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Christina Aguilera Returns On Idol

22nd April 2010

Christina Aguilera will appear on the finale of 'American Idol' as she launches her comeback.The singer is currently promoting her new album 'Bionic' and will perform first single from it, 'Not Myself Tonight', on the...

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Aguilera Brushes Off Gaga Copycat Slurs

22nd April 2010

CHRISTINA AGUILERA has brushed off accusations from AKON that she's copying the look and sound of LADY GAGA - insisting she's not worried about the criticism.The R&B singer, who takes credit for discovering Gaga after...

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Sexy Mother Christina Aguilera

21st April 2010

Christina Aguilera is "more sexual" since she became a mother.The 'Dirrty' singer - who has two-year-old son Max with her husband Jordan Bratman - says her self-confidence has soared since she got pregnant and she...

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Akon: 'Aguilera Is Copying Gaga'

15th April 2010

AKON is convinced LADY GAGA has scared all her music rivals into copying her sound - insisting CHRISTINA AGUILERA is "trying to do the exact same thing musically".The R&B singer takes the credit for discovering...

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Russell Brand Won't Get Katy Kiss

9th April 2010

Russell Brand's kiss with Katy Perry has been dropped from his new movie.The British funnyman - who reprises his 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' role of rocker Aldous Snow in 'Get Him To The Greek' - locked...

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Aguilera Taps Into Painful Childhood For Film Debut

5th April 2010

Singer-turned-actress CHRISTINA AGUILERA recalled painful memories from her childhood to make herself cry while filming her big screen debut, BURLESQUE.Aguilera, who plays a struggling dancer in the upcoming film, drew upon her own experiences with...

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Christina Aguilera Inspired By Past

3rd April 2010

Christina Aguilera was motivated by her abusive childhood for her new movie role.The 'Dirrty' singer takes on the part of tough girl Ali in her first feature film 'Burlesque' and says thinking about her time...

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Christina Aguilera Feels Connection To Song

1st April 2010

Christina Aguilera admits she didn't write her new single.The singer normally pens all her tracks but says she made an exception with 'Not Myself Tonight' because she knew how great it was as soon as...

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Aguilera's Bathtime Treats

30th March 2010

CHRISTINA AGUILERA has opened up about her raunchy relaxation ritual - she loves reading erotic novels in the bathtub.The Dirrty hitmaker admits taking a waterproof book into the bath is her favourite way to unwind...

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Christina Aguilera's Erotic Baths

30th March 2010

Christina Aguilera likes to read erotic books in the bath. The singer - who has a two-year-old son, Max, with her music producer husband Jordan Bratman - likes nothing better than flicking through an X-rated...

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Christina Aguilera Gets 'Fresh And Sexy'

26th March 2010

Christina Aguilera's new album, 'Bionic' will have a "fresh, sexy feel". The 'Keeps Gettin' Better' singer said her long awaited comeback - which features production from a wide range of artists including singer Sia, electro-rock...

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Fascinating Fact 9018

25th March 2010

CHRISTINA AGUILERA will premiere her new single NOT MYSELF TONIGHT on her website on 30 March (10), ahead of the release of her upcoming album BIONIC in June (10).

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Fascinating Fact 9004

23rd March 2010

CHRISTINA AGUILERA is officially making her pop comeback - the singer has teased fans online by unveiling the artwork for her new single NOT MYSELF TONIGHT. The star is dressed as a sexy dominatrix in...

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Kristen Bell Not Bad As Blonde

5th March 2010

Kristen Bell had to darken her hair to look "bad".The actress stars in new movie 'Burlesque' and producers asked her to alter her appearance as they didn't think she looked convincingly evil enough for the...

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Aguilera Designs Eco-friendly Car

4th March 2010

CHRISTINA AGUILERA has turned her talents to car design - she's created an eco-friendly Chrysler for a charity auction.The singer teamed up with bosses at the motor manufacturer to help launch the new Eco Style...

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Rihanna Wants Name Advice

26th February 2010

Rihanna is struggling to name her new perfume. The 22-year-old singer had initially wanted to call the fragrance Route 22, but is now asking fans if they can come up with anything better. A source...

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Christina Aguilera's Scary Wig

21st February 2010

Christina Aguilera's son refused to go near his mother when she wore a long wig.The 'Dirrty' singer had to don the fake hairpiece for her role in new movie 'Burlesque' but when she came home...

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The Things They Say 15367

9th February 2010

"I'm shocked but she's really good. The other day we were hamming it up so badly, so old, like vaudevillian. She was keeping up! She was hot. Her game is good." CHER heaps praise on...

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The Things They Say 15364

9th February 2010

"It's a hard job. You get up at 5am and try to look good. All these girls are a third my age. That is rough." CHER struggles to look her best next to her much-younger...

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Fascinating Fact 8756

29th January 2010

CHRISTINA AGUILERA threw a star-studded birthday party for her son Max earlier this month (17Jan10). GWEN STEFANI attended with her two sons, Kingston and Zuma, and the group was driven around Los Angeles on a...

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Aguilera's Bionic Delayed

29th January 2010

CHRISTINA AGUILERA's fans will have to wait another month to get their hands on her new album - BIONIC has been delayed until April (10).The highly-anticipated follow-up to 2006's Back to Basics was slated to...

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Madonna's Winning Kiss

28th January 2010

Madonna and Britney Spears' kiss at the MTV Video Music Awards has been voted Top Kiss in a new poll. The on stage smooch during a performance of Madonna's track 'Like A Virgin' in 2003...

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Aguilera To Front New Haiti Relief Ad

27th January 2010

CHRISTINA AGUILERA has signed up to front a new public service announcement (PSA) urging Americans to give more to the Haiti earthquake relief effort.Americans have raised close to $500 million (£312.5 million) to help the...

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Kristen Bell Serious About Love

26th January 2010

Kristen Bell says her love life takes priority over her career.The 'Heroes' actress - who is in a relationship with actor Dax Shephard - is ambitious and wants to be successful, but not at the...

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Timberlake & Aguilera For Haiti Telethon

18th January 2010

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and CHRISTINA AGUILERA are among the singing stars who will take to the stage to help raise funds during GEORGE CLOONEY's Haiti telethon.The Ocean's Eleven star is calling on his showbiz pals to...

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Fascinating Fact 8611

8th January 2010

Movie mother and daughter CHER and CHRISTINA AGUILERA are to present together at the Golden Globes on 31 January (10).

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Aguilera: 'Motherhood Inspired New Album'

6th January 2010

CHRISTINA AGUILERA credits her son with inspiring her new album, insisting motherhood has completely changed her musical style.The singer's fourth album, Biopic, hits stores in March (10) - and Aguilera warns fans to expect a...

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Fascinating Fact 8590

5th January 2010

CHRISTINA AGUILERA has titled her new album BIONIC. The record, her first studio album since 2006's BACK TO BASICS, will hit the shelves in March (10).

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The Things They Say 14861

4th January 2010

"I have never felt so much good female energy around me. I find that I can't take my eyes off them. I'm 99 per cent sure I will leave this movie a lesbian." Actress KRISTEN...

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The Things They Say 14788

24th December 2009

"I've always loved Christmas. I remember running down the stairs on Christmas morning as a kid to find the gifts. It's exciting to be reliving those memories with Max." Singer CHRISTINA AGUILERA loves spending Christmas...

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