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Cher To Hit Vegas

11th April 2006

Veteran hitmaker CHER is planning to take over the stage at the Coliseum at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, when CELINE DION ends her run next year (07). Cher has only just completed her extensive 'farewell'...

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Britney's Birthday Dwarves Slammed 'A Sick Stunt'

3rd April 2006

LATEST: Pop star BRITNEY SPEARS has been slammed as "wicked" and "sick" for hiring dwarves to entertain her husband's guests at his recent birthday bash. The TOXIC hitmaker has been criticised by a host of...

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Cher's Boyfriend Gets Racy With Cross

31st March 2006

Ageing pop superstar CHER might want to avert her eyes when she watches DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES in America this weekend (02APR06) - because her new boyfriend has a love scene with MARCIA CROSS. Actor LEE TERGESON,...

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Spears Treats Husband To Cher Show

25th March 2006

BRITNEY SPEARS served up a birthday treat for husband KEVIN FEDERLINE in Las Vegas, Nevada on Thursday (23MAR06) - a CHER impersonator. The couple have been living it up in Sin City this week for...

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Cher Dating Desperate Housewives Toyboy?

22nd March 2006

CHER has reportedly treated herself to an early 60th birthday gift - a new toyboy. The pop star/actress is allegedly dating actor LEE TERGESEN, 40, who is set for a breakthrough role on an upcoming...

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Chastity Made Gay Call To Furious Cher From Cruise's Home

14th March 2006

CHASTITY BONO was staying at friend TOM CRUISE's home when she called her mother CHER to confess that she was gay. Bono revealed it took a long time to work up the courage to make...

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Bangles Star Hoffs' Sweet Return To The Sixties

23rd February 2006

The BANGLES star SUSANNA HOFFS and cult singer/songwriter MATTHEW SWEET have teamed up to become the new SONNY and CHER with a new duets album. The odd couple are longtime friends and they're now...

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Spears To Guest Star In Will + Grace

1st February 2006

Pop star BRITNEY SPEARS will guest star on hit US TV show WILL + GRACE as a Christian talk show host. It will be the first primetime sitcom appearance for the singer and new...

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Cumming Shaves Off His Hair To Shed Memories Of Role He Hated

9th January 2006

Scottish actor ALAN CUMMING is sporting a new shaven-headed look after chopping off his hair in a bid to escape a movie role he didn't enjoy. The X2 star is refusing to say which...

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Chastity Gets Reality Help To Sell Home

3rd January 2006

CHER's daughter CHASITY BONO has called in the crew of US reality TV makeover show SELL THIS HOUSE to help her do just that. The celebrity gay rights activist-turned-reality TV star grew frustrated when...

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Cher Inspires Zeta-jones To Hit Las Vegas

27th December 2005

Hollywood superstar CATHERINE ZETA-JONES is still determined to forge herself a career as a showgirl in Las Vegas, and has been ever since watching a video of CHER as a child. The Oscar-winning CHICAGO...

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Chastity Challenges Fit Club Pal Over Drug Use

29th November 2005

CHER's daughter CHASTITY BONO and GREASE star JEFF CONAWAY faced off on a taping of US reality TV show CELEBRITY FIT CLUB recently after the gay rights activist challenged the actor on his drug use....

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Whoopi's Oscar Gown Is The Highlight At Bob Mackie Auction

23rd November 2005

The QUEEN ELIZABETH I costume WHOOPI GOLDBERG wore during her hosting stint at the 1999 Academy Awards helped to raise over $440,000 (GBP244,400) for Aids research at a Christie's auction in New York last night...

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The Things They Say 629

21st November 2005

"It's like SONNY + CHER, except I'm not dead and she's still alive." VAN WILDER star RYAN REYNOLDS on appearing on Friday night's (18NOV05) LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN SHOW with fiancee ALANIS MORISSETTE, who...

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The Things They Say 557

7th November 2005

"It's an awkward period between 40 and 50. I don't want to compete in a losing battle. I don't want to be CHER." Actress JODIE FOSTER considers the difficulties of ageing in Hollywood....

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Chastity Fights The Flab So She Can Look Good In Los Angeles

5th November 2005

CHER's heavyweight daughter CHASTITY BONO signed up for the new series of reality TV weightloss show CELEBRITY FIT CLUB because she's sick of feeling like an outsider in her native Los Angeles. The 200-pound-plus...

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Hoskins' Shock To Be Short

19th October 2005

British actor BOB HOSKINS was convinced he was normal height, until he starred alongside statuesque singer CHER in hit movie MERMAIDS. There was such a difference between the pair - who played lovers in...

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Fascinating Fact 182

13th September 2005

Australian supermodel ELLE MACPHERSON has signed on to become the new face of Blackglama fur for a reported $500,000 (GBP277,800). Past Blackglama girls have included JUDY GARLAND, ELIZABETH TAYLOR, MARLENE DIETRICH, AUDREY HEPBURN and CHER....

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Lloyd Dropped From Cast After Trading Insults With Cher

11th September 2005

Former teen star EMILY LLOYD was dumped from the film MERMAIDS after clashing with the film's leading lady CHER. Lloyd was originally cast to play Cher's daughter CHARLOTTE FLAX in the 1990 romantic comedy,...

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Jodie Foster Hits Out At Cher

3rd September 2005

THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS star JODIE FOSTER has slammed CHER for competing in "a losing battle" against ageing. The 43-year-old actress has grown to accept the changes that she's going through as she...

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Fascinating Fact 45

23rd August 2005

CHER hit SONG FOR THE LONELY has been chosen as the new anthem for America's WeightWatchers latest campaign....

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Cher Regrets Missed Pitt Kiss Chance

15th August 2005

Pop superstar CHER is still kicking herself after turning down the chance to smooch BRAD PITT on the big screen. The singer/actress was offered the role of THELMA in 1990 road movie THELMA AND...

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The Things They Say 17

12th August 2005

"Gay men, oh they love me. It's like I'm the new CHER." Original AMERICAN IDOL victor KELLY CLARKSON knows many of her fans are homosexuals....

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Cher Funds Boy's Medical Treatment

8th August 2005

Generous pop star CHER has come to the aid of an ailing Alabama teenager, who is struggling to afford medical treatment to treat his muscular dystrophy. Northport resident JOSEPH SULLIVAN, 16, has been bedridden...

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Beyonce Sells Off Her Gowns

25th June 2005

BEYONCE KNOWLES is auctioning off her most famous outfits to raise cash for VH1's SAVE THE MUSIC charity. Most of the designs were created by the singer's mother TINA KNOWLES and Beyonce admits it...

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The Figures Are In, And Cher Is Top Tour Diva

14th May 2005

CHER is officially the world's top diva - her farewell tour has been confirmed as the top-grossing trek ever for a female artist. The pop superstar, who wrapped up the tour on 30 April...

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Stefani: 'I'm Not Cher'

9th May 2005

Solo star GWEN STEFANI has slammed internet rumours claiming her fabulous head of platinum locks is actually a wig - she accuses online rumour-mongers of confusing her with singer-turned-actress CHER. The WHAT YOU WAITING...

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Christie Number One For Seventh Week

1st May 2005

ELVIS PRESLEY, SNOOP DOGG, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and WILL SMITH have failed to stop veteran crooner TONY CHRISTIE from maintaining his reign at the top of the UK singles chart for an amazing seventh consecutive week....

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Silverstone Forced To Grow Up Too Quickly

27th April 2005

ALICIA SILVERSTONE was stripped of a typical teenage lifestyle after the global success of CLUELESS, because everyone was convinced she was as worldly as her know-it-all character. The sexy actress launched to prominence in...

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Aimee Osbourne Slams Richie's Drug-fuelled Lies

5th April 2005

Rock offspring AIMEE OSBOURNE has blasted former flatmate NICOLE RICHIE for branding her a boyfriend-stealer, owing her rent money and criticising her family. OZZY OSBOURNE's 21-year-old daughter shared an apartment with singer LIONEL RICHIE's...

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