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Martin's Slasher Film To Be Shown

16th July 2007

Singer CHRIS MARTIN's 2003 appearance in a slasher film will finally see the light of day on file sharing site YouTube. The Coldplay frontman stars in horror film Slashed, which was made by Northern Irish...

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The Things They Say 5008

28th June 2007

"COLDPLAY are the modern BEATLES, so I'd love to do a duet with them, especially CHRIS MARTIN." JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE heaps praise on Coldplay....

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Amerie To Duet With Martin

9th May 2007

R+B beauty AMERIE is planning to record a duet with COLDPLAY frontman CHRIS MARTIN. The 1 Thing hitmaker, 26, met Martin, 30, in Germany last year (06), where they discussed a possible collaboration. She enthuses,...

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Paltrow And Martin To Educate Children In England

6th May 2007

COLDPLAY rocker CHRIS MARTIN and wife GWYNETH PALTROW will send their children Apple and Moses to English schools. The celebrity couple, who recently sold their New York mansion for a huge $14 million (GBP7 million),...

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Amerie Still Has Hopes For Coldplay Duet

29th April 2007

American R+B singer AMERIE was left devestated when Coldplay's CHRIS MARTIN cancelled their planned duet following the birth of his son Moses. The 1 Thing hitmaker, who recently admitted insuring her legs for $2 million...

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Coldplay Star Auctions Off His Jacket For Oxfam

26th April 2007

COLDPLAY star CHRIS MARTIN is auctioning off his favourite Dolce + Gabbana jacket to raise funds for humanitarian relief in Africa. The Yellow singer's black jacket will be one of a number of celebrity memorabilia...

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Fascinating Fact 3158

26th April 2007

CHRIS MARTIN and GWYNETH PALTROW are selling their six bedroom New York property for nearly $14 million (GBP7 million) - they paid just $7.95 million (GBP3.98 million) for it two years ago....

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Sienna Steps Up For Charity

24th April 2007

Sienna Miller has donated a pair of her shoes to help raise money for people suffering in Chad and the troubled Darfur region of Sudan.Her donation is just one of many being made by a...

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Martin Murdered For Ash Movie

17th April 2007

COLDPLAY frontman CHRIS MARTIN was "gruesomely" killed off in a movie produced by Irish rockers ASH. But fans will never get to see Martin "murdered" in the film, because the band failed to complete the...

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Gervais And Wood Up For Baftas Tv Awards

11th April 2007

Comedy stars RICKY GERVAIS and VICTORIA WOOD have been nominated for acting prizes at the forthcoming British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) TV awards. Gervais is nominated for Best Comedy Performance for his...

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Paltrow And Martin's Buy Fourth Property In North London

8th April 2007

COLDPLAY rocker CHRIS MARTIN and wife GWYNETH PALTROW have purchased yet another property in an apparent bid to own their whole street. The couple, who have two children APPLE and MOSES, have purchased the north...

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Chris Martin's Sweet Revenge On School Bully

3rd April 2007

Coldplay's lead singer Chris Martin has reveal how revenge against a school bully was a "pretty sweet" dish.Speaking to the Sun, the 30-year-old musician told of how he was picked on at the posh Dorset...

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Martin's Sweet Revenge On Bully

3rd April 2007

COLDPLAY rocker CHRIS MARTIN tasted revenge recently when he met a former classmate who bullied him at school. The singer - married to Oscar-winning actress GWYNETH PALTROW - insists he couldn't resist the opportunity to...

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Madonna For Extras?

2nd April 2007

Pop superstar MADONNA is set to star in the last ever episode of RICK GERVAIS' hit TV comedy EXTRAS. Gervais and writing partner STEPHEN MERCHANT will end the programme's two series run with a star-studded...

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Merchant Wants Prince For Extras

26th March 2007

British comedy actor STEPHEN MERCHANT is desperate for pop superstar PRINCE to star in the final ever episode of his hit show EXTRAS. Merchant and RICKY GERVAIS are planning a Christmas special before ending the...

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Timbaland To Work With Coldplay

22nd March 2007

TIMBALAND is planning to give British rockers COLDPLAY an urban twist when he produces songs for their upcoming album. The beatmaker - real name TIMOTHY MOSLEY - is the brains behind NELLY FURTADO's hit MANEATER...

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Gervais Plans To Axe Extras

19th March 2007

Comedian RICKY GERVAIS will make a final Christmas special episode of TV hit EXTRAS before axing the show, according to reports. The Emmy-winning creator of THE OFFICE is determined not to risk the failure of...

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Gwyneth 'Too Skinny' To Play Marlene Dietrich

15th March 2007

In Hollywood most women are usually told to lose weight if they want to land roles in films, but for once someone has said that Gwyneth Paltrow needs to put on a few pounds for...

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Martin Slams Ringtone Generation

14th March 2007

COLDPLAY frontman CHRIS MARTIN has hit out at the music industry, insisting "proper" music is no longer held in high regard. The YELLOW singer has criticised the trend for mobile phone ringtones of chart tunes,...

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Paltrow Prefers Being A Housewife

28th February 2007

Oscar-winner GWYNETH PALTROW prefers being a wife and mother and insists her work at home has been just as fulfilling as her successful acting career. The SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE star took three years off after...

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Paltrow: Parenthood Is "Amazing"

27th February 2007

Although Gwyneth Paltrow is keen to get back into acting it seems that she'll be looking back fondly to her days as a full-time mother.Speaking yesterday to talkshow host Oprah Winfrey, the Oscar-winning actress said...

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Coldplay Apologise For 'Unreasonable' Ticket Pricing

20th February 2007

COLDPLAY have issued an apology to fans in South America after charging a staggering $160 (GBP82) for tickets to their concerts in Chile. The group, currently on tour on the continent, recently discovered the exorbitant...

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Paltrow Targets "Evil" Cancer

19th February 2007

Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow has said that she works hard to ensure her children lead as healthy a lifestyle as possible in an attempt to reduce their risk of cancer.The 34-year-old actress, who has two...

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Paltrow's Cancer 'Curse'

19th February 2007

Clean-living star GWYNETH PALTROW's lifestyle choice is a desperate attempt to beat the cancer "curse" that has gripped her family. The SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE star has already lost five close family members to the disease,...

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Gwyneth Does Her Bit For Charity

16th February 2007

Gwyneth Paltrow ignored the icy weather conditions in New York last night to host a diamond charity auction.The Oscar-winning actress explained that she wanted to attend the auction for Hope Lodge, which provides free housing...

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Pegg: 'Paltrow And Martin Are Normal People'

6th February 2007

British funnyman SIMON PEGG has leaped to the defence of his friends GWYNETH PALTROW and CHRIS MARTIN, insisting they're "normal people". The SHAUN OF THE DEAD star is so sick of newspaper headlines attacking the...

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Paltrow Wants Advice From Winslet And Blanchett

2nd February 2007

GWYNETH PALTROW is struggling to find a balance between family and work and wants advice from other actresses in the same situation. The SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE star is married to COLDPLAY singer CHRIS MARTIN and...

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Newton Fails To Turn Hollywood Green

1st February 2007

Actress THANDIE NEWTON is fuming after a host of celebrities snubbed her attempts to convince them to go green. The CRASH actress wrote letters to the likes of MADONNA, JACK NICHOLSON, CHRIS MARTIN, ROBIN WILLIAMS,...

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Martin: 'Travis Invented Coldplay'

20th January 2007

CHRIS MARTIN has praised Scottish rockers TRAVIS for having such a big influence on young musicians, crediting the Scottish band for the creation of Martin's own group, COLDPLAY. Appearing as a guest presenter on the...

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The Things They Say 3821

16th January 2007

"He even sings well in the shower." GWYNETH PALTROW lavishes praise on husband CHRIS MARTIN's musicianship in the home....

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