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Gary Oldman Discusses Batman Filming

24th November 2011

Gary Oldman has revealed most 'The Dark Knight Rises' has been shot in IMAX. However, the British actor - who reprises his role as Lt. Gordon in the new instalment of Christopher Nolan's 'Batman' franchise...

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Batman To Age In Dark Knight Rises

21st November 2011

Bruce Wayne is "not in a great state" in 'The Dark Knight Rises'.The latest instalment of the Batman franchise - which features Christian Bale as the Caped Crusader and his alter ego Bruce - hits...

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Batman Director Scrapped Occupy Wall Street Filming

16th November 2011

Director Christopher Nolan scrapped plans to film scenes for his new Batman film amid the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York because he didn't want to "trivialise" the demonstrations.The Dark Knight Rises star Matthew...

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Jessica Biel Regrets 'Blood Soaked' Notebook Audition

4th November 2011

Jessica Biel says she regrets her failed audition for 'The Notebook', a movie that became a box-office sensation and made a star out of lead actress Rachael Mcadams. Biel covers the December issue of Elle...

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Batman Sparks A Riot In New York

4th November 2011

Chaos descended on the streets of New York City this week (beg31Oct11) as director Christopher Nolan filmed riot scenes for his new Batman movie.Shocked bystanders watched as a crowd of extras and actors waving fake...

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Anne Hathaway To Produce And Star In Puzzler

27th October 2011

Anne Hathaway is to produce and star in 'Puzzler'. The 'One Day' actress - who was recently confirmed for the role of Fantine in musical 'Les Miserables' - has closed a deal to work on...

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The Dark Knight Rises Leak Reveals Christmas Preview

25th October 2011

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES looks set to be previewed before 2012 after the strongest indication yet given by cinema chain AMC on their official blog. The third in the Christopher Nolan 'Batman' trilogy after 'Batman...

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Christopher Nolan To Direct Twilight Zone?

3rd October 2011

Christopher Nolan is top choice to direct 'The Twilight Zone' remake. The 'Inception' director is reportedly the frontrunner being considered by Warner Bros. studio on a list which also includes Alfonso Cuaron, Michael Bay, David...

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Cillian Murphy In Dark Knight Rises?

30th September 2011

Cillian Murphy is reportedly returning to the 'Batman' franchise.The actor is expected to reprise his role as Dr. Jonathan Crane/The Scarecrow - the villain he played in 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight' - in...

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The Dark Knight Rises Photo Reveals Anne Hathaway's High Heels

26th September 2011

The latest set photos from the hugely anticipated Batman The Dark Knight Rises reveal the full 'Catwoman' outfit worn by actress Anne Hathaway. The newly published pictures circulating the web answer a series of queries...

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Naomi Watts Discusses 'Beautiful Relationship' With Heath Ledger

23rd September 2011

Naomi Watts, the Australian actress who stars in Clint Eastwood's forthcoming movie 'J. Edgar', has opened up about her "beautiful" relationship with the late Heath Ledger. During a candid interview with More Magazine, Watts discussed...

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Nolan Keeping Batman Ending Secret From Cast

19th September 2011

Director Christopher Nolan is so determined to keep the plotline of the latest Batman film a secret from the public, he is refusing to even let the actors know the ending.The filmmaker is currently shooting...

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Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Secrecy

18th September 2011

Christopher Nolan won't give out scripts for the final 'Dark Knight Rises' scenes.The filmmaker is determined to keep the ending of his third Batman movie - which stars Christian Bale as the caped crusader -...

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Christopher Nolan's 'Relaxed' Dark Knight Set

14th September 2011

Christopher Nolan creates a relaxed atmosphere on his movie sets. Former 'Lost' actor Nestor Carbonell was initially intimidated when he learned he had landed the role of Mayor Anthony Garcia in 'The Dark Knight' but...

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Tom Hardy Breaks Bones Filming New Movie

8th September 2011

Tom Hardy has been left battered and bruised during the filming of his new movie Warrior.The movie tells the story Tommy (Hardy), the son of an alcoholic ex-boxer who must train his son in preparation...

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Cameraman Hit By Bike On Batman Set

10th August 2011

A cameraman has been hit by a motorbike after a stunt mishap on the set of Batman movie 'The Dark Knight Rises'.A stuntwoman dressed as Anne Hathaway's character Catwoman was steering the Batpod bike down...

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Anne Hathaway Defends 'Dark Knight Rises' Catsuit

9th August 2011

Anne Hathaway has come to the defence of her Catwoman outfit for 'The Dark Knight Rises', after initial images were met with a lukewarm reaction from fans. The first photos of Hathaway in full superhero...

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Marion Cotillard Fan Arrested For 'Murder Emails'

8th August 2011

A fan of the French actress Marion Cotillard has been arrested after she allegedly sent the star a number of threatening emails and video messages. Fbi agents identified the woman as Teresa Yuan, who was...

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Anne Hathaway Catwoman Rides The 'Batpod' In New Pics

5th August 2011

Warner Bros have finally released the first shot of Anne Hathaway as 'Catwoman' in Christopher Nolan's hugely anticipated 'The Dark Knight Rises'. Several other shots of the actress's stunt double have also emerged, following the...

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Laurence Fishburne Joins Superman: Man Of Steel

3rd August 2011

Laurence Fishburne will play Perry White in 'Superman: Man of Steel'. The 'CSI' actor has joined an all-star line-up including Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Kevin Costner in the movie, and will play the boss...

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The Dark Knight Rises Photo Reveals Bane Streetfight

1st August 2011

Batman fans in Pittsburgh got a sneak-peak of the hugely anticipated 'The Dark Knight Rises' on Sunday (31st July 2011) when the crew arrived in town to shoot a fight-scene between Christian Bale's Caped Crusader...

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The Amazing Spider Man Trailer Leaks Early

19th July 2011

A trailer for the upcoming 'Amazing Spider Man' movie, starring British actor Andrew Garfield, has leaked online before its intended premiere this weekend. A promo for the movie was scheduled to screen in theatres before...

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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Reveals Bane Showdown

19th July 2011

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES trailer, which has officially hit the web after premiering in cinemas over the weekend, includes a showdown between the Caped Crusader and his nemesis Bane, played by Tom Hardy. The one-and-a-half...

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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Leaks Early

13th July 2011

'The Dark Knight Rises' trailer was scheduled to premiere immediately before screenings of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2' on Friday (15th July 2011), but a "devious movie fan" has leaked the clip...

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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer To Make 'Harry Potter' Debut

12th July 2011

The hype surrounding Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight Rises' is beginning to intensify, after reports suggested the movie's first official trailer will hit cinemas alongside 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2' on Friday...

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Batman West To Rise With The Dark Knight

7th July 2011

Christopher Nolan is delving back into superhero history by hiring former Batman Adam West to make a cameo appearance in new movie The Dark Knight Rises, according to a new report.West played The Caped Crusader...

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Sir Michael Caine Did Cars 2 For Grandchildren

1st July 2011

Sir Michael Caine decided to appear in 'Cars 2' for his grandchildren.The British star - who voices Finn McMissile in the animated movie - wanted to be able to show the younger members of his...

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Sir Caine Scolded By Batman Director Christopher Nolan

29th June 2011

Sir Michael Caine invoked the wrath of director Christopher Nolan after publicly discussing his role in the upcoming Batman movie.The British actor, who plays butler Alfred Pennyworth in the franchise, landed in trouble after accidentally...

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Anne Hathaway 'Emailed' James Franco After Oscars

27th June 2011

Anne Hathaway, the 28-year-old American actress currently shooting 'Batman: The Dark Knight Rises', says she emailed James Franco after their infamous Oscars performances, despite reports suggesting the pair had fallen out.In the new issue of...

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Inception Dominates Saturn Awards

24th June 2011

Christopher Nolan's hit movie Inception was the big winner at the 37th annual Saturn Awards on Thursday night (23Jun11), picking up a total of five prizes.The film, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, was awarded trophies including Best...

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