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Downton Abbey Actress Lily James Takes Cinderella Role

2nd May 2013

Lily James will play 'Cinderella'.The 'Downton Abbey' star is set to portray the iconic princess in Disney's live action adaptation of the traditional fairytale, joining the lines of Cate Blanchett as the princess' evil stepmother.The...

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Emma Watson Turns Down Cinderella

12th March 2013

Emma Watson will not be playing 'Cinderella' in Kenneth Branagh's film.The 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' actress was rumoured to be starring in the 'Thor' director's new adaptation of the classic fairytale earlier this month,...

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Kenneth Branagh To Direct Cinderella?

1st February 2013

Kenneth Branagh is reportedly in talks to direct 'Cinderella'.The actor and 'Thor' director has been linked to Disney's latest remake of the classic fairytale just weeks after original director, Mark Romanek, departed from the project.The...

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Saoirse Ronan In Line For Cinderella Role

3rd December 2012

Saoirse Ronan is the frontrunner to play Cinderella in the Disney remake.The Irish actress is reportedly a hot contender for the lead in the live action reboot of the Walt Disney fairytale favourite alongside Swedish...

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Fascinating Fact 13219

11th April 2012

The Twilight Saga: New Moon director Chris Weitz is writing a book trilogy for young adults. The Young World, the first novel in the series about a post-apocalyptic reality, is due to hit shelves in...

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Demian Bechir Overwhelmed By Surprise Oscar Nomination

25th January 2012

The Oscar nomination bestowed upon Demian Bechir yesterday has apparently come as something of a shock to the 48 year old Mexican actor. Bechir, who was nominated for his performance in A Better Life was...

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Chris Weitz Regrets Directing Kidman Flop

26th July 2011

Director Chris Weitz has branded fantasy flop The Golden Compass his "greatest professional regret".The American Pie filmmaker helmed the eagerly awaited 2007 movie, which starred Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman. The film, based on the...

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Weitz Rep Dismisses Twilight Return

5th March 2010

A representative for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON director CHRIS WEITZ has dismissed rumours he's set to return to the vampire series to helm the final film in the franchise.The first Twilight film was directed...

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Weitz Brushes Off New Moon Critics

26th November 2009

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON director CHRIS WEITZ has chosen to ignore what film critics say about his latest movie - because he's more concerned with the opinions of the series' notoriously hard-to-please fans.Weitz was...

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The Things They Say 14314

20th November 2009

"That's become internet Chinese whispers. I said something like, 'Oh I'm so tired of doing all these movies,' but that became, 'I'm not doing any more movies now'. There's always a time I say never...

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Weitz To Quit Hollywood

19th November 2009

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON director CHRIS WEITZ will retire from Hollywood after just one more movie.Weitz, who also made About A Boy and The Golden Compass, admits he has been put off filmmaking by...

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Weitz Used Fan Input For Twilight Sequel

21st October 2009

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON director CHRIS WEITZ relied on fans to help create the upcoming TWILIGHT sequel by logging online and reading forums dedicated to the vampire franchise.The About a Boy filmmaker admits he...

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Fascinating Fact 7724

26th July 2009

THOM YORKE has penned a new track for the forthcoming TWILIGHT sequel NEW MOON. Director CHRIS WEITZ persuaded the RADIOHEAD rocker to contribute after admitting he was putting his favourite songs in the movie.

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Lautner Wins Battle To Star In New Moon

8th January 2009

TWILIGHT star TAYLOR LAUTNER will reprise his role in the hit movie's sequel NEW MOON - after impressing author STEPHENIE MEYER and director CHRIS WEITZ with his dedication to the part. The 18-year-old actor played...

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Weitz 'Will Stay Loyal To Twilight Story'

16th December 2008

Moviemaker CHRIS WEITZ has promised to stay true to the original story while shooting the sequel to hit vampire film TWILIGHT - because he doesn't want to enrage loyal fans. The director was taken on...

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Fascinating Fact 6543

14th December 2008

CHRIS WEITZ, the director of THE GOLDEN COMPASS, AMERICAN PIE and ABOUT A BOY, is set to replace CATHERINE HARDWICKE as the director for NEW MOON, the second installment in the TWILIGHT series....

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Director Defends Pullman Movie At Cannes

22nd May 2007

THE GOLDEN COMPASS director CHRIS WEITZ conceded he was preparing for a religious backlash to his movie among American evangelical Christian groups. The film, adapted from author PHILIP PULLMAN's The Northern Lights, contains much of...

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Kidman Confirmed For Compass

31st July 2006

Newlywed NICOLE KIDMAN is set to star as MRS COULTER in THE GOLDEN COMPASS, the film version of the first of PHILIP PULLMAN's bestselling HIS DARK MATERIALS trilogy. ABOUT A BOY movie-maker CHRIS WEITZ will...

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His Dark Materials Star Plucked From Obscurity

29th June 2006

A 12-year-old British girl has been chosen to play the lead role in the big screen adaptation of PHILIP PULLMAN's HIS DARK MATERIALS trilogy, following extensive auditions. Unknown DAKOTA BLUE RICHARDS will play LYRA BELACQUA...

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Tucker Takes Over Pullman Movie From Weitz

9th August 2005

ANAND TUCKER will take over from CHRIS WEITZ as director of the forthcoming adaptation of PHILIP PULLMAN's best-selling novel THE GOLDEN COMPASS. Tucker's appointment occurred after Weitz resigned complaining of the film's huge "technical...

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Film-makers Rush To Change Suicide Bomb Comedy

31st July 2005

The producers of an upcoming black comedy about terrorists starring HUGH GRANT, WILLEM DAFOE and DENNIS QUAID are considering whether to proceed or not following the London bombings earlier this month (07JUL05). Producers PAUL...

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Graham In Love Split

7th February 2005

Hollywood beauty HEATHER GRAHAM is single again - after splitting with new love JOSH LUCAS. THE GURU star, 35, and the SWEET HOME ALABAMA heart-throb, 33, began dating in December (04), several months after...

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Graham And Lucas In Love Match

16th December 2004

AUSTIN POWERS beauty HEATHER GRAHAM has been romantically linked to a new man - SALMA HAYEK's ex-boyfriend JOSH LUCAS. The screen stars stepped out as a couple for the first time on 9 December...

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His Dark Materials Film-maker Quits

15th December 2004

LATEST: CHRIS WEITZ has resigned as director of the film adaptation of PHILIP PULLMAN's fantasy trilogy HIS DARK MATERIALS, blaming on-set technical difficulties. Earlier this month (DEC04) Weitz removed references to God from the...

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Movie Ordered To Axe Religious References

8th December 2004

Hollywood studio NEW LINE have banned proposed references to God and the church from new film HIS DARK MATERIALS. PHILIP PULLMAN's screenplay portrays the church as an institution which is experimenting on its congregation...

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Oscar-winning Writer Battles For His Dark Materials Script

21st November 2004

OSCAR-winning writer SIR TOM STOPPARD has slammed film-maker CHRIS WEITZ for stopping his adaptation of PHILIP PULLMAN best-seller HIS DARK MATERIALS from making it to the big screen. The SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE author claims...

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Heather Graham In Love Split

4th November 2004

BOOGIE NIGHTS beauty HEATHER GRAHAM is a single woman once again after parting ways with her producer beau CHRIS WEITZ. The couple, who dated for more than two years, remain close, despite their romantic...

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Heather Learns From 10 Guys She Has Lost

11th May 2003

Romantic idealist HEATHER GRAHAM has learnt from the mistakes she has made in past failed relationships. The pretty 10 WAYS TO LOSE A GUY star has previously dated names including KYLE MACLACHLAN, ED BURNS,...

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