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Hollywood Loves Hillary

23rd October 2006

New York Senator HILLARY CLINTON has become the clear favourite to take over as US president in 2008 after funding her upcoming campaign with cash from the likes of TOM HANKS, BETTE MIDLER and REESE...

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Rock's Mother Claims Restaurant 'Racism'

18th October 2006

US funnyman CHRIS ROCK's mother is to sue a South Carolina restaurant over claims she was the victim of racism by the eatery's staff. ROSE ROCK and her 21-year-old daughter visited the Cracker Barrel chain's...

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Rock Honoured At Comedy Festival

5th October 2006

CHRIS ROCK will receive The Comedian award at The Comedy Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada in November (06). The accolade recognises an artist who has influenced comedy in a variety of platforms. CHRIS ALBRECHT, CEO...

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Law Still Angry Over Rock Attack

4th September 2006

British actor JUDE LAW is still seething over his Oscar night embarrassment last year (05) - when host CHRIS ROCK made fun of the prolific star's relentless screen appearances. Law was initially unfazed by Rock's...

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Goldberg Gets Real

11th August 2006

Reality TV fan WHOOPI GOLDBERG has created two new shows to test clever shoppers and reveal the secrets of a New York concierge. The actress/comedienne is in negotiations to develop new reality game show SHOP...

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Goldberg To Join Rock Comedy

24th July 2006

CHRIS ROCK has signed WHOOPI GOLDBERG up to star in two episodes of the upcoming series of US TV comedy EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS. THE LONGEST YARD funnyman insists Oscar winner Goldberg will play a major...

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Pitt And Sandler Slam Vanity Fair Piece

28th April 2006

LATEST: Actors BRAD PITT and ADAM SANDLER are slamming VANITY FAIR magazine's expose on Hollywood detective ANTHONY PELLICANO, insisting allegations of their involvement in the scandal are untrue. The actors, along with Paramount studio head...

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Jackson Linked With Pellicano Case

28th April 2006

MICHAEL JACKSON hired jailed private investigation ANTHONY PELLICANO during his child abuse case, according to Vanity Fair magazine. Pellicano is currently awaiting trial on charges he illegally wiretapped the phones of a number of stars...

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Rock Hired Private Eye Pellicano

25th April 2006

LATEST: Comedian CHRIS ROCK hired Hollywood detective ANTHONY PELLICANO to find incriminating information on a woman who filed a paternity claim against him. The private eye allegedly searched confidential criminal databases for incriminating information on...

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Ludacris Blasts Opinionated Oprah

18th April 2006

Rapper LUDACRIS has lashed out at media mogul OPRAH WINFREY for initially refusing to have him on her TV talk show and then publicly lecturing him about his rap lyrics. The hip-hop star, real name...

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Rock Is Honorary Wiggle

14th April 2006

Comedian CHRIS ROCK is such a fan of children's group THE WIGGLES, the group has made him an honorary member. Rock has two daughters, LOLA, three and ZAHRA, one, who are obsessed with the Australian...

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Green Day And Rock Win With Kids

3rd April 2006

GREEN DAY and CHRIS ROCK proved their popularity with America's children on Saturday (01APR06), each taking two gongs at the Kids Choice Awards. The punk rockers were named Favourite Music Group and their hit track...

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The Things They Say 1674

20th March 2006

"Never go into clubs with metal detectors. Sure, it feels safe inside. But what about all the people waiting outside with guns? They know you ain't got one." Funnyman CHRIS ROCK feels vulnerable on nights...

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The Things They Say 1656

17th March 2006

"I don't get high, but sometimes I wish I did. That way, when I messed up in life I would have an excuse. But right now there's no rehab for stupidity." Actor/comedian CHRIS ROCK debates...

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Rock: 'Criminals Treated Better Than Homeless'

17th March 2006

American actor/comedian CHRIS ROCK is disgusted by modern social values, insisting jailed criminals are treated better than those living on the streets. The EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS star claims convicts are privileged to be fed three...

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The Things They Say 1642

16th March 2006

"I hate the electric chair. Because electricity goes through there and electricity costs money - taxpayer's money. My $50! There are cheaper ways to kill someone. Stabbing don't cost a damn thing. Get a stabbing...

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The Things They Say 1633

15th March 2006

"A platonic friend for a woman is like a d**k in a glass case. 'In case of emergency break open glass.'" Comedian CHRIS ROCK explains the real reason why men and women pretend to be...

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Hosts And Stars Team Up To Poke Fun At Presenting The Oscars

6th March 2006

BILLY CRYSTAL, MEL GIBSON, STEVE MARTIN, CHRIS ROCK, HALLE BERRY and GEORGE CLOONEY teamed up to start last night's (05MAR06) Oscars telecast on a hilarious note - with a skit about hosting the Academy Awards....

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Rock Poised For West End

1st March 2006

Comedian CHRIS ROCK is poised to become the next American import on London's West End stage. The star is being courted by playwright NEIL LaBUTE, who directed him in 2000 film NURSE BETTY, and...

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Stewart Urges Oscar Bosses To Hand Out Cinema Discounts

28th February 2006

Funnyman JON STEWART is convinced more top comics would be willing to host the Oscars if organisers offered them lifetime cinema passes. The comedian, who will make his first Academy Awards appearance on Sunday...

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The Things They Say 1443

27th February 2006

"CHRIS (ROCK) said, 'Go there with a passport, $10,000 and a fake beard. And if you have to head to Mexico, you head to Mexico.'" Comedian CHRIS ROCK gives advice to new Oscar host JON...

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Keys Triumphs At Naacp Awards

26th February 2006

ALICIA KEYS scooped three honours at the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP) annual Image Awards yesterday (25FEB06). The FALLIN' hitmaker put comeback queen MARIAH CAREY in the shade, after being...

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Moore And Willis Team Up For Kutcher's Birthday Party

16th February 2006

DEMI MOORE gave her new husband, ASHTON KUTCHER, a birthday party to remember on 4 February (06) by inviting the best speaker she knows to toast the PUNK'D star - her ex-husband. BRUCE WILLIS...

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Fascinating Fact 877

21st January 2006

Funnyman CHRIS ROCK is to step behind the camera to direct an episode of his biographical TV comedy EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS....

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Rock Congratulates Stewart On Oscars Job

18th January 2006

Comedian CHRIS ROCK has sent his congratulations to talk show host JON STEWART, who will take over his role as Oscars host in March (06). The Academy's original choice BILLY CRYSTAL was too busy...

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Jon Stewart To Host Oscars?

5th January 2006

Comedian and talk show host JON STEWART will host the 78th Academy Awards in March (06), according to reports in Hollywood. Oscar officials have yet to confirm Stewart's appointment - but the Los Angeles...

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Timberlake Thanks Rock For Recommending Rubin

5th January 2006

Pop maestro JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is grateful to comedian CHRIS ROCK for suggesting he collaborate with RICK RUBIN, because the legendary producer is his perfect foil. The CRY ME A RIVER hitmaker, who is also...

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Everybody Really Does Hate Chris After Bad Santa Episode

30th December 2005

Funnyman CHRIS ROCK's new TV series EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS has come under fire from family groups in America following a recent episode which questioned the existence of SANTA CLAUS. The show, which aired on...

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