The Little Rascals star Blake Mciver has revealed his new song Wish I Didn't Need You is about his battle with prescription drugs.

The former child star, who portrayed nerdy Waldo in the 1994 family film, was diagnosed with anxiety issues while he was a student at college and he was prescribed medication that made him feel numb and uninterested.

He became so frustrated by his condition that he sat down at the piano one day and serenaded an empty pill bottle in front of him.

MCIver, who also gave Disney's young Tarzan his voice and won U.S. Tv talent show StarSearch as a six year old, tells Wenn, "During my senior year in college I was having extreme panic attacks and debilitating anxiety and I was diagnosed with Ocd (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and general anxiety disorder and this whole list of things, and my doctor immediately put me on medication and the combination just sort of made me numb.

"I didn't feel creative, I didn't feel excited. I wasn't nervous and I wasn't panicking or scared, but I also wasn't interesting.

"I got so frustrated that I stopped taking it and the anxiety was coming back and I was in the middle of trying to write. I sat down at the piano with the empty pill bottle in front of me and wrote Wish I Didn't Need You to the pill bottle, because I was so angry that I needed that chemical to be quote-unquote normal."

The actor/singer is now promoting his new album The Time Manipulator and he insists his anxiety issues are under control: "I found a much better doctor who was able to put me on a much lower dosage of everything and figure out what the root of the problem was. I'm symptom free now."