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Batman Bale Tentative About Cowboy Movie

18th October 2006

BATMAN BEGINS star CHRISTIAN BALE has mixed emotions about his upcoming cowboy role in 3:10 TO YUMA - because he hasn't had a lot of luck with horses. The British-born movie star is looking forward...

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Gyllenhaal Laughs Off Batman Ledger Reunion

10th October 2006

JAKE GYLLENHAAL has laughed off internet rumours claiming he will reunite with his BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN co-star HEATH LEDGER in the forthcoming BATMAN BEGINS sequel. Gyllenhaal was reportedly in talks to play HARVEY 'TWO-FACE' DENT -...

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Bale: 'I'm An Ideas Thief'

19th August 2006

Actor CHRISTIAN BALE is obsessed with researching his movie roles, but he insists he only does it to cut corners and "steal" ideas. The British BATMAN RETURNS star admits doing copious background work beats having...

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Bale: 'I Can Never Direct'

18th August 2006

CHRISTIAN BALE refuses to ditch acting for directing, because he fears he would lose his cool trying to look after everyone's needs. The British AMERICAN PSYCHO star admits he doesn't relish the idea of dealing...

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Bale Puts Batman Begins Star Power To Good Use

18th August 2006

British actor CHRISTIAN BALE is delighted with the star power BATMAN BEGINS has given him, because he can now attract financial backing for the smaller films he wants to star in. Bale, who first found...

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Phillippe Lands Two-face Role?

16th August 2006

RYAN PHILLIPPE is set to take over from TOMMY LEE JONES after reportedly landing the role of HARVEY DENT/TWO-FACE in the upcoming BATMAN BEGINS sequel. REESE WITHERSPOON's husband will join HEATH LEDGER, who has signed...

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Ledger Confirmed For Batman

1st August 2006

LATEST: Australian actor HEATH LEDGER has been confirmed as sardonic villain the JOKER in BATMAN sequel THE DARK KNIGHT. CHRISTIAN BALE will reprise his role as BRUCE WAYNE/Batman and director CHRISTOPHER NOLAN is returning to...

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Ledger To Join Batman Cast As Joker?

27th July 2006

BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN star HEATH LEDGER has scored the coveted role of THE JOKER in the BATMAN BEGINS sequel, according to press reports in Australia. The actor was reportedly offered the plum part last week (ends23JUL06)...

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Fantasy Fans Go Bats Over Batman At Inaugural Scream Awards

22nd July 2006

BATMAN has beaten SUPERMAN and the X-MEN by claiming 10 nominations for the inaugural Scream Awards. BATMAN BEGINS picked up nods for The Ultimate Scream, Best Fantasy Movie and Most Heroic Performance when the nominations...

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The Things They Say 2224

11th June 2006

"I want to thank him for getting rid of those bloody nipples." CHRISTIAN BALE is grateful to BATMAN BEGINS director CHRISTOPHER NOLAN for giving his batsuit a makeover.

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Wedding Crashers Storms Mtv Movie Awards

4th June 2006

Matrimony mayhem movie WEDDING CRASHERS was the big winner at last night's (03JUN06) MTV Movie Awards - picking up three prizes, including the coveted best film trophy. Funnymen VINCE VAUGHN and OWEN WILSON were lauded...

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Blanchett Among Six Dylan Stars

24th May 2006

CATE BLANCHETT, HEATH LEDGER, RICHARD GERE and CHRISTIAN BALE will all play BOB DYLAN in a new biopic of the rock legend. The foursome, plus two uncast actors will portraying Dylan throughout various stages of...

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Farrell Dropped From Dylan Movie

5th May 2006

Hollywood hunk COLIN FARRELL has been mysteriously dropped from the cast of a new film about legendary singer/songwriter BOB DYLAN. The PHONE BOOTH star has reportedly been replaced by HEATH LEDGER, who will be one...

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Herzog Hails Bale

23rd March 2006

German director WERNER HERZOG has hailed CHRISTIAN BALE one of the greatest actors of his time. The pair worked together on prisoner-of-war thriller RESCUE DAWN, but the 63-year-old film-maker insists he spotted Bale's prodigious talent...

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Kong Dominates Empire Awards

2nd March 2006

PETER JACKSON's Academy Award-shunned remake of KING KONG is leading the nominations for Empire Magazine's 2006 film awards. The New Zealand-shot epic has been named in five categories including Best Film. PRIDE + PREJUDICE, CRASH,...

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Gyllenhaal And Bettany To Join Batman?

6th February 2006

BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN star JAKE GYLLENHAAL is being touted as Gotham City district attorney HARVEY DENT in the next BATMAN sequel, along with PAUL BETTANY, who may play the JOKER. Gyllenhaal would play Gotham City's...

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Hollywood Heavyweights To Screen At Berlin

21st December 2005

THE NEW WORLD, the eagerly awaited fourth film from director TERRENCE MALICK, and GEORGE CLOONEY thriller SYRIANA will be screened out of competition at the 56th Berlin International Film Festival in February (06). Organisers...

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Bale Loved Working With Daredevil Herzog

21st December 2005

BATMAN BEGINS star CHRISTIAN BALE encourages all his peers' to work with director WERNER HERZOG because his stunt antics make the movie-making process really fun. The British actor worked with Herzog on new prisoner-of-war...

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The Things They Say 892

21st December 2005

"My life hasn't changed that much since BATMAN BEGINS, except when I'm at the supermarket the cashier goes, 'You're, you're... him,' while I'm buying Huggies (nappies)." CHRISTIAN BALE....

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Johansson Joins Prestige Cast

12th December 2005

SCARLETT JOHANSSON has joined the starry cast of CHRISTOPHER NOLAN's new period film THE PRESTIGE, in which she'll play a magician's assistant. The film will star CHRISTIAN BALE and HUGH JACKMAN as rival illusionists...

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Bowie To Star In Magic Thriller

21st November 2005

Legendary rock star DAVID BOWIE will play a magical inventor in CHRISTOPHER NOLAN's forthcoming thriller THE PRESTIGE. The movie, which is due to start filming in January (06), is based on CHRISTOPHER PRIEST's...

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Hollywood Stars 'Scared' Of American Psycho Ellis

17th November 2005

KEANU REEVES, TOM CRUISE and JOHNNY DEPP are too "scared" to take roles in AMERICAN PSYCHO author BRET EASTON ELLIS's latest novel adaptation. Ellis, whose notorious suave serial killer PATRICK BATEMAN was played with...

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Rourke Is British Movie Fans' "Man Of The Year"

31st October 2005

MICKEY ROURKE has been named Man Of The Year by British film fans for his role in SIN CITY. Rourke, who has enjoyed a series of high profile parts following his return from a...

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Jackman And Bale To Play Feuding Magicians

3rd October 2005

Comic book movie stars HUGH JACKMAN and CHRISTIAN BALE are set to play feuding magicians in a new movie. The actors, who play X-MEN's WOLVERINE and BATMAN on the big screen, will play rival...

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Hopkins: 'The Welsh Make Better Actors'

23rd September 2005

Welsh-born actor SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS was destined to be a Hollywood star - because his countrymen make naturally good actors. Hopkins is one of a number of silver screen stars from the tiny British...

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West: 'Batman Was Comedy'

15th August 2005

Original BATMAN star ADAM WEST hates big-budget remakes of the comic-inspired series because he thinks modern Batman actors like CHRISTIAN BALE and GEORGE CLOONEY fail to communicate the irony of the caped-crusader's adventures. West...

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Batmobile Crash Leaves Bale In Stitches

17th July 2005

CHRISTIAN BALE was amused while on a promotional tour of blockbuster BATMAN BEGINS when a drunk driver crashed headlong into the legendary Batmobile. The British hunk was convinced nobody would ever believe the culprit's...

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Bale Not Ready To Be A-list

5th July 2005

BATMAN BEGINS star CHRISTIAN BALE is not convinced his role in the superhero movie means he's made it into Hollywood's elite. The Welsh actor shies away from fame and is refusing to get carried...

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Batman Begins Tops UK Box Office For Second Week

28th June 2005

Prequel BATMAN BEGINS has topped the UK box office charts for the second week in succession. The superhero blockbuster, directed by British director CHRISTOPHER NOLAN and starring Brits CHRISTIAN BALE, SIR MICHAEL CAINE, LIAM...

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