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Anna Faris To March As Private Benjamin

31st March 2010

Anna Faris is to star in a remake of 'Private Benjamin'.The 33-year-old actress is to take over the role of Judy Benjamin, originally played by Goldie Hawn, in the reimagining of the classic 1980 comedy,...

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The Things They Say 15230

1st February 2010

"I'd love to do another Fletch. I don't think anybody else is going to do it any better than me, frankly. But I'm not hopeful." CHEVY CHASE on reprising his bumbling reporter.

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Chase & D'angelo Return As The Griswolds In Tv Ad

1st February 2010

CHEVY CHASE and BEVERLY D'ANGELO have reprised their NATIONAL LAMPOON VACATION characters for an hilarious new TV ad which will debut during the Super Bowl on 7 February (10).The two stars will return as Clark...

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The Things They Say 14995

14th January 2010

"I used to be (a friend). I don't like him now... There wasn't really a falling out; he cheated at cards." CHEVY CHASE jokes about his friendship with former President BILL CLINTON.

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Chevy Chase's Golf Lessons From Bill Clinton

12th November 2009

CHEVY CHASE was left red-faced after former U.S. President BILL CLINTON invited him on a golfing weekend, only for the comedian to discover he's hopeless at the sport.Chase leaped at the chance to play a...

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Cnn "Fact Checks" Snl Obama Sketch

9th October 2009

Wolf Blitzer and CNN were being skewered Thursday for "fact checking" a Saturday Night Live sketch in which a faux President Obama, played by Fred Armisen, begins an address to the nation by saying that...

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Chase Stunned By Good Reviews

8th October 2009

CHEVY CHASE is stunned that critics have warmed to his new U.S. TV comedy COMMUNITY - because his career has been ravaged by bad reviews.The Fletch star has won over audiences and pundits alike in...

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Chevy Chase Could Return To Fletch Role

7th October 2009

Comedy legend CHEVY CHASE has hinted he's set to return to the big screen in one of his most famous movie roles - playing FLETCH in a forthcoming sequel.Chase played the womanising journalist in two...

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The Things They Say 12734

26th June 2009

"Farrah was more than a beautiful star. Graceful in life and graceful as she neared the end, I found working with her to be one of the nicest experiences I've ever had in film." CHEVY...

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Leno Against Crime

5th May 2009

Not only did Jay Leno acknowledge that he'll be up against killer shows when he debuts with his nightly variety hour in the fall, but he predicted that people, weary of all the murders in...

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The Things They Say 12042

24th April 2009

"It was amazing. Very surreal. I grew up watching him, so I was a fan and it was like, 'Fletch is sitting right there!'" Screenwriter and actor MARK POLISH was starstruck working with comedy legend...

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Fallon Failin' On Late Night ?

4th March 2009

Jimmy Fallon's first go-round as host of CBS's Late Night delivered solid ratings Monday night/Tuesday morning. The show posted a 2.3 rating and an 8 share, up about 35 percent from the average rating when...

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Fascinating Fact 6515

9th December 2008

Spanish TV viewers are to get their own version of classic U.S. comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. Network Cuatro has bought the rights to create their own version of the programme that helped launch the...

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Chase Not Tickled By Palin's Snl Appearance

20th October 2008

Comedian CHEVY CHASE wasn't laughing at U.S. vice presidential candidate SARAH PALIN's guest appearance on sketch show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE this weekend (18/19Oct08), insisting TV bosses made a "big mistake" inviting her on. The National...

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Tina Fey Says She'll Be Done With Palin Next Month

14th October 2008

Tina Fey says that she will only be doing her impersonations of Sarah Palin until election day. "If she wins, I'm done," Fey said in an interview with TV Guide . "I can't do that...

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Irs Man Charged With Snooping On Celebs' Returns

4th June 2008

An IRS tax examiner in Cincinnati has been charged with snooping on the tax records of more than 200 film and TV personalities and sports stars, The Smoking Gun website reported today (Monday). In a...

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The Things They Say 8145

28th April 2008

"I have a fast Mercedes that I drive once every four years. It's a totally narcissistic, 'I'm a movie star' thing, but you have to give in once in a while." Farm-dwelling environmentally-friendly actor CHEVY...

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Stars Design T-shirts For Earth Day

21st April 2008

GLENN CLOSE, CHEVY CHASE and JAIME PRESSLY have put their designing skills to good use to create a new line of charity Tshirts. The stars have teamed up with the Earth Day Network to create...

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Farley's Pals Tried To Save Him

2nd April 2008

CHRIS FARLEY's celebrity friends CHEVY CHASE and DAVID SPADE tried desperately to save the actor from his drug addiction before he died of an overdose, a new book reveals. Actor pals Chase and Spade reveal...

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Chevy Chase's Christmas Nightmare

24th December 2007

A childhood Christmas was ruined for CHEVY CHASE, when robbers struck and stole all his presents. The comedy star is still haunted by the festive nightmare, more than 50 years on. He tells the New...

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Fascinating Fact 4265

9th November 2007

Funnyman CHEVY CHASE is set to return to the U.S. comedy show where he made his name, Saturday NIGHT LIVE, as a regular on the show's comedy news segment Weekend Update.

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Chase: 'I Cannot Forget Childhood Beatings'

23rd April 2007

Comedian CHEVY CHASE will never forgive his mother and step-dad for the tortuous beatings he received as a child. The Fletch funnyman admits he lived in "deathly fear" of his mentally-ill mother Cathalene and stepfather...

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Chevy Chase's Rehab Confession

8th January 2007

Comedy legend CHEVY CHASE underwent rehab treatment for an addiction to painkillers, inspired by the public plight of former US President's wife BETTY FORD. The FLETCH star visited the Betty Ford clinic in the 1980s...

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Stars Come Out To Say Farewell To Boyle

19th December 2006

CHEVY CHASE, ALAN ALDA and SOPRANOS stars LORRAINE BRACCO and STEVEN VAN ZANDT were among the 250 mourners who celebrated the life of actor PETER BOYLE at a memorial service in New York yesterday (18DEC06)....

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Chevy Chase: 'Gibson Needs A Little Education'

3rd November 2006

Funnyman CHEVY CHASE is getting serious about pal MEL GIBSON's anti-Semitic rant after aping the controversy in a new 'ripped from-the-headlines' LAW + ORDER story. The SPIES LIKE US star plays a bigoted father who...

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Hollywood Loves Hillary

23rd October 2006

New York Senator HILLARY CLINTON has become the clear favourite to take over as US president in 2008 after funding her upcoming campaign with cash from the likes of TOM HANKS, BETTE MIDLER and REESE...

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Irons Pleads For Peace

16th October 2006

Actor JEREMY IRONS pleaded to a celebrity-packed audience to join human rights group Amnesty International and end world suffering, during a speech at London's The Secret Policeman's Secret Ball on Saturday (14OCT06). The DIE HARD...

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Chevy Chase Slams Iraq War

14th October 2006

Comedian CHEVY CHASE has spoken out against the Iraq war - and praised comments by Britain's most senior soldier about withdrawing from the country "amazing". The US funnyman praised Army General SIR RICHARD DANNATT's...

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Chase Defends Gibson Arrest

4th October 2006

Veteran comic CHEVY CHASE has defended his friend MEL GIBSON following his infamous drink-driving arrest in July (06). In an episode of LAW + ORDER to be screened in the US next month (NOV06), Chase...

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Chase Recreates Gibson Arrest On Law + Order

29th September 2006

Comic legend CHEVY CHASE will appear on an upcoming episode of LAW + ORDER inspired by MEL GIBSON's infamous drink driving arrest. In the episode, which started filming this week (beg25SEP06), Chase guest stars as...

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