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A Week In Movies: Rush And Diana Premiere In London, Scarlett Johansson Stuns Venice, Zac Efron Taunts Seth Rogen

By Rich Cline | 6th September 2013

Naomi Watts was on the red carpet in London this week for the world premiere of Diana, about the final years in the life of the People's Princess. There were some touchy moments as she...

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Hans Zimmer: Ben Affleck 'Great Choice' For Batman

4th September 2013

Hans Zimmer approves of Ben Affleck as the new Batman in the upcoming 'Man of Steel' sequel.The legendary music composer - who provided the score to Christopher Nolan's 'Dark Knight' trilogy, as well as the...

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Oscars 2014 Predictions: David O Russell's 'American Hustle'

By Jack de Aguilar | 3rd September 2013

In the first of our Oscars 2014 prediction series, we take a look at American Hustle, David O Russell’s follow up to last year’s highly acclaimed Silver Linings Playbook. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence return...

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Sigourney Weaver Signs Up For Ridley Scott's Biblical Epic, 'Exodus'

By Lauren James | 28th August 2013

Sigourney Weaver is set to star in another Ridley Scott-directed movie, 34 years after she made her name in his 1979 sci-fi classic, Alien. The 63 year-old will appear in Scott's upcoming biblical epic Exodus...

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Sigourney Weaver To Join Ridley Scott's Exodus

28th August 2013

Sigourney Weaver is to reunite with Ridley Scott for biblical epic 'Exodus'.The Oscar-nominated actress will once again team up with the iconic filmmaker who launched her career with a lead role in 1979 sci-fi classic...

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Sigourney Weaver And Ridley Scott To Join Forces Once Again For 'Exodus'

By Joe Wilde | 28th August 2013

Sigourney Weaver is re-teaming with the man who gave her her big break; Ridley Scott, to co-star in the director's upcoming Bible epic Exodus. The 20th Century Fox production will see Weaver star as Tuya,...

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Ben Affleck Already Has Haters - He Hasn't Even Put The Batsuit On Yet!

By Jack de Aguilar | 27th August 2013

Just when you thought the hoards of comic book fanatics were easing up a bit, allowing their favorite franchises to sun themselves under Hollywood’s bright lights, they go and make a big fat petition to...

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Ben Affleck Could Play Batman In 'Multiple' Films, And May Direct The 'Justice League' Film

By Joe Wilde | 26th August 2013

Ben Affleck was announced as Christian Bale's successor to the famed black cowl of Gotham City's caped crusader Batman last week, a move that outraged a huge number of fans of the superhero franchise. Thursday's...

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Fans Split As Ben Affleck Picked As The New Batman: He Has The Chin, But Does He Have The Chops?

By Joe Wilde | 24th August 2013

In a move that has surprised, and in some cases outraged fans, Ben Affleck has been picked to play Batman in the upcoming sequel to this years Superman epic Man of Steel. The Oscar-winning Argo...

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Fans Outraged As Ben Affleck Is Cast As Batman

24th August 2013

Ben Affleck is confirmed to play Batman in the 'Man Of Steel' sequel leaving fans disgruntled.The Hollywood hunk will be replacing Christian Bale as the legendary superhero making him the eighth actor to be cast...

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Ben Affleck As Batman: Brilliant Or Blunder? And Did His Chin Land Him The Role?

By Lauren James | 23rd August 2013

Actor Ben Affleck has been announced as the next Batman who'll succeed from 'The Dark Knight' Christian Bale to battle Superman in the 2015 Batman Vs. Superman/Superman Vs. Batman (that's the bit they haven't decided...

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Ben Affleck To Play Batman In Man Of Steel Sequel

23rd August 2013

Ben Affleck is set to play Batman in the sequel to 'Man of Steel'.The Oscar-winning actor-and-director will take on the iconic caped crusader character opposite Henry Cavill's Superman in the untitled Warner Bros. film, which...

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Nathan Fillion: 'I Think I'd Make A Terrible Batman'

19th August 2013

Actor Nathan Fillion has ruled out caping up as Batman in the Man Of Steel sequel, despite topping comic book fans' wishlists as the man they'd like to take over from Christian Bale.The Saving Private...

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Mark Wahlberg Wants To Strap On The 'Iron Man' Suit And Fight Bad Guys

By Jack de Aguilar | 15th August 2013

Marky Mark Wahlberg has been a tough guy in approximately nine billion films, but he’s never been a comic book superhero like Christian Bale and Robert Downey Jr have. And it’s the latter he wants...

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Bale Offered $50 Million To Don Batman Costume? Maybe Not

14th August 2013

The amount seems preposterous on its face, but rumors spread over the Internet on Tuesday that a new ebook by comic book artist Vince Russell, Beyond Batman: The Unauthorized True Story of Christian Bale and...

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Christian Bale Offered $50 Million For Batman As Orlando Bloom Lurks

By Michael West | 14th August 2013

Christian Bale has reportedly been offered $50 million to reprise his role as Batman in the upcoming Justice League movie, as well as Man of Steel 2 which pits the Caped Crusader against Henry Cavill's...

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Joel Edgerton To Star In Biblical Epic Exodus

14th August 2013

Joel Edgerton is in talks to join Christian Bale in 'Exodus'.The 'Zero Dark Thirty' actor is poised to star as Egyptian ruler Ramses in Ridley Scott's biblical epic, with Bale confirmed to play religious prophet...

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Christian Bale Offered Millions For New Batman Role - Report

14th August 2013

Actor Christian Bale has been offered $60 million (£40 million) to reprise his Batman role in the upcoming Man Of Steel sequel, according to a U.K. report.The Welsh star played the comic book character in...

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Christian Bale Offered £40m For Batman Role

13th August 2013

Christian Bale has reportedly been offered £40 million to reprise his role as Batman in 'Justice League'.The 39-year-old actor - who portrayed the caped crusader in Christopher Nolan's 'Dark Knight' movie trilogy - previously ruled...

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The Great David O Russell: The Fighter, Silver Linings Playbook And Now 'American Hustle'

By Jack de Aguilar | 1st August 2013

It’s difficult to escape the notion that David O Russell is turning into one of the biggest American movie director because, well, he is. With The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook under his belt, American...

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Is Bradley Cooper's 'American Hustle' The Oscar Contender We Expected? [Trailer]

By Michael West | 1st August 2013

As 2013 moves closer to the Oscar bait months, Sony has released the first trailer for its secret weapon, David O'Russell's American Hustle, with Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Christian Bale.It boasts a cast of...

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Tyler Hoechlin More Likely To Be Batman Than Ryan Gosling: Here's Why

By Lauren James | 26th July 2013

Ever since Zack Snyder announced a Superman/Batman film in the works at last weekend's Comic-Con, the internet has exploded with rumors; few of which have been about the movie and more about who should replace...

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Is 'Batman Vs. Superman' The Title Of New Dc Comics Movie?

By Lauren James | 24th July 2013

After Zack Snyder's Comic-Con announcement that Batman and Superman would meet on screen for the first time in a 2015 Warner Bros. movie and sequel to 2013's Man of Steel, there's now fresh knowledge from...

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Should Ryan Gosling Be The Next Batman? Actor Favored To Be Caped Crusader

By Joe Wilde | 23rd July 2013

Since it was announced at the San Diego Comic Con over the weekend that Batman will be appearing alongside Superman in the follow-up to this years Man of Steel, the internet has been strife with...

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Ryan Gosling, Joseph Gordon-levitt In Frame To Become New Batman

By Michael West | 22nd July 2013

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ryan Gosling are leading the race to become the new Batman, following the announcement at Comic-Con that both Superman and the Caped Crusader will unite for the first time on-screen.Following the success...

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Zack Snyder Confirms That A Superman & Batman Movie Will Be Happening

By Joe Wilde | 22nd July 2013

One of the biggest rumours to be circulating around this years San Diego Comic-Con International was the potential big screen team up with two of the most famous superheroes of all; Batman and Superman. These...

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Superman And Batman Set To Team Up In 2015 'Man Of Steel' Sequel

By Elinor Cosgrave | 22nd July 2013

Warner Bros. announced, during their Comic-Con panel appearance, that Henry Cavill would be reprising his role as Superman. However Batman will also be dropping in to lend a helping hand. It will be the first...

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Is Comic-con Still Just For Geeks?

By Jack de Aguilar | 18th July 2013

Comic Con has always been the Mecca of the geek. Whether it’s showcasing the latest superhero movie, a Q&A session with a prominent comic book writer or a season reveal of the latest sci-fi franchise;...

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Christian Bale, Out Of Gotham And 'Out Of The Furnace' [Trailer + Pictures]

By Jack de Aguilar | 15th July 2013

Christian Bale doesn’t stop for long; before he’d announced his decision to step down as Gotham City’s savior, the actor was working his way towards another type of hero. This time, he’s a working class...

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Guardians Of The Galaxy: Is Chris Pratt The Next Big Hollywood Star?

By Michael West | 8th July 2013

Chris Pratt, the 34-year-old actor who has bagged himself some pretty tasty roles in recent years, is bulking up for his role in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Pratt is the latest movie...

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