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Chris Eubank Shapes Up For Phone Hacking Fight

18th March 2013

Former world boxing champion Chris Eubank is preparing for a court fight with Rupert Murdoch's U.K. newspaper group over the phone hacking scandal.Ex-middleweight star Eubank has been officially informed his cell phone voicemail messages were...

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Fascinating Fact 7700

21st July 2009

Former world middleweight boxing champion CHRIS EUBANK is to have a $45,000 (£30,000) operation on his mouth to cure his famous lisp.

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Eubank Arrested

23rd February 2007

Former boxer CHRIS EUBANK has been arrested for allegedly breaching the peace during a protest at the UK government's decision to send British royal PRINCE HARRY to Iraq. The former fighter was detained after parking...

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Morrissey Hangs Out With Eubank

24th February 2006

Singer MORRISSEY has found an unusual companion in his new hometown of Rome - former World middleweight boxing champion CHRIS EUBANK. The recently divorced and bankrupt fighter has retreated to the Italian capital and...

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Eubank Declared Bankrupt

24th November 2005

Former middleweight champion CHRIS EUBANK has been declared bankrupt for outstanding debts amounting to $2.34 million (GBP1.3 million). The eccentric British boxer, who has starred in his own reality TV show AT HOME WITH...

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