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Cheryl Ladd Opens Up About Skin Cancer Battle

27th December 2011

Former Charlie's Angels star Cheryl Ladd has undergone minor surgery to remove skin cancer spots caused by her love of the beach.The actress, who replaced Farrah Fawcett on the hit show, is a health nut...

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The Things They Say 22979

30th September 2011

"He was my neighbour... and he would call me sometimes in the morning and say, 'Good morning angel'." Cheryl Ladd loved her breakfast calls from Charlie's Angels co-star John Forsythe, who provided the original voice...

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Ladd Longs For More Kids

21st April 2010

Veteran actress CHERYL LADD regrets not having more kids during her childbearing years, because she longs for a larger brood of six or seven.The former Charlie's Angles star has a daughter, Jordan, with ex-husband actor...

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Ladd Almost Turned Down Angels

20th April 2010

CHERYL LADD almost turned down her iconic role in hit U.S. series CHARLIE'S ANGELS - because she feared fans would reject her for replacing tragic TV legend FARRAH FAWCETT.Ladd replaced Fawcett and played her character's...

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Ladd Still Hurt About Charlie's Angeles Reunion Snub

2nd July 2009

Actress CHERYL LADD is still sore about missing the chance to be part of the CHARLIE'S ANGELS salute to TV mogul AARON SPELLING at the 2006 Emmy Awards, insisting co-star KATE JACKSON cut her from...

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The Things They Say 10924

27th January 2009

"In a 24 hour period I made out with CHERYL TIEGS, CHERYL LADD, a Playboy playmate and a chimpanzee". Actor JOHN C. REILLY had a wild time filming 2007 comedy WALK HARD: THE DEWEY COX...

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The Things They Say 6519

14th December 2007

"I'd get home and say to my wife, 'I can't believe what I did today - I made out with a chimpanzee. And it had really big lips.' Actually, within a 24-hour period I made...

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Ladd Urges Women To Seek Menopause Help

7th September 2006

Former CHARLIE'S ANGELS star CHERYL LADD is urging middle-aged women to seek menopause help as the spokeswoman for website The actress, 55, will appear in US TV ads throughout September (06), America's Menopause Awareness...

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Fawcett And Ladd Join Publicist For Angels Tribute Book

18th August 2006

CHARLIE'S ANGELS pin-ups FARRAH FAWCETT and CHERYL LADD are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the hit show in September (06) by teaming up to pen the foreword to a new tribute book. The two actresses,...

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The Fonz Woos Angels For Reunion Special

13th July 2006

HAPPY DAYS star HENRY WINKLER is hoping to convince the stars of hit 1970s TV show CHARLIE'S ANGELS to reunite for a 30th anniversary special later this year (06). Winkler and his production partner...

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Ladd Becomes An Angel To Menopausal Women

21st February 2006

Former CHARLIE'S ANGELS star CHERYL LADD has signed up to help middle-aged women across America face up to the menopause. The ageing pin-up insists it's nothing for women to fear - and has become...

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Quaid Is Top Golfer

5th November 2005

American actor DENNIS QUAID is Hollywood's champion golfer, according to special interest magazine Golf Digest. DEEP IMPACT star TEA LEONI tied with ROCKY hardman SYLVESTER STALLONE for 34th place, but was the best out...

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Fascinating Fact 306

5th October 2005

Former CHARLIE'S ANGELS star CHERYL LADD is urging middle-aged American women to take their ailments seriously in a series of new TV ads. The actress is the spokeswoman for website

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Ladd: 'Golfing Is A Great Way To Meet Men'

25th June 2005

Former CHARLIE'S ANGELS star CHERYL LADD has given women a huge incentive to take up golf - by declaring it a "wonderful" way to meet men. The 53-year-old actress has just release her new...

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Ladd A Huge American Idol Fan

25th May 2005

Former CHARLIE'S ANGELS star CHERYL LADD is such a huge fan of talent search show AMERICAN IDOL, she got herself tickets to attend a live taping of an installment. As the show races to...

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Stripping Stars Honoured At Anatomy Awards

23rd February 2005

BO DEREK, PARIS HILTON, NEVE CAMPBELL and OSCAR nominee NATALIE PORTMAN are among the beauties being honoured for showing off their flesh in steamy movie scenes as the MRSKIN.COM website announces its sixth annual ANATOMY...

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Snoop Charms Angel

5th November 2004

Rapper SNOOP DOGG has won himself a new admirer - original CHARLIE'S ANGELS star CHERYL LADD. The veteran actress met the hip-hop star when he made a guest appearance as himself on her American...

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Cheryl Plans Golf Tell-all

24th August 2003

JACK NICHOLSON and JAMES GARNER had better watch out - former CHARLIE'S ANGELS star CHERYL LADD is planning a tell-all book about her golfing triumphs. The actress is so good on Los Angeles' courses,...

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