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More 'Star Wars' Casting Rumors Peg Chloe Grace Moretz As A Possible Casting Choice

By Victoria Pavlova | 11th September 2013

With Star Wars Episode VII approaching (we use that word loosely, since the actual release date won’t be until 2015) fans are almost going crazy with speculation – Benedict Cumberbatch and Chloe Grace Moretz have...

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Chloe Grace Moretz's Brothers In Anti-gay Bullying Nightmare

By Nick Hill | 11th September 2013

The Kick-ass star Chloe Grace Moretz is literary ready to kick-ass against the bullies who have targeted and abused her gay brothers.The 16 year old graces the cover of Seventeen magazine's October issue to send...

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Unexpected Triumph For 'The Butler' Over 'Kick-ass 2' At The Box Office

By Jack de Aguilar | 19th August 2013

Kick-Ass 2 – the follow up to 2010’s smash hit Kick-Ass – was expected to build up on its predecessor’s success by dominating the box office. But a slew of negative reviews have led...

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'Lee Daniels' The Butler' Beats 'Kick-ass 2' And 'Jobs' In Us Weekend Box Office

By Elinor Cosgrave | 19th August 2013

Lee Daniels' The Butler has defeated other newcomers Kick-Ass 2 and Jobs in the US Weekend Box Office. The Butler has headed straight to number one whilst Kick-Ass 2 and Jobs have respectively gained 4th...

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Plot Twist: "Lee Daniels' The Butler" Beats Out "Kick-ass 2" For Weekend Box Office

By Victoria Pavlova | 18th August 2013

In a surprising turn of events, it was Lee Daniels’ The Butler and not Kick-Ass 2 that took the Friday box office. The historicald drama, which tracks the life of White House butler Cecil gaines...

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Kick-ass 2 Looks Like The Biggest Box Office Earner Heading Into The Weekend

By Victoria Pavlova | 16th August 2013

We won’t know the final figures of the weekend box office until, quite obviously, the end of the weekend, but right now, the fight between Kick-Ass 2 and Lee Daniels’ The Butler is looking pretty...

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'Kick Ass 2' Violence Shocks Critics

By Elinor Cosgrave | 16th August 2013

Kick-Ass 2 has been universally panned by critics. It is due to be released in the US today (16th August) whilst it is already out in UK cinemas.Christopher Mintz-Plasse at the photocall for Kick-Ass 2...

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Kick Ass 2… Doesn’T Kick Ass!? Oh No! At Least Chloe Moretz Is Good

By Jack de Aguilar | 15th August 2013

Given that the original movie was so good, when we asked the question: can Kick Ass 2 possibly be better than the first?, we were asking a rhetorical question, or at least we thought we...

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Glamorize Violence? Kick Ass 2 "Unglamorizes" It, Actually, Says Mark Miller

By Jack de Aguilar | 14th August 2013

It may not an actual word, but Kick Ass creator Mark Miller is pretty sure that Kick Ass 2 unglamorizes violence, instead of the popular opinion that it in fact glamorizes it. The news comes...

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Mark Millar On Kick-ass 2: "It's A Real Take On Violence, You Feel Every Blow"

By Michael West | 13th August 2013

Mark Millar, the creator of the Kick-Ass comic book, has fired back at critics who claim his films are too violent though didn't necessarily deny the claims.Hollywood comedy actor Jim Carrey - who plays a...

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2013 Teen Choice Awards: On The Red Carpet And Highlights

By Elinor Cosgrave | 12th August 2013

The 2013 Teen Choice was held last night, Sunday 11th August, at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City. The event was star studded with attendees photographed on the red carpet including Selena Gomez, Lucy Hale,...

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Could 'Kick Ass 2' Be Even Better Than The First? [Trailer + Pictures]

By Jack de Aguilar | 26th July 2013

Kick Ass was the surprise hit of 2010; the ultra-violent adaption from the comic book by Mark Miller was a cheap, successful movie, and now it’s back with an even bigger roster of stars, and...

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'Kick Ass 2' Does Exactly 'What It Says On The Tin', So Why Did Jim Carrey Withdraw His Support?

By Elinor Cosgrave | 25th June 2013

Jim Carrey has withdrawn his support from Kick-Ass 2 claiming, via Twitter, that 'in all good conscience I cannot support that level of violence'. He claims the reason behind his decision to withdraw is due...

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Has Jim Carrey Shot Himself In The Foot With 'Kick-ass 2' Renunciation?

By Joe Wilde | 25th June 2013

Jim Carrey will next star in the much-anticipated sequel to 2010's Kick-Ass, imaginatively called Kick-Ass 2, which is due out later this summer. While the rest of the cast and crew get ready to promote...

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Post-breakup Kristen Stewart Bags Two Lead Roles

By Lauren James | 5th June 2013

Kristen Stewart, star of the Twilight franchise, has landed herself lead roles in political drama Camp X-Ray, and Swiss-set Sils Maria.The 23 year-old actress, best known for her lead role as Bella Swan in the...

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Star Frenzy At The 2013 Billboard Music Awards With Arrivals From The Likes Of Taylor Swift To Jennifer Lopez [Photos]

By Holly Williams | 20th May 2013

Taylor Swift at the 2013 Billboard Music AwardsThe 2013 Billboard Music Awards looked to be one of the most celeb-filled events of the year with some of the music industry's biggest stars making their glamorous...

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A Week In Movies: Oblivion Begins Blockbuster Season, Bradley Cooper Shines In Beyond The Pines While Carrie, Rush And Elysium Trailers Emerge

By Staff Writer | 12th April 2013

Summer blockbuster season kicked off this week with the release of the new Tom Cruise action-adventure Oblivion, which is also the first in a seemingly endless series of post-apocalyptic movies headed our way over the...

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Carrie Trailer – We’Re Ready For Some Scares (Video)

By Jack de Aguilar | 8th April 2013

The latest reimagining of cult classic horror, starring Chloe Grace Moretz, has a scary new trailer to whet our appetite. Will it stand up to the original? Check the trailer out below.In this trailer, we...

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Will ‘Carrie’ Be Chloe Grace Moretz’ First Oscar Nominated Role?

By Jack de Aguilar | 6th April 2013

Chloe Grace Moretz’ stock has been rising, well, since she started acting really. She may be young, but she’s hot property in Hollywood, and her latest role as Carrie may just be the film to...

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Too Much Spoiler In New Carrie Trailer? Horror Nerds: Discuss.

By Hayley Avron | 5th April 2013

A note to the makers of the Carrie remake: not everyone has seen the original, you know. You may have wanted to keep a little bit of the plotline as a surprise?Starring Chloe Grace Moretz...

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New Kick-ass 2 Trailer: Chloe Grace Moretz Just Owned Your Ass!

By Michael West | 27th March 2013

The new international trailer for Kick-Ass 2 has arrived, focusing on Chloe Grace Moretz's Hit-Girl character generally causing chaos and kicking some serious behind. Readers of the original comic-book will know that the sequel to...

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Epic 'Kick-ass 2' Red Band Trailer Is Finally Here! (Trailer And Pictures)

By Holly Williams | 18th March 2013

Kick-Ass meets The Mother F****rThe trailer for 'Kick Ass 2' is finally here showcasing yet more hilarious superhero capers from Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr.'s lovable comic duo Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl.The first taste of...

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Kate Nash Rocks New Gothabilly Look For London Fashion Week

By Hayley Avron | 15th February 2013

The Kate Nash of old is long gone. The singer once known for wearing cutesy dresses and cardigans appears to have shed that vintage look and is opting for a more dramatic sartorial style. Sporting...

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The Ten Most Anticipated Films Of 2013

By Staff Writer | 24th December 2012

As always, we'll need to sift through a vast number of sequels and remakes to find something original next year. But here are a few things worth looking forward to. Of course, release dates are...

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Jim Carrey Is Judd Apatow's Funniest Man On Earth

By Lorna Greville  | 12th December 2012

The name 'Judd Appatow' probably rings a bell, but without clear recognition of who he is. We guarrantee that he's partly responsible for one of your favourite contemporary comedy movies, having been involved as either...

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Pictures: Stars Come Out For Jonathan Ross' Halloween Bash

By Contributor | 1st November 2012

Flashing a big smile, teen actress Chloe Moretz struggled to keep in character at Jonathan Ross Halloween bashNo one throws a Halloween party like Jonathan Ross so it would seem! The great and the good...

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Chloe Moretz Talks 'Carrie' Remake

By Lorna Greville  | 17th October 2012

Casting Chloe Moretz in the 'Carrie' remake is the best decision anyone has ever made. Carrie is an extraordinary and iconic character from film's horror history; she's a frustrated teenager with special powers. Moretz is...

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Carrie Remake Teaser Trailer: Will Fans Of The Original Be Converted?

By Hayley Avron | 17th October 2012

A teaser trailer for the Carrie remake was unveiled at New York’s Comic Con last weekend and has now made its way online. Starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore, the re-visioning of the 1976...

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Karl Lagerfeld, Keira Knightley And Chloe Moretz Celebrate Chanel's 'Little Black Jacket' In London

By Michael West | 12th October 2012

Any event of Chanel's will always be full of the world's best dressed and most beautiful people. As such, Keira Knightley was a prerequisite to Chanel's 'Little Black Jacket' event in London, last night (11th...

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