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Lady Gaga Dontes Peace Award To Charity

10th October 2012

Lady Gaga in donating her peace award to charity.The 'Born This Way' hitmaker received the LennonOno Grant For Peace award from Yoko Ono as recognition of her social activism but the pop star announced that...

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Fascinating Fact 13283

22nd April 2012

Actors Sean Penn, Olivia Wilde and Stephen Fry were among the stars who paid tribute to celebrated author Christopher Hitchens at a Vanity Fair memorial in New York earlier this week (begs16Apr12).

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Liam Neeson Regrets Not Visiting Dying Christopher Hitchens

27th January 2012

Liam Neeson is upset he never met late writer Christopher Hitchens before his death and regrets not arranging a visit with the veteran author before the tragedy last month (Dec11).The British writer and literary critic...

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Christopher Hitchens Tributes Pour In

16th December 2011

Christopher Hitchens death has been dominating news outlets worldwide since the author, journalist and critic passed away yesterday on December 15th after a battle with oesophageal cancer which he made known to the public last...

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Stars Pay Tribute To Hitchens

16th December 2011

Olivia Wilde, Ricky Gervais and Josh Groban are leading the tributes to veteran British author Christopher Hitchens, who died on Thursday (15Dec11).The writer and literary critic lost his battle with pneumonia, a complication of his...

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Christopher Hitchens Dies Of Pneumonia

16th December 2011

Veteran British author Christopher Hitchens has died. He was 62.The writer and literary critic lost his battle with pneumonia, a complication of his oesophageal cancer, on Thursday (15Dec11) at a Texas hospital. Vanity Fair editor...

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Christopher Hitchens Battling Pneumonia

8th November 2011

Veteran British author Christopher Hitchens has pulled out of a show with Stephen Fry after he was diagnosed with pneumonia.The two stars were set to stage an interview session at London's Royal Festival Hall on...

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Anthony Hopkins Believes In God

7th February 2011

Sir Anthony Hopkins believes in God.The screen legend stars in new supernatural thriller 'The Rite' - in which he plays Father Lucas, a Catholic priest who specialises in exorcisms - and he admits the role...

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Not So Glorious A King?

1st February 2011

Virtually every film "based on" a real event or a real person is eventually picked apart by critics who find inaccuracies in it. Last year, for example, Fair Game, the movie that dealt with the...

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Author Hitchens To Undergo Chemotherapy

1st July 2010

Veteran British author CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS has axed his current book tour to undergo chemotherapy after he was diagnosed with cancer.The 61 year old has been busy promoting his memoir Hitch 22 but following doctors' advice,...

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The Things They Say 2542

27th July 2006

"I think I actually modelled my look slightly after that enfant terrible CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS. He's the old British hack who you tolerate in this country, whose politics seem to have taken a large degree swing,...

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Mother Teresa Films Cause Controversy

7th August 2003

A festival in Calcutta, India has dropped a film called HELL'S ANGEL about legendary humanitarian MOTHER TERESA after complaints it portrayed her in a negative light. The MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY order, founded by Mother...

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