

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Michael Keaton Would Reprise Batman Role

15th October 2014

Michael Keaton would reprise his role as Batman if he could work with Tim Burton again.The 63-year-old actor played The Caped Crusader in 1989 movie 'Batman' and the 1992 sequel 'Batman Returns' and admits he...

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Casey Affleck To Produce And Star In Boston Strong

9th October 2014

Casey Affleck is working on a new film about the Boston Marathon bombing.The 'Gone Baby Gone' actor is set to produce and star in the new film about the event in 2013.Variety reports that the...

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Al Pacino Says Christopher Nolan Is 'Miffed' With Him

7th October 2014

Al Pacino says Christopher Nolan is ''miffed'' with him.The 74-year-old actor explained that he's not being offered a role in a Nolan-directed film since he declined the chance to appear in one of them.Pacino told...

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A Week In Movies: Stars Turn Out In New York, Cruise Shoots In London And Trailers For Interstellar, Inherent Vice, Taken 3 And Blackhat

By Rich Cline | 3rd October 2014

A week before it arrived in cinemas, the anxiously awaited thriller Gone Girl had its world premiere at the New York Film Festival, where Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry and more...

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Maichael Caine Says Christopher Nolan Is His 'Lucky Charm'

3rd October 2014

Sir Michael Caine considers director Christopher Nolan to be his ''lucky charm''.The 81-year-old actor and Nolan, 44, have worked together on six films - including 'Inception' and the 'Batman' franchise - and Caine lauded the...

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Michael Caine Doesn't Get Drunk

2nd October 2014

Sir Michael Caine no longer gets drunk.The 81-year-old actor hasn't got inebriated for years because he is too much of a ''control freak'' to enjoy the experience.During his 'A Night Out With... Sir Michael Caine'...

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Michael Caine: Affleck Will Be Great As Batman

2nd October 2014

Sir Michael Caine thinks Ben Affleck will do ''very well'' playing Batman.The 81-year-old actor - who portrayed butler Alfred Pennyworth opposite Christian Bale in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy - is sure Affleck will do...

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Matthew Mcconaughey Is The Human Race’S Last Hope In The Stunning ‘Interstellar’ [Trailer + Pictures]

By Stephanie Chase | 2nd October 2014

Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey is about to embark on a terrifying mission, to find a new home planet for the earth’s inhabitants before time runs out. Of course the scary prospect of humanity’s fate being...

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Interstellar Is Like A Mirror Image Of Inception

25th September 2014

Christopher Nolan says his new sci-fi film 'Interstellar' is like ''a mirror image'' of 'Inception'.The new film concerns a group of astronauts who travel through a wormhole in a bid to save an Earth devoid...

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'Batman V Superman' Against 'Captain America 3': Who Would Have Prevailed?

By Charlotte Court | 11th August 2014

The collaboration of Batman and Superman, two of DC Comics most intense superheroes, has been a project highly anticipated for fans all over the globe for some years now. With Batman’s tortured past and complex...

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What Do We Know About Christopher Nolan's Interstellar?

By Charlotte Court | 31st July 2014

Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey made a surprise visit to the San Diego Comic-Con last week to unveil the full trailer for their new movie, Interstellar. It seems fans were impressed but, with a November...

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Hollywood Directors Team Up To Save Film Manufacturer

30th July 2014

Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, and J.J. Abrams have rallied together to save the U.S.' last analogue film manufacturer from closure.The Kodak factory in Rochester, New York is the last remaining U.S. outlet for movie tape,...

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Matthew Mcconaughey Says "Alright, Alright, Alright" To Comic-con 2014 - Drops 'Interstellar' Hints

By Jack de Aguilar | 25th July 2014

In the first real Comic-Con surprise, Matthew McConaughey managed to spring up on stage and shock fans with his patented “Alright, alright alright,” before delivering some new information on Christopher Nolan’s new film, ‘Interstellar’.So far,...

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Fascinating Fact: 4300802

25th July 2014

Filmmaker Christopher Nolan made a surprise visit to the 2014 Comic-Con in San Diego, California on Thursday (24Jul14) during the Paramount Pictures panel to promote his highly-anticipated sci-film thriller, Interstellar. He was joined by the...

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'Interstellar' Trailer Revealed: Matthew Mcconaughey Is Charged With Saving Humanity

By Jack de Aguilar | 17th May 2014

Matthew McConaughey’s hot streak will either rank up the degrees or grow cold like Wilfred’s Snowpiercer when Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ hits town in November. The sci-fi drama sees the Dallas Buyers Club star step into...

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Christopher Nolan's Fingerprints Are All Over 'Transcendence'

By Michael West | 25th April 2014

Even though he's only listed as an executive producer, filmmaker Christopher Nolan's fingerprints are all over the new sci-fi thriller Transcendence, the directing debut of Oscar-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister, who has shot all of Nolan's...

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'Transcendence' Passed Over For Critics' Praise: What's Wrong With Johnny Depp's First Sci-fi?

By Lauren James | 17th April 2014

Johnny Depp's new science fiction thriller Transcendence isn't even out yet in most countries but box office prospects are looking shaky for its upcoming debut weekend. With its intriguing premise and dark moral message, the...

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Wally Pfister 'Privileged' To Work With Johnny Depp On Directorial Debut

13th April 2014

Wally Pfister is ''privileged'' to have Johnny Depp star in his first feature film.The cinematographer-turned-director - who has previously worked on Christopher Nolan's films including 'The Dark Knight' trilogy - says it's a big vote...

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Tom Hardy 'Frightened' By Manly Men

10th April 2014

Tom Hardy has never felt ''manly''.The 'Locke' actor claims he has been intimidated by macho men with bulging muscles for as long as he can remember and even used to avoid the gym because he...

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Christopher Nolan Kept Interstellar Plot Secret From Composer

2nd April 2014

Director Christopher Nolan was so secretive about the plot to his upcoming blockbuster Interstellar that he asked composer Hans Zimmer to write the score without knowing anything about the film.The Inception moviemaker is fiercely protective...

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Everything You Need To Know About Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar'

By Sophie Miskiw | 29th March 2014

The Dark Knight trilogy director Christopher Nolan is notorious for keeping details about his films closely guarded until they’re finally released, which is extremely frustrating for us impatient Nolan fans. Particularly when we know that...

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Dumb & Dumber, Interstellar, Transformers: Things We Learnt At Cinemacon

By Stephanie Chase | 28th March 2014

Every year the big Hollywood studios invade Las Vegas for the annual CinemaCon event, a showcase of what movie fans can expect over the next year and beyond. So far this year the event has...

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Nolan: Matthew Mcconaughey Is 'Extraordinary' In Interstellar

27th March 2014

Matthew McConaughey is ''extraordinary'' in 'Interstellar'.Director Christopher Nolan, who is notoriously secretive about his projects, has revealed he was desperate to hire the recent Oscar winner to star in his new sci-fi thriller - which...

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Christopher Nolan Shooting 'Interstellar' Like "A Documentary"

By Michael West | 27th March 2014

Christopher Nolan has made an appearance at CinemaCon to talk about his hugely anticipated new sci-fi movie Interstellar. The film has been mostly kept under wraps, though we do know that real-life wormhole scientist Kip...

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Christopher Nolan Reveals New Information About New Futuristic Thriller 'Interstellar'

By Nick Hill | 27th March 2014

Director Christopher Nolan as usual is making a conscious effort to keep any information about his next project under wraps.However, the 43 year-old filmmaker recently opened up about his upcoming futuristic thriller 'Interstellar'.While onstage at...

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Why Matthew Mcconaughey Could Win Successive Best Actor Oscars

By Michael West | 3rd March 2014

Nobody could deny Matthew McConaughey the Oscar for best actor at the 86th Academy Awards. His acceptance speech was typically McConaughey and the 44-year-old Texan really has established himself as one of America's finest actors...

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