Cher - Cher Furious Over Dancing Judge's Comments

Cher has lashed out at a judge on U.S. TV show Dancing With The Stars after he ridiculed her son Chaz Bono's ballroom skills on Monday night (24Oct11).
The transgender star has been competing with professional dancer Lacey Schwimmer in the contest, and on Monday, they performed a Phantom of the Opera-inspired tango as part of the show's Broadway week.
The routine failed to impress the judges, with panellist Bruno Tonioli comparing his moves to "a cute little penguin trying to be a big menacing bird of prey".
And the comments hit a nerve with Bono's superstar mum, who took to Twitter to take Tonioli to task over his remarks.
She writes, "That guy has no room 2 (to) talk "Little penguins"... I find it disrespectful that Bruno refers to Chaz as a "little penguin"...
"Is it Dwts or Looking Perfect Wts (what the s**t)? Its easy 4 (for) him 2 (to) take cheap shots at chaz! Let him come 2 (to) "my" stage.
"I could teach his little arm waving a** some manners! Critique Chaz's dance style, movements etc, but don't make fun of my child on (national television).
"It's not about Chaz winning! He's doing his best & he will stay as long as he stays! Thats "show business" but, dont b (be) unkind 4 (for) no reason.
"Mean is not funny... Bruno's reason, pure selfishness! His only concern was 2b (to be his) usual funny animated self, at Chaz's expense!"


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