Oh boy! Cheryl Cole's latest exchange of blows with Mirror journalist Polly Hudson might not technically qualify as a real “feud,” but it sure was dramatic. The social media clash began when Hudson posted an opinion piece, entitled “Cheryl Cole Would Be Much Happier If She Wasn’t Famous”. The piece detailed all the ways in which fame has supposedly ruined Cole's life, from bad relationships to painful high heels. As you can imagine, the piece wasn’t very flattering.

Cheryl Cole, Cannes Film Festival
Hell hath no fury...

With quotes like “Cheryl Nosurname had the most depressing 30th birthday in the history of celebrations, didn’t she,” it was only a matter of time before the Girls Aloud singer took notice… and offence. Then she took aim at Hudson herself, blasting her with a series of acerbic tweets. Well, there were two tweets to be more accurate, but there was a lot of sass to go around for sure.