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Movie Reviews The Pirates! Band Of Misfits

28th April 2012

The unlikely winner of the award for best-reviewed movie of the weekend is Aardman Animation's The Pirates! Band of Misfits . Of the major critics, only Roger Moore of the Orlando Sentinel sends it to...

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Hugh Grant Used Imaginary Beard To Get Into Role

29th March 2012

Hugh Grant stroked an imaginary beard to get into character for his latest film.The British actor provides the voice of Pirate Captain in new 3D animation movie 'The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists' and...

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Hugh Grant To Voice Animated Pirate

5th May 2011

Hugh Grant is to voice an animated character for the first time.The 'Love Actually' star has signed up to play the role of Pirate Captain in 'The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists' alongside Martin...

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Nick Park Reveals Plot Of Christmas Wallace And Gromit

4th November 2008

Oscar-winning director Nick Park has shed light on the plot of Wallace and Gromit's latest adventure.After a big screen outing in The Curse of the Were Rabbit, the animated pair return to television this Christmas...

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Wallace & Gromit To Return

3rd October 2007

Animation favourites Wallace & Gromit are to return to television screen for the first time in 12 years.The claymation duo will star in half-hour adventure Trouble at' Mill, set to screen on BBC1 in late...

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British Animators Split From Hollywood Studio

31st January 2007

Hollywood film studio DreamWorks Animation and the makers of the WALLACE AND GROMIT films have severed their troubled partnership after their quirky British characters failed to catch on in the US. The collaboration yielded Oscar-winning...

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Flushed Away: No Feat Of Clay

2nd November 2006

Although numerous reports have referred to the upcoming Flushed Away from Aardman Features as a "claymation" movie -- that is, one using Plasticene figures and stop-frame photography like the company's previous Chicken Run and Wallace...

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Aardman Moves On To Computers

16th February 2006

British movie house Aardman Animations has made its first film using computer generated imagery (CGI), after years of working with plasticine models. After scoring hits including WALLACE AND GROMIT: THE CURSE OF THE WERE...

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Park Unfazed By Wallace And Gromit Fire

12th October 2005

LATEST: Oscar-winning animator NICK PARK is unfazed by the fire which destroyed many of his past creations on Monday (10OCT05), because he is determined to concentrate on future projects. Park's discovered his latest movie...

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Chicken Run Star Seeks Legal Action Over Marriage Claims

6th January 2004

LATEST: CHICKEN RUN actress JULIA SAWALHA is taking legal action over claims she secretly married comedian boyfriend ALAN DAVIES over Christmas (DEC03). The 35-year-old star - who also plays SAFFRON in ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS -...

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Chicken Run Star Hasn't Married Tv Lover

5th January 2004

LATEST: The father of CHICKEN RUN actress JULIA SAWALHA has dismissed reports she secretly married her British TV star lover ALAN DAVIES over the New Year as "rubbish". Actor NADIM SAWALHA says his 34-year-old...

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Chicken Run Star Marries Tv Lover

5th January 2004

CHICKEN RUN actress JULIA SAWALHA has secretly married her British TV star lover ALAN DAVIES. The 34-year-old star and the 37-year-old actor and comedian - who appear together in BBC series JONATHAN CREEK -...

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Chickens Run All Over Dreamworks

26th June 2003

A little known British author is taking the creator of hit film CHICKEN RUN to court - claiming the movie was based on his book. STEVEN SPIELBERG's DREAMWORKS studio produced the enormously successful animation...

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